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    Its been very complicated with the current approval process for adsense. With spam and junk accounts being created google is bit more cautious before providing the adsense acccount. Also the main reason is that many newbie’s in a hurry create a blog and with 2 or 3 articles they apply for adsense which gets rejected finally.

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    This is true that Google Adsense is very strict and always think for it’s advertiser. We should be careful while using adsense in our blog.

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    Some say the main criteria of atleast six month old website to approve adsense is not essential if you have high traffic and very good content. What is true?

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      Its not essential to have old website a new website with high quality content can be accepted without any issue. Google looks for quality of content and website which should not look spammy or filled with ads.

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    Thanks for sharing valuable information,Another way of method is login to indyarocks and post some blogs after apply Adsense account,next step is use create blogs in blogspot or hubpages publish blogs after apply to Adsense, . . . .

  5. yogesh Jangid says

    Hello Everyone,
    Please reply to my These Questions

    1. Can I Earn from My WordPress blog with “” (Free Blog)?
    2. If I apply for Adsense, How far will I have to wait for it to get Verified.
    3. If I start a new blog what way should be the best for Audience to reach blog (I mean which one of FB, Twitter, G+, Google Search etc).
    4. Is there any difference in Earning-Per-Click rates for various Category Blogs?
    5. I am on blogger since 2009, But Started my new Blog since 35 days ago. Should I wait little more untill i get enough traffic & well appearance on GOOGLE SEARCH?
    (One of my FB friend said that I should wait for at least 6 months after creation of New Blog.)

    Please reply my questions..
    I didn’t get these problems sorted out even after spending 2 weeks Everywhere, Hope these will no more be kinda Problem…

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      Hello Yogesh, You can place AdSense ads on blog no issue. I will suggest to give some time to your blog, better to have 50+ quality blog post. It is always recommended having some good traffic to your website because without visitors who will see the ads and how you will earn. You can use various method to generate traffic to your site like social media, forum posting, commenting on other blog, writing for popular blog in your niche etc.
      For earning per click depends on various situations like country from which you are getting click, your website niche, time etc. Don’t worry about CPC focus on building quality blog after that think about earning.

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