How to Increase Earnings from Adsense Ads?

The word “Success” is simply not just a word.

It means a lot for the ones who are raring to go, those who just live to make their dreams come true, those who have the fire of passion in their hearts.

These are the people who want to make “Success” their way of life.

If you have the same craving for “Success” then hold on.

Blogging gives you the opportunity to realize “Success”.

You just have to take the right steps forward and seize this tremendous opportunity and make “Success” your second name.

Here, I am going to present the ways to increase earnings from Google Adsense Ads. I am sure you must be using Adsense Ads on your website or blog and must be looking for ways to make it a powerful earning source. So, get ready to fuel your earnings and that too from Adsense Ads. It will surely take you much closer to your cherished dream of making “Success” a reality for yourself.

At this moment earning as much as $50 per click from Google Adsense may sound illusionary to you. But as I unfold the secrets and move forward on this journey, you will come to know how you can too be part of the same club can increase your earnings from Google Adsense. Yes, earning $50 per click from Google Adsense can be a reality for you too. It has a huge potential and can offer you “big” earnings from the online marketing platform. As a blogger, you must be earnestly working to deliver great material for your readers. Now, take one more step forward and unleash the potential of Google Adsense Ads. And the most happening news for you is the fact that it is not difficult at all to improve traffic and increase your income through Adsense Ads. It’s simple!

So, now let us see how you can increase your Adsense Earnings by a significant amount.

Use Long Tail Keywords

Use of Long Tail Keywords are a great source of driving high volume of targeted traffic. With more targeted traffic coming to your blog, the more earnings from Adsense. The Long Tail Keywords help you to rank high in search engine results and thus you gain access to highly targeted organic traffic. These are high-CPC Keywords so you stand to increase your Adsense earnings. Here, use of long tail keyword analyzer tools goes a long way in finding & suggesting relevant long tail keywords according to your targeted traffic. Tools like Hittail and SEMRush, Long Tail Pro are in high demand with bloggers. They suggest long tail & high CPC Keywords within seconds.

Choose a High CPC Niche

Having a right niche for your blog or website is of utmost important. CPC or Cost per Click is directly determined by the topic you are choosing to write for your blog. So, have a niche which pays you high CPC. Here are some suggestions on niche which can pay you high CPC:

Domains: If you want to garner highest CPC have blogs on Internet Domains such as Yahoo, Go Daddy, etc.
Gadgets: You can come up with blogs on Tech Gadgets.
Google: You can have Blog on Google Products.
Banking: Having Blogs on Banking Sector
Automobile, Health, Real Estate, Home Loans, Jobs, Dating & Romance

Content: “Great” Content rules the online world. So, make it a point to come with great content that serves your readers interests. Your content should be tailored so as to answer your readers query. Good Content goes to ensure higher AdSense CPC Rates. So, you should engage and spend time to find out what your readers are searching on the internet and come out with content which provides them solutions. Remember, Search Engines love good content and so when you have relevant, unique content on your blog you definitely end up getting targeted traffic and more revenues with AdSense ads.

Use AdSense Ad Review Center

AdSense Ad Review is a superb tool that you can use to increase your CPC and AdSense Revenue. Google AdSense displays Ad Review Center Option. Go there and check out how much each ad category is paying you. It will list down different ad categories that are showing up on your blog or website. So, review your ad categories and block those that are either irrelevant to your niche or are not paying you enough. For example, if your blog is on Technology, then you should block ad categories catering to Politics, Dating, Religion, etc. You should definitely try this and see your revenue soar through Google AdSense.

Competitive Ad Filter

Competitive Ad Filter is another highly useful filter in Google AdSense just like Ad Review Center. You can use this filter to block general or specific ads from appearing on your web pages. It is generally used to block ads that belong to your competitors. You can either choose to block the ads for entire domain or specifically for a particular website in that domain name. This will raise your CPC as it will enable you to block competitors’ ads from showing up on your website.

Utilize Different Platforms

Make sure to utilize different platforms for AdSense Ads. This will give you an opportunity to boost your AdSense Revenues. Remember your blog is read through different platforms like desktops, laptops, and mobiles. So you should try to target readers from these different platforms. If you are able to serve mobile-readers then you increase your CPC as ads shown on mobiles are of high quality. This requires you to optimize your website for different platforms and make it mobile friendly.

Target Country

AdSense earnings depend upon one of the most crucial factors and that is the country you are targeting. For example, a click on an ad from USA can pay you as much as $3 whereas ad from India pays you only 20 to 30 cents. Hence, you should target your blog to audience for English speaking countries like U.S.A. or U.K. This will also help you to improve AdSense earning per click.

Choose Right Text & Image Ad Format

Choosing right text and image Ad format for Google AdSense Ads is very important as it can result in getting you high CTR (click through rate) and hence delivers you an opportunity for high AdSense Earnings. Here, it is important to mention that you should use text ad format as these have higher CTR. Then you can use both text and image ad format on your blog as it can give you more CPC. Image Ad Formats that return high CTR are usually 336 x 280 ads and 468 x 60 ads. Studies show, that maximum clicks and high CPC come from 2 ads which are placed inside blogs posts on the top. However, earnings do depend on the niche type you have taken and also are determined by ad placement.

Always Experiment

Do not lose your hand on experimenting. Keep on experimenting something new whether it is related to trying on different niches, choosing different ad placements, or different ad formats. You should also go for advice from Google AdSense Center. So never be tied down to one style. Always go and experiment something new on your blog. It will pay you high dividends.

Finally, if you implement these useful tips on your blog, you can surely increase your AdSense Revenues by a substantial amount and that can be anywhere between 30% to 40%. These are completely genuine ways to increase your earnings from Google AdSense Ads. So, so ahead and follow these valuable tips to increase your earnings in a short time.

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