7 Useful Ad Spying Tools for Affiliate Marketers

For Affiliate Marketers, it is important to run offers, design landing pages and have Ad copy which bring them good results as far as traffic and conversions are concerned. As an Affiliate Marketer, you often take the route of split testing by experimenting with different Ad copies, landing pages and offers. However, following this method may take a lot of time in order to bring desired results and invariably involves a lot of expenditure. So you are putting in your time, effort and money and still not getting the desired results. This is not what you expect out by doing Affiliate Marketing.

Is there some better technique for you as an Affiliate Marketer or Advertiser which can bring in quick results for you and can save your effort, time and money?

Is there a better Affiliate Marketing Strategy for you?

Well, the good news is that there is a better way for Affiliate Marketers.

You can use Ad Spying Tools to carry out competitive intelligence and find out successful Ad Campaigns.

Here under we have come up with an excellent collection of 7 Ad Spying Tools for Affiliate Marketers which can help you in sharpening your Affiliate Marketing efforts.

Using these Ad Spying Tools for Affiliate Marketers you get to access a vast pool of database of advertising campaigns. You can search for successful Ad Campaign in varied categories using different search criteria or metrics such as age, gender, region, network source, date range, etc. You can carry out Ad spying for display advertising, PPV, advertising on Facebook, and even mobile advertising.

This enables you to do a thorough competitive analysis and find out the reasons which make ad copies successful with the target audience. You can learn and improve upon your landing page, come out with a better offer, perhaps design attractive Ad copy, or can even prefer to join a particular Ad network. The end result comes in the form of a marked reduction in your split testing efforts, and reduction in your overall advertising expenditure. Moreover, you get to see a substantial improvement in your ROI on your advertising expenditure.

So, to make your Affiliate Marketing efforts successful you should use Spy Tools.

The 7 Spying Tools for Affiliate Marketers listed below can certainly help to enhance the returns on your Affiliate Marketing Campaigns.

7 Best Ad Spying Tools for Affiliates

1. WhatRunsWhere

If you wish to seek competitive intelligence related to online media buying, then perhaps the best place to get this done is provided to you by WhatRunsWhere. Using this online service, you get the most thorough competitive intelligence which can help you to excel in your future Ad Campaigns. You can look forward to boosting your ROI on your advertising expenditure. You get to know all the important data related to your competitors’ advertising activities. It provides ample data to you by researching on your competitors’ ads.

It caters to display advertising, as well as mobile advertising industry. Using WhatRunsWhere online service you can surely expect to get a definite edge over your competitors with access to its vast pool of database. You discover new sources of traffic. Its reach has tremendously increased in recent times, and at present it covers more than 90 ad networks as well as 15 countries. With WhatRunsWhere, you can effectively utilize the display, text as well as mobile advertising media.
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2. BoxOfAds

BoxOfAds is rated amongst the best spy tool for PPV and Display Banner Ads. Using this great Ad Spy Tool you get to know which PPV and Display Ads get converted so you can easily ditch those that don’t work. BoxOfAds gives you access to millions of PPV Banner Ads in different categories. BoxOfAds provides you the opportunity to work smartly rather than hard thereby earning high returns on your Advertising expenditure.

You get the widest range of PPV campaigns for almost every marketplace. So you don’t have to worry about what niche you are targeting. Simply use BoxOfAds and get all the information for running successful Ad Campaigns. You can compare other Ad Campaigns so as to know which Ads are converting. You come to know new sources of traffic. It provides various search metrics such as you can search by region, number of clicks, source, date range, network source, etc. All-in-all, you get access to a wide base of advertising data.
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3. SocialAdNinja

SocialAdNinja provides you the opportunity to learn from the most successful PPC Ad Campaigns. Moreover, you will find SocialAdNinja highly useful particularly if you are targeting PPC Facebook marketing. It provides a highly interactive and easy to use interface so that you can easily search profitable campaigns. The search metrics is pretty exhaustive and provides various search criteria such as gender, date range, network source, location, age, etc. You can even search ad creatives by using keywords. The information you get about your competitors’ advertising campaigns can be highly useful if you want to run advertising campaigns on Facebook. The support is excellent, and you can even get live support through Skype.
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4. Adbeat

Adbeat provides an excellent platform for accessing online marketing strategy of various advertisers. It even provides mobile competitive intelligence for devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android Smartphones, and as well as Android Tablets. Using Adbeat you get to know your competitors’ advertising strategy and can then leverage their results to improve your ROI on your advertising expenditure.

Adbeat makes you a smarter advertiser. You come to know which Ads are working and which Ads fail to deliver results. Get to know which Ad campaigns are being launched. Adbeat provides you with one of the most exhaustive Advertising intelligence database so that you can profitably use the content network advertising channels. It provides you with best ad copy for any market segment. You can know which ads are the highest traffic drivers. Adbeat gives access to some of the top Ad networks including Google Display Network, Adsonar, Doubleclick, Pulse 360, MSN Content Network, etc.
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5. AutoTrafficFast

AutoTrafficFast provides you with some of the best Ad Spy Tools in business so that you can track the most successful Ad Campaigns in your chosen niche. It gives you access to large Ad intelligence Database which can empower you to run successful Ad campaigns. After having knowledge of competitors’ advertising campaigns, you are better equipped to implement new ideas and strategies for your own Ad campaigns. So you lower down your risk of running advertising campaigns and increase the probability of making better returns on your advertising expense. AutoTrafficFast enables you to search Ad Campaigns based on keywords, internationally, by verticals, and even by any demographic information.
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6. LotsofAds

LotsofAds is another tremendously useful and powerful Ad Spying Platform. It has a huge database of International Ads, which keeps growing every day. LotsofAds has listed more than 1.5 million unique Ads which spans across 42 countries worldwide. The greatest advantage of using LotsofAds is the fact that it provides detailed information about profitable Ads. You get to access thousands of profitable and running Ads. You can even apply various filters for further refining your search. LotsofAds allows you to translate foreign Ad copies. You can search the Ad copies by applying keywords. It also provides an added feature of arranging the results based on days running, times seen and various other criteria.
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7. Adult AdSpy

Adult AdSpy is another cool and powerful advertising intelligence tool. It’s must have if you are dependent upon adult traffic. As a matter of fact, Adult AdSpy categorizes and indexes all mobile and web advertisements historically across 51 countries. They present a thorough analysis of ads and landing pages. You can search the ads based on advertiser, publisher, offer, size, traffic source or landing pages. Adult AdSpy makes ad spying absolutely easy and smart. You get to browse profitable Ad Campaigns together with the best performing Ads. You get to have detailed information about your competitors Ad Campaigns. All-in-all, Adult AdSpy is a user friendly tool which can streamline your affiliate marketing efforts.
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If you use any other Ad Spying Tools, please do share with us so that we can include them in this list.

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  1. says

    I do use other tool on spying adult content and have not satisfied with what I have learned and done so far with the tool… Would like to know about adulyadspy, to think out of the box

    • says

      All tools are for different ad spying. It depends on your requirement. If you want to spy on Facebook ads I will recommend SocialAdNinja,for PPV BoxOfAds and so on.

  2. says

    WhatRunsWhere is my favorite tool when it comes to PPV spying. Boxofads is also a good one, but can’t beat the former. As far is tracking is concerned, CPV LAb is the king here. Anyways, thanks for this list.

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