15 Best Cost Per Impression (CPM) Ads Networks

Cost Per Impression or CPM advertisements are another way of making money with your website or blog. Most of the Websites are today depended on Google AdSense but having another source of revenue can help you earn more.

There are different types of advertisement program like Pay Per Click, Cost per sale, Cost Per Action etc. Google AdSense pay you when someone clicks on Ads. CPA program pays you when some action is done like filling a form etc but to earn with CPM ad nothing need to be done.

When you sign up for a CPM program and put ad code on your website ads are started displaying and you earn on the basis of CPM cost per thousand impressions. You will be paid when that ad is displayed 1000 times. You don’t have to worry about how many clicks that ad is getting or how many leads are generating.

CPM rates can be fixed or can be different depending upon advertiser, your country, your website topic etc. CPM ads can make you good money if you are getting good traffic on your website.

Example: If you get 20000 visitors per day and total of 40000 page views and you are getting CPM rates of $2 then you earning can be – 40000/1000 = 40 CPM x $2 = $80 per day. This is not a bad earning at all.

We have listed some of the most popular CPM Ad networks which pays good CPM rates. Every CPM network has different requirement so before applying to these networks read their requirements.

Cost Per Impression (CPM) Ads Networks

Top Paying CPM Advertising Network

1. Tribal Fusion: Tribal Fusion is one of the most popular CPM ad networks. They are popular for high CPM rates. If you get more then 500,000 unique users per month then you can apply on Tribal Fusion for publisher program.

2. Advertising:  Advertising.com is part of AOL. Advertising is also among top CPM ads network and also one of the high paying CPM rates. To join advertising.com you must have high visitors base.

3. Casale Media: Casale Media offers high CPM rates other than that they also offers fixed CPM rates. To become Casale Media publisher you must get 50,000 unique visitors each month.

4. Propeller Ads: From past few time Propeller Ads is becoming very popular ad network. Propeller Ads offers various adverting options of publisher and advertiser like Pop-Under ads, Banner ads, Mobile Adverting etc. They offer some of the best CPM rates in the industry. I have seen publisher making good money with Propeller Ads, go ahead and join them to improve your website earning.

5. Burst Media Burst Media gives you high CPM’s, quality campaigns, and full control of which ads run on your site. Your site must have minimum traffic of 25,000 monthly page views or 5,000 monthly unique views.

6. CPX Interactive: CPX Interactive was named 6th fastest growing privately held US advertising company in 2008 by Inc. Magazine for their annual list of corporate success stories. They deliver true scalability and transparency.

7. Technorati Media: the largest social media advertising network. With deep agency and client relationships, they deliver targeted campaigns from top brands at high CPM. Tenorati media has tie ups with many companies including Google, MSN, Yahoo!, IGN, Hearst, CNET, Tribal Fusion, Washington Post, and Time Inc.

8. BannerConnect: BannerConnect has been an expert on automated ad trading since 2004 and was one of the first companies in the world active on an ad exchange.

9. ValueClick Media: ValueClick Media is the premier Internet advertising network for publishers who wish to earn the most for their available inventory. You get the complete control over your advertisements along with quality advertising and superior support.

10. Adtegrity: Adtegrity.com, Inc. is an online advertising network with reach into over 30 vertical content channels specifically segmented for maximum impact with advertiser campaigns. For the publisher, the company follows the criteria that you need to have minimum 500,000 page views per month and your 50% traffic must originate from U.S. Moreover your site should reside at a top level domain name that you own or control without any unlicensed material.

11. AdPepper: ad pepper media is one of the leading, independent international online advertising marketers. You can collaborate with ad pepper and can get comprehensive set of opportunities to market online presence profitably, whether national or international in scope. The company also offers weekly payouts.

12. adBrite: adBrite is the largest independent ad exchange, reaching 300 million global unique visitors every month, including more than 150 million in the U.S. adBrite’s Exchange provides a yield management solution with advertisers being ranging from small local companies to world-wide advertising agencies. adBrite makes it easy for you to have access to thousands of advertisers with minimal effort. It supports different ad formats and provides publisher, the full control and account management.

