17 Best Mobile Ad Networks (High Paying Networks)

Online business is fast evolving. Not only there is a vast scope for Internet marketing, but also the relevance and importance of mobile marketing have increased by many folds in the recent years.

Mobile Marketing has acquired the status of “Mobile Economy,” and it has become a major source of revenue generation for advertisers, publishers, as well as app developers.

So, any online business entrepreneur cannot just ignore the manifolds advantage provided by the mobile platform. In fact, Mobile Ad Networks have become immensely popular with advertisers and publishers as a major means of growing their business.

A mobile ad network is being used by advertisers for generating sales and leads for their products or services by placing their ads on a mobile app or website provided by scores of publishers.

Here, we showcase Best Mobile Advertising Networks which can help to boost your business by effectively utilizing the mobile platform.

The growth of Mobile Ad Networks is not without reason.

The mobile traffic is rapidly on the increase. There are millions of people who are using mobiles and Smartphones. Then, mobile marketing offers cost effective means of promoting products and services.

All this goes on to show that there is a huge scope for mobile marketing.

As we explain in our previous article “Mobile Marketing Future of Online Marketing” mobile can be the best online marketing method today.

You can also take advantage of this scenario and feature among the ones who profit from doing mobile marketing.

However, one of the most important things you need to do is to choose a competent, effective and powerful Mobile Advertising Network.

These Mobile Ad Networks specifically provide ample opportunities for mobile segment advertising. From advertisers’ point of view, they look for such a mobile advertising network which provides low eCPM, and large target audience, all leading to low cost of advertising.

Hereunder, we have presented a collection of 17 Best Mobile Advertising Networks. Depending upon your specific needs, you can go to select a suitable Mobile Advertising Network, which fulfills all your requirements.

These Mobile Advertising Networks specialize in one or the other form of mobile marketing. They cater to app advertising, mobile video advertising, iOS advertising and as well as Android advertising.

These Mobile Ad Networks can help you for quickly monetizing your mobile marketing campaigns in a big way.

So, here’s list of 17 Best Mobile Advertising Networks:

17 Top Mobile Ad Networks

1. Airpush

Airpush is one of the largest Mobile Ad Network catering to the Android segment. Advertisers and developers can look forward to great performance once they join this extensive Mobile Ad Network. Airpush already has a large list of advertisers to its credit. With Airpush, you get to have rich media ads which deliver high eCPM. It is studded with innovative push ad technology which can directly deliver advertisement into the top notification tray.

2. Unity Ads

The Unity Ads Mobile Ad Platform was launched by Unity Technologies in 2014. It functions as a premier ad monetization solution for mobile games. Primarily designed for mobile games advertising, Unity Ads is centered towards game developers and helps them for monetizing on their games using video ads. It serves native video ads solution and provides a perfect mobile ad platform for game advertisers for furthering their online marketing efforts.

  • Some important aspects of Unity Ads:
  • Supported Mobile Platforms: Android, iOS
  • Campaign Types: CPI, CPM
  • Supported Ad Formats: Interstitial, Video, Banner
  • Targeting: country, connection, device, operating system
  • Key Markets: United States, Global

3. Google Admob Ads

Google Admob Ads is by far the biggest Mobile Ad Network in the world. Google has a lot to offer to advertisers in the context of Mobile Advertising. Its SDK can be easily installed and provides relevant ads, which can be displayed in your application. Moreover, Google Admob Ads has a flexible ad mediation system. You also get the facility of versatile monitoring dashboard which helps you to track mobile traffic.

4. StartApp

StartApp is one of the best Mobile Ad Networks. It allows you to implement interstitial advertising. This mobile ad platform is built upon mutual mobile app user data sharing principle and allows advertisers to build comprehensive users profile. Some important aspects of StartApp include:

  • Supported Mobile Platforms: iOS, Android
  • Campaign Types: CPM, CPI, CPA, CPC
  • Supported Ad Formats: Interstitial, Full Page Ads, Video, App Icon, InApp Ads
  • Targeting: Device, Gender, Geo, Connection Type, Competitors, OS, App, Carrier
  • Key Markets: Global

5. BuzzCity

BuzzCity is one of the most competent and well known Mobile Ad Network. It has a large base of global mobile advertising network which can be used by brand owners and agencies to promote products and services on the mobile channel. It delivers a great fill rate, excellent integration system among many other useful features.

6. InMobi

InMobi is one of the most popular Mobile Ad Network. InMobi provides CPC as well as eCPM mobile ads. It has been empowered with an advanced ad delivery system which goes onto serve most relevant ads according to the context of the mobile web page. InMobi is recognized for providing one of the highest CPM advertisements. You can also monitor ads performance through its sophisticated analytics dashboard. Moreover, it provides a wide range of mobile ad formats. It also has access to rich media ad library. InMobi ad SDK can also be integrated easily.

