LeadImpact, 50OnRed, TrafficVance Keyword Passing Tokens

PPV (Pay Per View) or CPV (Cost Per View) is one of the most popular traffic sources. You can learn more about PPV in our previous post. Today we are sharing how to track keyword from where you are getting traffic.

On any PPV advertising network, you can target keywords and domain say keyword is “paid surveys” and targeting domain “surveyxyz.com” now how you will know which keyword or targeted domain is converting and which not. By tracking those keywords, you can plan your promotion strategy.

All PPV network offers keyword tracking and keywords are passed through keyword token. You can setup these keyword tokens on you affiliate tracking software like Prosper202, CPV Lab etc. This will give you clear view which keywords are converting and which is not.

In this post, I will show you how to track keyword Pass-through in LeadImpact, 50OnRed and TrafficVance. Why these networks only because these are the top PPV traffic sources and anyone want to start PPV should start with these networks.

LeadImpact Keyword Token

To enable keyword tracking on LeadImpact you can do this by two ways. One enable “Keyword Pass-Through” check box so that LeadImpact can pass keywords to your tracking software.

LeadImpact Keyword Token: &KEYWORD=KEYWORD

If you are using Prosper202 you don’t need to do anything else it will start tracking keywords.

If you are using CPVLab you can add keyword token in Traffic Source section see the image for reference.

If you have not checked the keyword pass-through option on LeadImpact you can use this token to track keywords.


TrafficVance Keyword Token


Use this TrafficVance token on your tracking software for example in CPVLab see the image.

50OnRed Keyword Token

50OnRed keyword tracking is little different. 50onRed pop can trigger on keyword variations say you have added keyword “abc” now if it’s find a domain “helloabc.com” it will trigger pop. Because of that 50OnRed provides two tokens.


You can use combination of it like


Your tracker will show the result like this


Now you will know which keyword was matched for which domain.

Hope you will find this post on LeadImpact, 50OnRed, TrafficVance Keyword Passing Tokens useful. Please share your valuable suggestions.

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