13. Vibrant Media: Vibrant is the world leader in premium contextual technology aligning billions of words across the Internet. It has over 6,000 premium publishers, reaching over 250 million unique users per month, Vibrant offers publishers premium editorial tools to re-circulate users throughout their websites. You can gain incremental revenue through relevant display advertising and moreover, Vibrant InterestAD (VIA) are targeted based on words bought by brand advertisers, not by site with easy implementations.

14. Axill: Axill is one of the fastest growing publisher networks. Axill provides a complete solution for publishers to generate huge revenue from their websites by offering the best offers. You get the quality advertisers and you can track them with easily. You can earn effective CPMs possible and get paid on net 30 via Moneybookers or Wire Transfer.

15. Clove Network: Clove Network is an ad network that delivers services to thousands of high quality publishers. Clove network has a wide range of ad formats and solutions with flexible and transparent pricing model. They campaign top brands with optimized technology.

16. Adify:
Adify owned by Cox Digital Solutions provides compelling solutions connecting advertisers with engaged users and publishers with quality brands. Company has built a suite of publisher services that maximize ad revenue and allow for greater operating efficiencies. The company allows you to increase ad revenue, extend your reach, or take advantage of our industry-leading end-to-end platform.

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  1. Vishal B says

    Excellent information. I have another query though. For Indian publishers like you and me, do Indian ad networks pay better CPM than Foreign Ad networks?

    For an Indian tech blogger with 1,000,000 page views monthly and 30% US visitors, how much CPM can he expect?


  2. naeem says

    Thnx for the share, can some one plz review yeildbuild, extendmedia ad networks?
    my site is new and almost 400 page views per day

  3. neeraj joshi says

    I started using eDomz.com CPV program few days back, and they pay an impressive $4 CPM. Has anyone used them? I’m just wondering if they are reliable network? Are there any other sites you might recommend?. any suggestions would be appreciated.

    • says

      Thanks Neeraj for letting me know about one more. The CPM you have mentioned seems great, can you please tell me the country you are getting visitors from? If India then undoubtedly eDmoz is worth trying and the monthly traffic estimate of yours ?

      Either way, thanks for adding one more to the list.

  4. says

    neeraj joshi I agree with you Edomz.com is one of option which is you can consider. They are well known pop network. Very honest webmaster and cpm rates always very nice for all the country.

  5. imam says

    would CPM Advertising Network pay me if use auto reload/refresh visitor every second and use auto change ip visitor target every second?

    please share how can get money more then $100 daily!!

    • says

      Really? So all the Advertisers are dumb and you are the only techie alive in the universe? wow!
      Dude the only way to get cash into pocket is to enrich your website content, make it popular, make it vibrent = more traffic=$$.

    • says

      Thanks amit for your reply. I started using few days back its working good till now for me, more ever they are offering daily payment with minimum payout 5$ that is good for small publishers like me who have less traffic in there site. do not need to long time for payment because of low payout and other network payout is too high.

  6. Pinaki Prasanna Mohapatra says

    Can someone tell like google AdSence, what are other genuine PPC or PTC sites & what are their joining criteria?

  7. Jay says

    You’ve included Clove Network in this list? You’re kidding right? They’ve been banned by the ANCI and they’re a known C-grade ad network. I’m never working with them again.

  8. says

    Thanks for the list. The only network I really new about was tribal fusion, but have not sign up for it due to their site requirements. I will be checking out the rest for sure. Thanks again.

  9. Sandeep says

    I have a new website called techvarta.com for technology news India. Please advise what kind of ads would be best.

      • sandeep says

        Thanks Ravi,

        Also would you know if pay/cash per play (audio/video) ads are still on or have been shelved. I think it was talked about until recently.


