1. jerson says

    Yes, I agree. If you don’t violate any policies of Google adsense and you get banned, there should be ways to get back your account.

  2. Francisco says

    I have heard so many stories about adsense accounts that has been disabled and I think there were only few who has been reinstate. And i think it will be very easy to get back your account when you know that you did not violate any policies and when you know the ways.

  3. says

    thanks buddy,recently i got banned also in my adsens and i felt really bad about it, but seen i read this i got inspired and now im thinking what did i wrong with my adsense and the ans,is nothing! im just optimize my site and as much as possible i want to get alot of visitors a day is that a wrong?huhuhu i hope google adsense team reinstated my account again..wait can i know if ur earning back as well?

  4. Ted says


    You should be appreciative that you got disabled by google. Adsense is tacky and reminds visitors of the guy on the corner in a trench coat selling fake watches.

    Adsense also tells your visitors that you have nothing substantial to offer them in the way of product, information, or otherwise so you instead went and put up a bunch of advertisements.

    Take my advice, Adsense is a joke and the only ones profiting substantially are Google and the advertisers.

  5. Ninez says

    I got mine banned too without me really knowing what’s wrong? Phew!! What email add did you send your letter? So that I can send mine, too.

  6. says

    Hi dude, really a very good post.

    I hae sent the adsense team my mail.
    Hope to get my problem resolved with your above information.

    Thanks for the post, it will really help many users…

  7. Rajasthan says

    Its really great to read that google also reinstates the adsense account considering every aspect of what really happened and when! Good Share!

  8. says

    Hello! I used to have Google Adsense on 3 blogs on Blogspot, and things were going quite well. But suddenly after 3 months my Adsense account was blocked for invalid clicks. I used to check my stats every day (CPC, CTR, pageviews etc) and even yesterday when my account was blocked I haven’t noticed any strange activity at all! I had the same number of views and clicks as usual. So I can’t understand why they banned my account…do you have any idea why?

    I sent the application to reinstate my account saying that I didn’t do anything wrong, and they replied today saying something like “we analysed your request and your account, and our specialists confirmed that we can’t reactivate your account” …without any reason at all :(

    So I don’t even know the reason, in order to not make the same mistakes again in the future. Do you think this happened because the content of my blogs? Is it possible to add Google Ads in the future from a different Adsense account?

    Please help me! Thanks!

  9. Vibhor Goyal says

    Very informative post….
    But if someone has no clues or proofs about proving yourself right..
    Then what should we do…??

  10. says

    I have just got banned and for the life of me I can’t imagine why. I have checked my analysis of my websites and the visitor traffic seems normal. I appealed but they still turned me down. Oh well there are a lot more programs out there so I’m not losing anything. In my view google are too cocky with a lot of their products and long live the day when someone kicks them off balance!

  11. says

    you are very blessed for having your AdSense account reinstated. Keep up the good work in your content creation efforts. And, with your continued progress on the Internet in your publishing efforts, always think of others in passing the torch of inspiration, and help others or down and out. Thank you for sharing this humble experience with us :-)

  12. lisa says

    can you please help! I don’t know what happened, but I was doing just fine with earning until I redid my site and added a page. Now, I am not getting any earnings at all. Been 2 and half days. I was doing pretty good. Can you please help? There is not any help I can find in Google groups. Thank you!

  13. earn money says

    Great Post! Some months ago my adsense account has also been disabled by Google but for site’s content.I had submit an appeal to Google that I had made the required changes.So,Google enabled ads again for my site.

    Your Situation is little difficult.Because,Google is very strict against invalid clicks.

  14. Divyansh says

    I too lost my adsense account few days back which made me loose 30$ of daily earnings for 4 days.
    The reason was same as that of adword campaign. It really was shocking with the email of acoount suspension. But now things are back in action. Nothing hurts more to a student like me loose money

  15. Firoze Khan says

    Sir, unfortunately , one day at one hour i got 500 clicks on one add . I don’t know who clicked in just one hour , is it invalid click or spam clicks . Please help me before any thing happen to my site . please……. reply to my mail

  16. says

    My account is closed yesterday.gotta mail from google stating “we have detected invalid activity on your site and your account has been disabled”.
    I never done invalid activity.Is it possible for other to do that kind of activity on my blog?If yes,why am i penalised and how to stop it?What i will have to reinstall it?

    • Chris says

      Based on what I read I didn’t think they would give you a new one. Mine was disabled as well and I am waiting for a response on my second appeal.

