Adult Affiliate Campaign Case Study Popunder Dating & Adsterra

Hello everyone! Let’s continue the topic of adult offers. This time we consider my attempt with adult dating.

Traffic type: Adsterra Popunder
Offer: Adult Dating DOI
Time period: 01.11.19 – 08.11.19
Geo: DE
Spendings: $238.5
Earnings: $402.8
Pure income: $164.3
ROI: 69%

Geo and traffic source selection.

Based on the results of my previous cases and campaigns, I have chosen popunder. Geo was taken based on the offer that was placed on an affiliate network, namely DE.

Offer selection

I have chosen a DOI Dating offer for DE with a $3.8 payout for each approved registration. The offer is mobile, and competition is high, it sounds like a challenge!

Screenshot of the final landing page:

Adult Affiliate Campaign


Unfortunately, Europe is a fairly payable and highly competitive region, so we need to invent some workarounds to push in a new offer into an oversaturated market.

In my case, I decided to run a campaign with a high bid, to get, if not the first, then at least the second or third impression. That sounds risky, but anyway, you will get your traffic and your conversions, but in a smaller amount.

I decided to set the bid at $2.25


While choosing pre-landers, first of all, I proceeded from the conditions set by the affiliate program. You cannot use misleading creatives in this campaign, so you have to choose very soft solutions, so it doesn’t turn out like this, that you have been sitting all day long choosing beautiful creatives. As a result, the campaign was stopped due to violations of the conditions on the site request.

In such cases, I usually recommend choosing pre-landers with questionnaires that don’t say that you are guaranteed to find yourself a couple for a night, love of all your life, etc.

Try to make such a questionnaire that will attract users to give information about their preferences so that in the future, you can correct pre-landers.

In my case, the following pre-landers were chosen:

Campaign pre-lander

If you are not ready to make pre-landers yourself – welcome to Adheart! There you can find actual ones for any geo and politely borrow them :)

I remind you that it is important to make a constant rotation of pre-landers. The results of the questionnaires can help you with this. This way, you can quickly learn what your audience is interested in on this or that Geo and then simply change pictures, text, or even the pre-landers’ whole content. The quality and amount of conversions directly depend on this.


Stage 1 (pre-landers replacement)

As I said before – your campaign gonna be successful if you control it, especially in terms of creatives. It’s important to understand that changing creatives too often can also carry a threat. You may not have enough time to get those converting users who really like your pre-lander.

Therefore, you should do everything in moderation, wait some days, change, wait again, and so on, until you find the perfect option for this or that offer.

Stage 2 (Placement blacklisting)

As with any other campaign, you must set the blacklist. In my experience, cheating platforms are less common in adult campaigns, but this doesn’t mean that you don’t need to remove unnecessary placements, which don’t give any conversions. If you see zero – you can remove this placement, I don’t think that there can be at least one conversion on that.

Post optimization

We are choosing default settings. You can make no changes besides adding English, in addition to German. It is important not to pinch targeting too hard for DOI; otherwise, you can lose a large piece of traffic.

Screenshot of the final settings:

Ad optimization


Screenshot from Adsterra:

Campaign Result

Total spent in Adsterra for all the days: $238.5

Screenshot from the tracker:

Tracker Result

Total earnings: $402.8
Income: $164.3
ROI 69%.


To be honest, that was quite a risky and challenging campaign. I had some difficulties with campaign settings because I underestimated bids for Europe and spent a couple of days determining the perfect bid. As you can see, you can work even with difficult Geo’s if you follow the plan and action order.

I advise you to try adult yourself on a small budget, and I think you will like it!

See you in the next few cases!

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