  10. MI-JAN says

    I would like to know which one is the easiest to get Payout and don’t have annoying popads.
    Watch Live Cricket Matches Online

  11. says

    I have Adbrite account, today i checked all time impressions, they are above 1k, but my earning is still 0, Do you have any idea about that? if so kindly let me know bro. However your blog is quite informative. Thanks

  12. jimmy hill says

    i have used most and your rankings are not right. burst will drop your site with no reason at all. adbrite will accuse you of clicking its ads with no proof and drop you and will not respond and have no phone number . gungho pays nothing they are the worst avoid them at all costs

  13. News Blog says

    Nice tutorial it was most helpful, Bookmarked It
    have come back a couple of times to read it
    Great Blog And Nice Information…Thanks.

  14. says

    It’s really a great post over here. I have been on internet marketing since 2.5 years. However found very difficult to go through in the information over load scenario. But now thanks to bannerbroker started earning due to their unique advertiser publisher combo CPM module.

    They say it is impossible not to make money with this.

  15. says

    It’s really very informative post over here. However to get traffic is the biggest challenge.
    Can anyone suggest any nice traffic generation strategy.


  16. Karthick says

    What is the best CPM ad network for forums? I am going to start a forum and I wish to know what is the best ad network for forums.

  17. Charm Gonzales says

    They are quality ad network but I believe adsense still the boss of all ad network but to those who wanted to get more try madadsmedia.com with infolinks plus cpx media just make a good content and sufficient traffic just work at home and you will be fine :)

  18. adam says

    bah, someone recommended Adnoble in the comments… what a loser.. I just tried it out, the network is shit.. the ads were full of errors and the cpm was low.. .20 don’t waste your time Adnoble suuucks… hope they get the alert

  19. says

    nice post and got to know much more about what am looking for.
    If possible would like to know how these online ad networks really work.
    I mean how these ad networks initially get into this business.
    From where do they initially get advertisements, so that they are able to deliver these advertisements to other websites.

  20. Irak says

    Use cpcGalaxy.com few days and am very pleased. Gain between $ 0.5 and $ 1.5 per click and I already received payment.

  21. says

    I was looking for this kind of list because I have trouble making money with adsense. I guess I’ll experiment which one of these will fit to my blogs

  22. Nouman says

    Thanks for sharing these awesome advertising networks… I like tribal solution but their requirements are too high..

  23. Raj koppula says

    Nice Information, Thank u U very Much…. Very Few List Of Quality Advertising Networks Which Gives Me Clear Clarity….Thank Again…

  24. ratish says

    edomz is good…try it out…the approvals process i fast and they consider new blogs and websites…..but honestly saying..if u have good visits to your site…u can even think of making some money…………

  25. Dilupa says

    Hey, I’n a novice blogger and I only get around 50 unique visitors per day. However almost all of them are from search engines. However they hardly ever click on any ads. It would take months to get 1000 visitors. Could you please suggest me a solution?

    • says

      Yes it takes time to grow audience and my suggestion will be to don’t think about earning at beginning. Focus on quality article an build relationship and you will find your blog growing. When you start getting 500 visitors a day then focus on earning.

  26. d4 team says

    Hello All,

    Thanks to the article writer and thanks to all the people commented above. Good info all around. But we have a question…

    our site has 175 daily unique visitor on average.
    page impression : 1000/day.

    Which CPM is good and how much can we earn?

  27. Paul says

    adBrite disappeared from this list with out a hint. This is an example how online business are unpredictable. Thanks for the list a lot of new companies I need to check in.

  28. Karthick says

    Can anybody in the world tell me what is the good CPM network for forums?…Please provide me with the complete details with the rates

  29. Mohammad Fazle Rabbi says

    can I make money like AdSense with Technorati Media??? Because AdSense pay higher amount of money.

  30. krishnaTORQUE says

    thank for this list buddy. I am really stuck with adsense. I am getting 1000 to 3000 visitors per day but not getting money. I guess from your list I will get good result.
    Thank again.

  31. says

    Thanks a lot for the information. I am also a blogger and i am fond of learning the new ways of how i can manage my site to earn better. This blog has provided this option in a better way.

  32. says


    List is fine, although I’m not completely agree with its order.

    Anyhow, after trying good half of the network, I settled on Nster.com for my website and on Nster+Zemanta for my blogs.

  33. says

    very nice info, it will decrease tension for everyone who is using google adsense, because if adsense not approve their site, these sites are still option for earn money…..
    good valuable post…..

