Factors to Consider While Creating a Landing Page

Landing pages have emerged as a main tool for internet marketing in the present times. The landing page is basically the destination page where the new customer of your product lands at when they are interested in your website/product/services. So that way, the landing page is almost the key to your success in launching a prosperous online business venture. This landing page actually directs the inward traffic to take the next step or action from thereon. Whether they click further into the website or run off from this page or not depends on how well you create your landing page. Before creating a landing page, there are some factors to consider while creating a landing page.

1. Content
The content of your landing page is the most crucial of all elements. Make the language simple, crisp, short and hard-hitting market oriented. Stay on the subject clearly explaining the beneficial features of the product without being flowery or superfluous at all. Remember that at the end of it all your product has to sell. The content should build a trust factor that will compel your one customer to turn in a few more from their side. Also, it is best to stay away from over indulgence or bragging in this page as it creates a negative reaction mostly in minds of your target customers. As far as content is concerned remember that less is more effective.

2. Design
The page layout, color themes and images used on this page should clearly capture the customer’s interest and compel them to click forward into the next action. Engaging headlines, soothing color schemes, and less clutter is always the right choice. Also, too much design elements dampen the simplicity of the content making it look larger than life or fake.

3. Push for action
Calling for action to your target customers actually is the best motive behind turning the inward leads to your site into effective buyers of your product. It actually appeals your visitor into some concrete action. Buttons saying, sign up now, download here, access now, apply now, etc calls for the visitor to make up his/her mind about your site/product in a definite manner. It all depends on your main objective be it whether you want an email address or some sort of information or do you want the visitor to perform a different action altogether etc. These actions indulged by the customer directly links the virtual world to the real person, and their needs thus giving you a rare chance to judge your marketing capabilities and the impetus to build your website further-on.

4. No advertising, build trust
Stay away from keeping too many distractions on the landing page. Keep the page free of any sort of clutter like other online advertisements, links of other pages, etc. These distractions act like deterrents and confuses rather than emboldens your marketing capabilities. It should be oriented to allow the customer to focus on what you are willing to offer and build that trust and security that will entice them to delve further into your services or product.

5. Testing
There are two main types of tests that allow you to understand what works best for you and your website. These tests are split testing and multivariate testing. Both are extremely powerful strategies that either enhances the effectiveness of a web based offer or through sophisticated mathematical models and formulas help you establish the best possible page given your variants. Both these tests are critical in determining the best landing page and hence should be utilized for full effectiveness.


Given all these factors, a landing page also should be geared towards a particular direction. Its main purpose is to get your visitor to click to go to another page, or to buy, or to tell a friend, or to permit you to follow up by email, phone, etc., and most definitely to comment or give you some feedback. The landing page however, designed or presented should aim to achieve one or all of these goals and the rest is all luck if you may say so.

About The Author – Alyssa is a writer/blogger. She loves writing, travelling and reading books. She contributes to Hydroxycut.

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