  17. says

    i am new web publisher i want to know that how i can protect my google adsense for disabling, what are tools that i can use for protection my google adsense? any guy can guide me?

  18. says

    Thanks for an informative article.
    Disabling of Adsense accounts is something not uncommon today.
    No doubt that Adsense is the best program for monetizing websites but unfortunately, Google is quick enough in disabling Adsense accounts. Adsense accounts are not disabled by humans. They have a software that takes all such actions.
    Now here is the point: There are many out there who are with families and live their lives on Adsense, so do you think they will quit, after being banned from the Adsense program? A few of them have 50-100 or more Adsense based websites! certainly they will not stop! So what do they do? They just Reinstate their Adsense accounts or open new Adsense accounts!

  19. bhanu says

    Sir, I have created my adsense a week ago and it was approved by google. Yesterday I got mail from adsense saying my adsense account was disabled. I got this mail from adsense.

    While going through our records recently, we found that your AdSense
    account has posed a significant risk to our AdWords advertisers. Since
    keeping your account in our publisher network may financially damage
    our advertisers in the future, we’ve decided to disable your account.

    Please understand that we consider this a necessary step to protect the
    interests of both our advertisers and our other AdSense publishers. We
    realize the inconvenience this may cause you, and we thank you in
    advance for your understanding and cooperation.

    If you have any questions about your account or the actions we’ve
    taken, please do not reply to this email.

    But actually I didn’t click any of my ads on my blog. How google can disable adsense. Now how can I get my adsense account reinstated? Pls suggest me an idea.

    • says

      Bhanu, Its not about invalid clicks. You first need to understand Google T&C and it may be your content which do not match Google quality. You can create another blog and write quality article and after that again apply for AdSense.

  20. mysteryman says

    I am in same situation and got disabled for invalid clicks which I have not done anything wrong. I got a few blogs and a good standing YouTube account and been an AdSense partner for over 2 years. I have re-appealed a few times now and still got no answer from Google. If this is the way they want to end the partnership, I have some ideas for revenge. I will be clicking thousands of times on random ads on big channels. I will click on someone’s channel for about 500 times a day. then another channel next day. I will do anything to cancel as many accounts as possible ! How about that. Invalid click my butt. If I don;t get reinstated, I am not going down alone. I will ruin so many accounts it will be pathetic !

  21. Truth says

    I am sorry to say to you @mysteryman that after this comment you are the pathetic one.
    Think about how the ones you got disabled feel. Maybe you did bring mine down too.. Who knows. I am very angry but i got to move forward.
    So just think about not reuining some ones hard work like mine was ruined. I am on youtube and was partner but got disabled. So just stop.. and rethink all this. There is another way around. Make a blog. And post all your vids there. Add some other advertise company and you are done. Google Adsense is not the only one there!

  22. says

    Thanks for sharing the article. I will soon be appealing for the same issue, and hope to get back into the program. Adsense is by far the highest paying and most convenient advertisement network, with a lot of advertisers.

  23. Airtel free mb cheat says

    pls mine is just 3 days age i was disabled because acording to adsense that they found unsupported content in my site which they gave me an example which was movie download link and i deleted it and appeailed but never had from them what can i do

  24. Cieno says

    Not always willing to help, google. I had the same problem, I appealed giving all relevant info showing there was no invalid clicks. They responded saying my account was disabled and I would NEVER be allowed to use adsense again even with a new account, AKA Perma-ban. Then today(about 2 months later) for no reason at all they send me another e-mail saying my accounts reinstated… no explanation, no apology nothing. Just WTF is going on with google that they make a mistake like this and fix it months later without even a word of explanation as to why.

  25. says

    Thanks for the insight. I recently got disabled TWICE. Probably this is the best answer. Thank you once again. I’m gonna stop my Adwords campaign first. Hopefully my Adsense account can be reinstated.
    Btw, it’s really unfair for us publishers to get immediate disable because Adwords traffic. I always obey the Adsense policies and such. They HAVE to make a notification first before they do that. So we can fix the problem.

    • says

      It is just because of AdWords other reasons can be of your AdSense account are disabled. My case was little different but it is not always the same case. Try to find why your account is disabled. AdSense email contains the reasons why your account is got disabled.

  26. says

    Adsense blocked due to Policy Violation!
    Having same phenomena my site also gets spiked traffic…almost 50k visits within 5 hours and rest whole day site remains at rest.!
    What could be the humble request to get it back!
    Google says my account is disabled due to non-content ad placement, whereas I see hundreds of sites with same type of contents are running!

