The Real Fact About High Paying Keywords

Google AdSense is one of the most common ways to earn with your website today. About every website or blog have used Google AdSense to generate revenue from their website but it is not so easy as it looks. You may not earn good money because of low paying ads.

As you know AdSense is contextual advertisement program which shows advertisements related to page content and publishers earn when someone clicks on the ads. Earning per click is not fixed it can be $0.10 or $100 per click which depends on various factors like country, keyword competition etc.

Some keywords are very low paying for entertainment, celebrity, jokes etc if your site is on these type of niche you may not earn good amount of money for every click. At another hand, some niches are very high paying like Health, Business, Jobs & Education, and Travel etc.

AdSense publisher often searches for high paying keywords and hope they can earn good money with high paying keywords. But there is another fact about high paying keywords which may not help you earn good money.

While writing this post I searched for some high paying keywords and found a list. I checked some keywords on Google AdWords Keyword tool and found how much Google charges for advertising that keywords and below is the list of such keyword.

As I am from India Google shows cost per click rates in local currency and rates on the list are showing in Indian Rupee. I am going to give you the approx rates in US dollars.

riverside accident lawyer – $137
Mesothelioma Solicitors – $96
Massachusetts Mesothelioma Lawyer – $222
Texas Mesothelioma Attorney – $147
New York Mesothelioma Attorney – $154
mesothelioma attorney Massachusetts – $238

Shocked by CPC rates? I also got shocked.

What if you are just getting only one ad click on a day which is paying you $200 in 30 days you will make $200 x 30 = $6000 per month.

What amazing earning can be but wait a minute this is not the whole truth.

These are Google Search rates not rates for contextual targeting rates. I want to thanks, Warrior Forum member Yukon who have shared this tip on the forum.

Before getting to any conclusion and start building the website on high paying keywords please check that keyword with Google AdWords Contextual targeting tool which shows how many advertisers have to pay if they want to advertise on publishers site.

This tool can tell how much you can earn as AdSense publisher for that keyword or niche. I checked the same high paying keywords on Contextual targeting tool and the rates were shocking again. For example, the high paying keyword “mesothelioma attorney Massachusetts” cost $238 on Google Search result but the same keyword will cost just $8 on publishers site it’s not even 5% what Google charges for search results.

Now another thing this $8 is not what exact publisher will get as Google share revenues with the publisher you may only get $4 per click. There is no comparison between $238 and $4.

Now, what’s your thought?

Some of you may be thinking $4 is not bad at all. Yes, it’s not bad at all to earn $4 per click but again these rates are not fixed. It depends on the country too, if there is no competition or less competition for given keyword in many other country and visitors coming to your site are from other countries too then you may not even earn $4 per click it can be very less too.

Second thing if some keywords are very high paying then for sure there will be tough competition too and gaining visitors to such niche is also very difficult. If you are not getting any visitor for such competitive keyword, who will click on advertisements and how will you earn?

I have seen most of the website get less than 2% of ad CTR so when you will get 100 visitors you may only get 2 ad clicks. So where is revenue?

High Paying Keywords is not the only thing which needs to consider before starting a new website. You must understand how competitive that niche is to get visitors. If your website doesn’t have visitors it is of no use with high paying keywords.

Keyword research is very important part of internet marketing which helps to identify right keywords to target and how we can rank in search results. With low paying keywords but a lot of traffic to your website can help you make some good money. You should focus on what you are best in and increase your website traffic.

Don’t Just Depend on High Paying Keywords

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