How Bloggers Make Money and There Top Earning Source

Today there are millions of blogs over the Internet and each new day hundreds of new blogs are added to this list. Blogs have become an integral and inseparable part of the World Wide World. As a matter of fact, blogs are becoming hugely popular with Internet users and enthusiasts. Moreover, Blogs have turned out to be a major medium for making massive income online. Successful blogs are earning in millions each month.

Seeing this favorable scenario, many people want to make blogging as their career. They take up blogging mainly because they provide a great potential for making huge income through the online platform.

So if, you too want to make it big in the world of blogging, it would be immensely helpful for you to know how Bloggers make Money. This can be vital information for you as it reveals the methods they are using in order to make money from their blogs. Though it takes a lot of dedicated efforts and time to build a successful blog, getting to know How Bloggers make Money can certainly help you to streamline your efforts and adopt such methods that can prove profitable for you too.

Today we have compiled a list of successful individual bloggers who are making great money through their blogs. We have listed down their April 2013 earnings and have also mentioned the main method they adopted to make money online through their blogs.

And this is not all, as we have also enumerated the top three methods of bloggers to make money online. We have listed down the advantages and benefits of using such methods, and why these methods have become the chief sources of revenue for them.

So, you can go through the post, How Bloggers make Money, and we surely believe that it would be a useful source of inspiration and motivation for you so that you can also start making a huge income from your blog(s). – (April 2013 Earnings: $49,761.40)
Pat Flynn of net income for the month of April 2013 was $49,761.40. His prime source being Affiliate Earnings through which he earned $45,903.20. – ($128,804.40)
John Chow of grossed a massive income of $128,804.04 in just 6 months by running an affiliate program from MOBE (My Online Business Empire). – (April 2013 Earnings: $7,977.67)
Tom Ever of made a net income of $7977.67 for the month of April 2013. The major contributor (towards his earnings) being Freelance Writing through which he earned a net income of $5,171.89. – (April 2013 Earnings: $3,291.46)
Lindsay of April 2013 net income was $3,291.46. being the major source of revenue for her. – (April 2013 Earnings: $33,634.20)
Tyler Cruz made a net income of $33,634.20 in the month of April 2013 running Affiliate Campaigns.

As we did our research on how bloggers are earning, it became amply clear that there can be various ways by which bloggers make their online earnings. This may be Affiliate Marketing, use of Google Adsense, CPM Ads, Ad Space selling and may include other traditional sources of online income, as well. Our research further showed that the top three sources of earnings for bloggers were Affiliate Marketing, Google Adsense and Ad Space selling.

So what makes Affiliate Marketing, Google Adsense and Ad Space selling grabs the top three positions as the best sources of income for bloggers?

It makes sense to know the benefits offered by Affiliate Marketing, Google Adsense and Ad Space selling.

We here under enumerate the reasons which make Affiliate Marketing, Google Adsense and Ad Space selling, the best sources of income for bloggers.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is by far the highest revenue generator for the bloggers as compared with other traditional sources of online income. The biggest advantage of Affiliate Marketing is that it is flexible and offers a big commission on every sale made through the affiliate link. Then Affiliate Marketing can be done through various ways, and you can easily promote Affiliate Products or services. You can run Banner Ads, write blog posts, do email marketing, promote the Affiliate products and services through various social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Affiliate Marketing can become a recurring source of online income. You just require establishing this source of revenue by actively promoting it to your target audience.

Google Adsense

Google Adsense is yet another major source of revenue for the bloggers. The biggest advantage offered by Google Adsense is the fact that it can be easily implemented and can result in a steady stream of income for bloggers. It is based on the PPC Model, and you can get paid ranging from $0.1 – $5 or $50, whenever a visitor clicks on Google Adsense Ads. It can be extremely useful for bloggers or online marketers who are in such a niche that have very few Affiliate Products or services.

Ad Space Selling

Our research has shown that Ad Space Selling is the third highest source of earning for bloggers and online marketers. It requires you to set up Ad Space on your website or blog that you can sell to the Advertisers. You can set the rates for selling Ad Space on your blog. Blogs, which are popular with the users, can easily get Advertisers. If your blog or website is an authority blog or site, you can easily set high Ad Space Selling rates. Advertisers prefer to buy Ad Space from an authority blog or site.

The biggest advantage in Ad Space Selling is that you get a fixed income month on month irrespective of the fact that how many of your visitors click the Ad or how many of your visitors actually buy the Advertised product or services. The only care you need to take is to keep the Ad Space in such areas of the blog or site so that it is easily visible and clickable by your visitors. Advertisers won’t like to buy Ad Space on your site or blog if they aren’t getting any sales generated through your site or blog.

We hope that you would have liked our post of How Bloggers make Money. We look forward to your comments and suggestions.

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  1. says

    Surely Blogging is the best way to make fast income online. But it needs so much patience in this case.
    If you have a patience in Blogging World like ‘Rahul Dravid has got on the Cricket World and real life as well”, then you can climb anywhere here and get easy success.
    Thanks for writing.. :)

  2. says

    Ravi best way to earn money is from Affiliate Marketing if done is correct way right ? Best example is Harsh Agarwal he is just earning $300 from Google Adsense and earns $5000 + from Affiliate Marketing :)

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