    • says

      Hello Naeem, Its very difficult to tell exact reason why Google blocked your account.
      First read the AdSense guidelines and check for what they can block your site for and remove those things from your website.
      After making changes request Google to reinstate your account.

  27. says

    Thank you for sharing real base story about disable part of adsense. I’m also a part of this story. My accout also disabled without any resond. My account was new and have 35 articles with minimum 500 words per article under technology niche. I awre about adsense policy and did not click any single click but unfortunatelly i got pain. Your story is really intresting.

  28. Ganesha says

    I faced same problem about google adsence.After getting google ads n after 5 days my account was disabled.why google disabled my account I don’t know…..please friends help me…..can I use any other ads…. n which please tell me…..

  29. adsensegetback says

    There are alternatives to Adsense but unfortunately, NO substitute! If you want an Adsense account again, give a try to to see what can we do for you! Thanks.

  30. says

    I applied for adsense before three and then before two got an email from google says, Please place ad to your website so we decide to approve or not then in yesterday night i placed an ad to my blog.
    Now today i got an email that they had disabled my account. Can you help me pls?

  31. Andrea Chow says

    Don’t put AdSense on any sites that are getting a lot of local traffic.

    “Local Traffic” being from IP addresses close to your home address, and your home IP address.

    We did the research, and found that many honest/legit publishers are losing AdSense accounts because the above reason.

  32. oruddier says

    thanks for your step by step procedure about reinstating your account. i have been mindful of sending traffic to my blog and site but wishes to know about the step to take in the case goggle is to take action on me

  33. Willem Winch says

    the severe issue is that most of the users don’t know, why their account was disabled. And the way how Google handle the ‘account-disabling-procedure’ is clearly in breach of Human Rights and disrespectful. I don’t know why such behaviour is accepted! With great power comes great responisbility, and Google has to adress their duty of care!

  34. Soebech says

    I have been using adsense for almoust 10 years, and im taking this abuse theory very serious and im never ever abused this service beacuse of enough income, i hav no need of fake clicks or anything if you know what i mean but the adsense simplex no-reply where always notifying and bothering me with warning that i have non so ever knowledge of until a week ago they closed down my account. i hawe 5 world news sites and im running a webmail service not unlike gmail and NO PORNO nothing but still got banned.


    its maybe safe to use adsense if you are running a Christian “jesus” Church site but if you have the word “devil” or “whore” you will be banned as well.

    Google adsense are just sending out nonreply emails and you can never get any replies other than an automated pre written answers.

  35. says

    My adsense account got disable few hours back. Due to some invalid clicks. Please someone help me out to revert back my adsense account. PLEASE!

  36. says

    Hi Blogger!
    My account was disapproved due to program policy issue as it doesn`t have any copyright material … can you please view my blog and reply if you can find any issues in my blog.. i have a doubt in privacy policy of my blog….
    thank you

  37. says

    I just had my account disabled. Although my website is not new, I have recently decided to turn it into a blog(about 7 weeks ago) and display Google Ads to try my luck out making some money. In this time I been only having 30 unique visitors a day at the most, most days less than 10. So using drastic measures to drive traffic to my site I started submitting my pages to Stumbleon,, Delicious and other similar sites. My site started having over 100 unique visitors per day, then laid off submitting to these sites for a day to inspect the difference flow of traffic. Because of this, Google, I think is suspicious of the unusual difference of traffic each day. I don’t think its anything about invalid clicking as over the last four days, two days I made nothing, one day I made £0.80 and the fourth day just over £1.00 so not exactly suspicious is it.

    • says

      The reason may be not invalid click, it can be because of Google AdSense terms and conditions. You may need to check AdSense T&C and can request for reinstate.

  38. says

    I don’t know why google banned the adsense account. My adsense account is also disabled by google again after appeal, please tell me what can i do now, can i apply for adsense again. please help me.

  39. says

    We had our AdSense deactivated too. I haven’t a clue why. I never clicked on the Ads. But after reading what you said, I believe my ignorance is at fault. I was not monitoring the clickbomber stuff as you mentioned. So, now I am wondering if someone did that and since I wasn’t paying attention to it, Google spanked me. If they (rightfully) re-activate my account, I will definitely have to keep a better eye on that.