    • says

      Thank you Imran for your comment. Yes if websites are not getting approved on AdSense then they have to look other options and CPM ads are good way to make money for high traffic website.

  34. says

    Hey which ad network shall I try if I get 1,000 to 1,500 impressions daily which ad networks pays 2$ for 1000 impressions and who’s payout is also less.

    • says

      Earning $2 per CPM is not difficult but it all depends on how much traffic you get and from which country you are getting most of the traffic. Most of the CPM ads pay between $0.10 to $0.50. Networks like Tribal Fusion, Advertising, Casale Media etc pay good CPM rates but their requirements are very high.

      • says

        Ravi how is yllix.com their minimum payout is just $1 and they pay every week.Guys you must try yllix.com they also have a very good support :)

        • says

          Hello Sanket, Sorry but I don’t know much about yllix.com. If they are paying $1 per CPM then this is great rates, much better then well known CPM networks.

          • says

            Ravi can you tell me one thing that how much traffic do you get daily and monthly both visitors and pageviews and how much you earn from that amount of traffic pls just answer this much it will be of great help to me as it will give me an estimate :)

            • says

              Hello Sanket, Sorry but I don’t share these information. What I can share is that I have seen lot of ups and downs. Continuing your passion can gives success one day and I am also waiting for that success. At that time I may love to share my earnings.

  35. says

    my site more than 50000 page view per month but google absence don’t approve my account so tell me which cpm ads network good for me I am waiting for replay

    • says

      Hello Tarun, Your website can be approved on many CPM network, but I will suggest you to find the reasons why your website is not accepted in AdSense. You can go with affiliate marketing as CPM ads will not help you earn any big money.

  36. says

    Hey Ravi can you tell me that why Value Click Media is rejecting me their minimum requirement is 100 visitors per day and I get 1000 + visitors per day so why are they rejecting me do they also require 6 months old site ? my site is just 4 months old … Waiting for your reply :)

    • says

      Hi Sanket, Their can be lot of reasons, it can be low traffic, traffic from a single country (which they don’t accept), quality of the website etc. Value click can tell why exactly they are rejecting your application, just as them.

  37. Riz says

    What is the minimum requirement for Advertising.com ? and whic ad network do you recommend for a site with 1,000 visitors/day ?

  38. Usman says

    dudes i have daily 50000 visitors recently i’m blocked with google adsense please suggest me best advesting company, 80% visitors from USA UK AUS?
    please suggest me best adsesne alternative?

  39. says

    I think Tribal Fusion is the best one for all. For Indian publishers, Adversal is the best choice no doubt.
    Thanks a lot for great post.

  40. says

    Don\’t think too much about Google AdSense! Just try with docstoc or bukisa. I think you can get approved Google AdSense account within 1 or 2 days from there.Best of luck.

  41. says

    Can you suggest me the best CPM for Asian with high rates? I have about 1,000-2,000 visitors per day in my blogshop. I tried Yllix Media before but their rates seems low. Sometimes it high (pending earning), but recently drops down too low after confirmed their earning.

    Now i’m used Bidvertiser because seems legit & paid others. But I don’t know about their rates. What do you think?

    Thanks :)

    • says

      Hello Anna, You can use CPM along with PPC, no issue. From earning point PPC is best for low traffic website. CPM ads pay less for small traffic, but as your traffic goes up you can make much better than PPC.

    • says

      Hello, it depends on how much traffic you get. Every CPM network has minimum traffic requirements. If your site fulfills their requirement, you can opt that network.

      Everyone ask same question about CPM ads, and I want to clear one thing to everyone that CPM is not that good as most of you think. Most of the networks only pay $0.10 to $0.50 per CPM, which is very low.

      CPM ads are good when you get lot of traffic than CPM rates can go up which can pay $1.0 or $5 or much more.

  42. says

    Nice List of CPM ad network and thank your for sharing But these all seems good for Big Publishers who have already tons of traffic. What about Us like Small Publishers

  43. says

    We wanted to know about how much does Google charge to put Banner ad? What is the Cost per 1000 impressions? We have recently launched a site Lenabechna.com and wanted to put some ads on other sites. However some of the high traffic sites told us of CPM of $2.5 which seems to be slightly high. So we wanted to know cheaper solutions for the same.