7. Epom Apps

Epom Apps is one of the best mobile monetization platforms for Android and iOS developers who want to generate revenue from their applications. One of the main highlights of Epom being the fact that they handle monetization all by themselves. So, the developer only integrates the SDK. The rest is managed by Epom.

They analyze and give suggestions on ad formats implementation. They select the best matching advertisers. All negotiations are handled by them for selling traffic at the highest price. Monetization of applications is done through ad mediation, and you don’t even have to register in every single ad network that they use. It is managed by Epom Apps.

Presently, they support native ads, banners, and full-screen interstitials. They offer Net 30 or weekly payments.

8. Phunware

Phunware previous know as Tapit is another excellent Mobile Advertising Network. Its technical expertise combined with excellent market knowledge goes onto serve the needs of app developers, advertisers, and publishers in the best possible way. You can also be the one to take advantage of Phunware’s self-serve marketplace which it has built with years of expertise and experience.

9. MobFox

MobFox delivers powerful mobile advertising platform to advertisers, app developers, and publishers. With MobFox, you can monetize mobile traffic on Android, iPhone, and also on Windows Phone 7. MobFox lets you run mobile ad campaigns on the world wide-scale.

10. Tapjoy

Tapjoy is in operation since 2007. It is functioning as an app monetization and mobile user acquisition company. The Tapjoy Mobile ad network is helping mobile app publishers in increasing their revenue on each user they have.

Some key aspects of Tapjoy include:

  • Supported Mobile Platforms: Mobile Web, iOS, Android
  • Campaign Types: CPM, CPC, CPI, CPD
  • Supported Ad Formats: Interstitial, Offerwall, Rewards, Content Lock
  • Targeting: Custom
  • Key Markets: UK, United States, South Africa, Kenya, Japan, Europe, India

11. Millennial Media

Millennial Media is another very successful and highly popular Mobile Advertising Network. It technology, tools, and services help advertisers to deliver rich ad experience to viewers on their smartphones. Millennial Media helps advertisers bring large traffic to their offer and monetize their ad campaign.

12. iAd

iAd is one of the best platforms to promote applications on Apple smartphones and tablets products. It has been empowered with various powerful features and tools like Web GL (with 3D Motion Graphics), which help you to create beautiful Ads and reach the right set of people at the right time. Using iAd you can reach your target audience through various iOS Apps.

13. Chartboost

Chartboost is another very popular Mobile Advertising Network. It is in operation since 2011 and functions as a mobile game user’s acquisition company. It provides a viable platform for cross promotion with native ads, sophisticated targeting, and tracking.

Some key aspects of Chartboost include:

  • Supported Mobile Platforms: Android, iOS
  • Campaign Types: CPI, CPI
  • Supported Ad Formats: Interstitial, Video, Offerwall, Content Lock
  • Targeting: Custom
  • Key Markets: Global, United States

14. Appnext

Appnext rightly deserves a place on this list as it is one of the best Mobile Ad Networks in the world. Appnext was founded in 2012 and functions on a self-serve CPI bidding basis.

Some of the important aspects of Appnext include:

  • Supported Mobile Platforms: Mobile Web, Android, iOS
  • Supported Campaign Types: CPI
  • Supported Ad Formats: Interstitial, Notification
  • Targeting: Device, Country, Channel
  • Key Markets: Global

15. LeadBolt

LeadBolt is another very popular Mobile Advertising Network. One of the major highlights of LeadBolt is the fact that it offers almost 10 different Ad Formats for applications. AS the advertisements formats are different from banner ads, so you get to have a high eCPM. It also provides automatic Ad optimization feature. Moreover, LeadBolt is equipped with advanced segmentation tool and has a flexible and powerful SDK which helps to deliver ads on different mobile platform.

16. Bing Mobile Advertising

If you love traditional way of online advertising as well as the new style of advertising Bing Mobile Advertising can be the best option. You can advertise on mobile devices with Bing ads targeting for mobile devices. Bing ads are a premium advertiser for mobile adverting, and you will love the quality of traffic.

17. YeahMobi

YeahMobi is a leading Mobile Ad Network. Headquartered in China, YeahMobi is helping mobile technology companies to reach the pinnacles of global growth, acquire users, and monetize. They operate in the field of consumer apps, internet finance, E-commerce, lifestyle and other industries.

It runs thousands of active campaigns with premium payouts. It delivers real-time performance tracking with modularized reporting. It provides global coverage reaching users in over 200 countries and regions. YeahMobi goes on to deliver a variety of Native Ad Formats with rich campaign fill rates thereby providing inventory monetization for mobile apps.

We hope that the presentation 17 Best Mobile Ad Networks proves immensely useful to you and helps you in selecting the best Mobile Ad Network. Do share your comments with us.

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