List of CommentLuv Enabled Blogs

As a blogger your cherished desire is to popularize your blog or website.

But, how you are going to achieve this?

By writing quality content. Agreed. You are absolutely right.
But that’s not all.

Actually you have just missed out one important factor and that is promotion.

To get success in the blogging world you also invariably require to promote your blog posts. Promotion helps to increase visitors to your blog and improves rankings on the search engine. With improved rankings you get more clicks and hence more traffic to your blog or website.

Backlinks are an important and integral part of the crucial promotion factor. Search engines like Google gives preferences to website which have backlinks coming from authority sites rather than to those websites which have few backlinks or even no backlinks at all. Backlinks functions as a support system. This means that your blog posts are being liked by the fellow bloggers in your niche and you are then bound to get increased visitor traffic.

One of the popular and widely used method to get backlinks is by posting comments on CommentLuv Enabled Blogs.

CommentLuv is such a wonderful WordPress Plugin that enables commenters to add the link to their blog posts in the comment section of other bloggers post. This serves multiple purposes. On one hand, you are getting backlinks to your blogs, mostly from authority sites and on the other hand you get a chance to network and build relationship with other bloggers. And in the process you increase your blog rankings and finally get more readers or visitors to your blog.

And for this, you just need to comment on CommentLuv Enabled Blogs. Again, you can even install the CommentLuv WordPress Plugin in your own blog as well. This way you can attract other commenters and bloggers to your blog. This helps to increase the popularity of your blog too.

CommentLuv Plugin functions in a simple and effective way. On CommentLuv Enabled Blogs, the latest ten posts of your chosen blog appear. You then can select the post which you want to promote and wish the bloggers or visitors to read. So at the end of it all, you leave your comment together with a backlink to your chosen post from your blog.

Though initially the backlinks may be nofollow but if you keep on commenting regularly the backlinks can be transformed into dofollow depending on the settings done on the CommentLuv Enabled Blogs. Thus CommentLuv can help in promoting your blog or website.

Here we have provided a comprehensive list of CommentLuv Enabled Blogs so that you can also take the benefit of this wonderful WordPress Plugin called CommentLuv. We have especially included high Page Rank (PR) sites so that you may get backlinks from authority sites which eventually help in promoting your blogs or websites.

If you want to list your own CommentLuv enabled blog on this page you just need to comment with your blog URL on website field.

PR 6 Blogs

PR 5 Blogs

PR 4 Blogs

PR 3 Blogs

PR 2 Blogs

PR 1 Blogs

Other category blogs

PR   3 Blogs

PR   2 Blogs

PR 1 Blogs

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    • says

      I agree.

      Thank you for the great list of blogs that use comment luv.

      Traffic Generation Cafe doesn’t use comment luv anymore. Just thought I would let you know. I think Ana was running into issues with it.

  1. MI-JAN says

    Thanks to providing these wonderful commentluv enabled blogs list. We will surely benefited by this blogs list. Thanks again for this useful post.

  2. says

    Dear Admin

    Thanks for providing an effective Blog that offers complete synchronization between creativity and information.Your Blogs meets all the requirements of the readers and is user friendly and provide the best and best information to the reader.

    Thank you so much for share the great list..!!!!

  3. says

    Hey hi,

    Nice list..!!!

    As this commenting is really important. And commenting when there is Commentluv enabled adds an extra benefit in commenting. You can even share your blog link.

    So thanks for providing a great list of Commentluv premium in which we can add our keywords also.

  4. says

    Thanks for such a nice list it has helped in making so many nice back links through commentluv. its i think the best comment plugin which bloggers use these days i like it more than disqus

  5. says

    Thanks for your ideas! I was really informed… I’ve been searching about the Commentluv ideas and found yours… Keep posting.. Thanks again!

  6. Marion Grant says

    Commentluv really a big help and a great widget. I can observe my site gain more traffic since the day I installed it.

  7. says

    Hello Sneha this list is really good. I was looking for commentluv enabled blogs. But you have given all the lists in one place. Thanks for sharing this. Can you please give me some tips on how to create dofoolow links. And what is the difference b/w dofollow and nofollow.

  8. says

    AMAZING List,..!! I think it’s time we do not worry about do-follow and no-follow. Getting good links that bring traffic are going to help in future no matter what

  9. says

    This is a nice starter list!

    But A lot of sites are no longer do-follow and to that I say that a nice well-rounded approach to blog commenting is good.

    I always vary my backlinks in that I get different types and I don’t always look for just do-follow links.

    Just my perspective.

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