    • says

      Hello, If you are looking for advertising opportunity you can advertising on Google AdWords with CPC or CPM model and you have to pay very less than $2.5 or you can also check some of the network listed above for CPM ads. Some of them can cost $0.50 per CPM.

  44. says

    Hello Ravi nice blog here a shout out from Europe Holland.

    I was also looking for alternatives than adsense.

    But they pay only $$$ not so good because $$$ less than €€€

    i think $10=€7,30 on moment i posted this :-(

  45. says

    Hello Ravi,

    Good article and most importantly you answered almost all queries of your readers. That’s really good part of you and really appreciable.

    Now my question. Ravi, are these CPM ad networks only approve blogs or they also approve/accept classified websites (India) as well? And if they approve, are there any sort of special requirements for classifieds?

    Hopefully I will get my query solved.

    Thanks buddy for sharing you exp and knowledge.

    • says

      Hello Umesh, Any network can accept classifieds site, if they allow. You have to check their requirement. If your site gets quality traffic, networks can easily accept your site.

  46. says

    Hi Ravi, could you give me even just a few list of ads network for small publisher like me? My sites are just started and got few visitors about 5,000 visits per month.

    • says

      Hello, for 5000 visitors per month I will recommend to go with pay per click program. With CPM ads you can not earning good money with low traffic.

  47. says

    Well, I tried for tribal fusion, and they replied me that they need 500,000 unique visitors each month to approve the site.. Which is quite hard to get easily. Whatever, if someone has that much, can try. Hopefully, they will approve.

  48. Adrian says

    No need to worry Mona. There are at leat 100 hundread ad networks outhere. If you have some quality websites almost all of them will give you big money. I monetize my websites with Adpepper and CPMoz and i’m quite happy with them. Some of the networks are targeting only the big fish outhere and that is why the 500,000 limit exist

  49. says


  50. says

    Getting about 8c for India traffic in edomz cpm banner and about $1 in pop under I do not have much US traffic but rate is really good for US and some time I see I get $2 ecpm for US and EU.

  51. fahad says

    hello ravi ,

    i wanted to ask , if i site receive say 450 000 page views per days and is a free classified site and target audience is 1 country like pakistan , how much per day it can earn from say adsense?


    • says

      Hello Fahad, It all depends on niche, country and content. As you are asking for AdSense if we assume you are getting 1% CTR on your ads then it will be 4500 clicks per day and if you are getting lowest pay say $0.05 so 4500*0.05=$225 per day, if I have not calculated it wrong.

  52. says

    Hi Every One, I was looking for a good advertising agency for my new uploaded website, while searching on internet I pass through this blog and I really appreciate that how beautifully everyone explained about this topic. I just want to know, why it is necessary to place some ads on your website or blog of your own country?


    Usman Tufail
    Gadgets Informer

    • says

      Hello Usman, If you are using Ads like AdSense or CPM ads which you do not control by your own then you don’t need to manage your ads. But if you are using affiliate banners and most of the traffic comes from an particular country than you want to show ads related to your site niche and which are useful for that contry visitors.

  53. says

    They are the best ones. I think you also need to list the gloadmarket.com CPM + CPC ad Network I find that one the best for the small and new publishers. Thanks for your article, It’s very informative.

  54. Luke says

    I´ve using adtomatik.com for two months ago.I had the best eCPM performances with this adnetwork. Do you know it?

  55. Amit Kumar says

    My site have worldwide traffic 1 lakh UV PER DAY 50% US and other 50% is mix….Any one suggest best CPM company… this site is related to Images and videos (note: site is adsense ban last year?

  56. says

    Nice article , I have a website openadcenter.org and I still don’t get a lot of visitors so I cannot apply for some of those ad networks, and google ad sense gives very little payment.
    so I am still wondering what is the best ad network for my case

  57. Daniel says

    Adtomatik is the best,if you want higher fill rates and best ecpm than others ad networks, then what are you waiting for? Use adtomatik.

