AdSense Publisher Account Type

Today millions of websites are using Google AdSense to monetize their website. There are many small publishers and few big publishers. Why am I saying, small publisher? There are few publishers who are earning thousands of dollars per month with AdSense. There minimum AdSense earning are 10,000+ per month and they get many extra benefits from AdSense.

There are mainly two types of AdSense publisher account normal publisher and premium publisher. Normal publisher does not get special privilege like the premium publisher. Normal publishers get preset ad style while premium publisher gets advantage of customizing ads size and view style other than this premium publisher get some more advantages.

Premium Ad Example:

First, to be a premium AdSense publisher there are some criteria. When your site maintains those criteria you can apply for premium publisher account but mostly Google sends the invitation to join premium publisher account who reaches premium publisher requirement criteria.

Eligibility for Premium Publisher

If a site is getting 5 million search query or 20 million page views per month then they can apply for the premium publisher.

Premium publishers get some premium benefits which also help them to increase their earnings. Some of the benefits are:

Ad customization has no limit for premium publishers. They are not restricted to limited or preset ad format. They can create an ad of any size, they can change ads font style and size. Not just that they get a lot of other style option which can be changed my CSS or JavaScript.

The premium publisher gets dedicated account manager who helps them to solve their queries or problems by phone. They don’t have to wait long to get answers.

Premium Ad Example:

They can negotiate revenue share with Google.
They can place their ads on Adult and gambling site.
They can place more than 3 ad units on a page and much more.
There is no such thing as “Ads by Google” on their ads.
There are premium AdSense publishers like About.com, Downloads.com, and Ask.com etc.

There are some big publishers who get many extra benefits than normal publishers like they can change font style and can customize ads size but they say that they are not a premium publisher. Those publishers get some extra benefits but their ads are with “Ads by Google” on it while some premium publishers don’t have such thing in their ads.

If you are a normal publisher but you are running a web company for your site and have 20 or more employs you can change your account from Individual to Business account. There is no difference in individual and business account. Business account payments are sent on Company name, while individuals payments are sent in the name of the account holder.

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