  40. says

    For those who lost their account and dont wnat to user reappel form. the only advice is to create another account with diff credentials, i have done it like 3 times alredy and it works fine.. but it seem like never neding story.. the best way is to double check their terms and conditions and avoid all invalid activity.. such as robots etc.. however i can not imagine they will disable my account when i had there like 100000 dollars , i d probably kill google ahhahaha best of luck with this …

    • says

      Hello, Everyone feels like that and want to kill Google when their account gets banned, but the truth is that we should not create a business model which is depended on only one earning source. If that only earning source is closed for any reason we loose our business.

    • says

      No my AdSense account is not banned or disabled. I have changed my business model and after that I removed AdSense ads from some of my blog. Loosing visitor for few cents is not an great idea.

      • says

        Ravi when you applied for adsense what was your blog age and how much traffic you were getting at that time as I’am not getting approved but If I also get approved I dont wanna use them due to their TOS which makes them think that they are doing a favour on us by providing Google Adsense programs and they are forgetting that Google is just because of people like Us :) Do you agree ? Ravi you shall try Infolinks they are too good I’am using them as they also dont take space on site as they have intext ads.They are working really good for me :)

  41. Rutul says

    Recently Adsense Disable my account reason is invalid activity, but i didnt click on my own ads.
    my adsense is 2years old…
    i submited appeal also since pass 5-days still no response from adsense team.
    what should i do? how much take time to get response of submitted appeal?

  42. says

    You had wonderful experience with Adsense from getting banned. Lol. Your post stepped on my opinion that the wrong way is not always in every case. I’m sure there’s a right way and a wrong way. The bottom line is that you have to do what do you think is right.


  43. says

    For me, its funny and frustrating. I appealed through invalid activity form. I got a reoly that it is not due to invalid activity but could be because of Policy issue. I appealed through Policy appeal form, I got a mail that it is due to invalid activity and they asked me to contact through invalid activity form. I contacted them invalid activity form again and got the same reply that it is not due to invalid activity. Seems like they have kept an infinite loop here.

  44. says

    after i earn $10 i have receive a message that i need to update my address and i need to put the pin..i dont know what is the pin.thats why i try to put the pin i have..but its wrong i type 3 times..after that they send me that message below..
    please help me to fix this..

    The Personal Identification Number (PIN) for this account has been incorrectly entered three times. As a result, ad serving and account access have been suspended. To regain access to your account and resume ad serving, please contact us.

    please help me what should i do to fix this..
    i put 3 times the wrong pin..
    please send me an email..thanks

    best regards..

    • says

      Hello, After earning your first $10 Google sends a mail to confirm your address and that mail contains a pin number which you have to enter. It can take 10 to 20 days to receive that mail depending upon country to country. Now you have entered wrong PIN you should contact Google AdSense and explain what you have done wrong, but first wait to receive your pin by mail.

    • says

      It looks your blog is very new. Always give some time before applying at least 6 month. Write some good quality content regularly and than apply again. It is not important, but I suggest run your own self hosted blog on your own domain name.

  45. says

    My Google AdSense account approved but show “Your AdSense account is enabled only to show ads on YouTube. If you want to show ads on a different site, you’ll need to provide us with the URL of the site you want to monetize. You can do this via a one-time application form. Learn more.” Please solution my problem.

    • says

      Hello Ataur, you may had applied AdSense for YouTube video, and now you can show ads on your YouTube videos, and earn some good money. If you want to insert ads on your website or blog you have to apply with the URL given by Google and you need to give your blog or Website URL.

  46. haroon says

    hello Every one My Account Banned Too i Just Want to Know if we Appeal couple of Time is The Second Appeal Effects First Appeal they Reply me after every of Second appeal With Disapointing Answer What Could i do

  47. says

    hellow everyone, one of my adsense acount has blocked around 1 year ago, named . That was my first website. I worked too hard to develop it. I don’t have too much knowledge about it at that time. Someone from US has made a lot of invalid clicks on it. Google Adsense had disabled my account. I have lost my income of about $103 of 15 days from adsense. But, I started again with a different one and now i have two websites with adsense approved.

  48. says

    My adsense account just got disabled for invalid clicks, I have never ever clicked on my own ads or broken any of the TOS for that matter. I got click bombed last week and reported the suspicious activity to google almost immediately. I’ve just submitted an appeal, and google says that I will have to wait a week or more before I get a result.

    This whole thing has really shaken me up as I rely on my adsense as a significant part of my income and I have always been soooo careful to follow googles TOS to a t.

    Anyway thought I would share this as it seems that click bombing is still alive and working. I will get back to yous with what google’s out come is.


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