  58. says

    Great list buddy. Tribal Fusion, without any doubt, is the best CPM network available out there as well as the best AdSense alternative right now. I’ve been using it on some of my blogs and getting always $1.5 per 1k impressions.

  59. says

    Great list indeed. But sometimes is better to try also the smaller ones because the bog ones usually target the top countries level traffic. And the smaller ones usually pay quickly because they want to attract as much publishers as they can.

  60. says

    awesome post small website owners. i need this list of cpm network in order to know how uncome from my site .thanks a lot for this unique article. this site is very useful for small and medium site owners

  61. says

    Great post and since my blog is only 5 months old but I am getting around 15k pageviews/month so I will keep on increasing my traffic and later I will try to apply with some of the above mentioned cpm ads networks but what about buysellads, tribal fusion or blogads now Please suggest

    Thank you in advance

  62. Michael says

    I just want to ask, do all of these ad networks work also for in-app ads? I would like 2 little banners on the top and on the bottom (like in flappy bird). Thanx 😉

  63. Avinash says

    I worked with India Vigyapan.com for more than 4 month .They provide me active support and on call discussion for each of my problems .Apart of first starting month i have earn 1200 $ -1500 $ for last two month. ************************Great expriance .. :)

  64. says

    My website unique visitor 3000 per day and monthly visitor 80,000. But there have some adult movie post. I have applied for Burst media but they decline.Which one is best for me please someone help me. my site is about movie downloading site.

  65. Ahmed Bilal says

    You should try videojam.tv, they are new video content and ads provider, and new networks always pay a lot to keep the publishers, just a tip.

    CPX were really good back in the days, but it slowed down, so does Burst


  66. says

    HI Ravi,
    Its really a good collection of a eCPM ad networks, for sure you must have got tons of thanks. add mine as well.

    It always give a pleasure to see an Indian.

  67. says

    That’s a great list indeed. The only problem is that to earn some serious cash and to be approved by ad networks like Tribal Fusion, Casale Media, a blog or website needs huge traffic.

  68. says

    Nice Post!

    Please help me with my website traffic. My Blog approved with google adsense but I have no traffic. How I improve my traffic please suggest me some good tips to improve my traffic.

    Thanks a LOT.

    • says

      Ashish your blog must be new, so it takes 6months to start receiving good traffic from Google. My blog was getting just 5-10 visits per day and after 6months it went to 40 then later 500 per day. so relax, write quality content and build links.

  69. says

    Thanks for this cpm networks I will give it a try as one of my blog is in make money online niche so I think that CPM ads will definitely give good results! Keep up the good work

  70. says

    I have a blogspot blog. I use bidvertiser ads. But their cpm rate is very very low. Which are non adult mobile redirect ads site? Which will use in blogspot blog?

  71. says

    This is a good article for me, i was searched over the internet but i found the high cpm ad publisher site here. i think it can be help ful to me and every one who want to earn from ad with high cpm.


  72. says

    Amazing! You are invited to an amazing advertising platform called Adtall Advertising Network available at adtall.com. Adtall provides a platform for advertisers to place adverts and publishers to provide quality traffics which lets advertisers boost their online sales while publishers monetize their website inventories. Adtall offers PPC/CPC and CPM campaign models through Text and Banner Ads on the websites of her premium publishers. Advertisers can sell their ads to publishers who will in-turn offer converting traffic.

    This is the right time for publishers to profit more from their online adventures while advertisers reach out to more customers and increase sales.

  73. says

    Hai friend’s im a indian publisher , im getting good traffic and page views almost 10000 a day but im not getting good earning from adsence, can anyone suggest me for this isue please.

  74. mark says

    the list is great, i need to know one thing, we are running a technical support campaigns on many platforms. but they are not generating good calls. could you suggest one of the best platform for tech support campaigns….

  75. says

    Hi , at first i used several adnetworks , at last i bind with qadabra from last one year. for 7,00,000 page views and 10 lakhs impressions i am getting $75 permonth. 75% of traffic from india and 15% us and Uk.

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