6 Best CPA Affiliate Tracking Software

Every CPA affiliate marketer wants to know which traffic source and keywords are converting. For this, they need affiliate tracking software. Today we are going to list some of the best CPA affiliate tracking software.

Why I am just talking about CPA affiliate marketer, not cost for sale marketing because CPA marketing needs quick action they want to know which offers, landing page, keywords etc are converting.

Most of the CPA networks allow affiliates to track conversions instantly. Affiliate networks allow conversion pixel or server to server tracking, but most of the cost for sale networks doesn’t allow an easy and flexible way of conversion tracking.

To track from which traffic source you are getting traffic and which traffic source is converting, which keyword is converting, which landing page is converting for all these you need a tracking software.

CPA tracking software is different than tracking affiliate tracking software. Don’t be confused with affiliate tracking software and CPA tracking software. What affiliates network use software to track affiliate activity is also called affiliate tracking software. Affiliate marketers also user tracking software which they normally call affiliate tracking software which is different than what affiliate networks use.

CPA affiliate tracking software tracks and manages affiliate campaigns tracks traffic from different sources, managing landing pages, managing offers and tracking convergence for affiliate marketers. Tracking software for affiliates provides reporting by which affiliates can know how much money they are making, which campaigns and traffic sources are working and many more reports which give full details how their affiliate campaigns is going on.

Today we are listing some of the best CPA affiliate tracking software which can help you to track your affiliate marketing performance and ease your work. Most of the software are paid and some of them are on a subscription base. Go ahead and check out all these affiliate tracking software.

6 Top CPA Affiliate Tracking Software

1. Prosper202

If you’re just started in CPA marketing then Prosper 202 is for you. Prosper 202 is a free affiliate tracking software which tracks CPA convergence. Prosper 202 is self-hosted tracking software which you can be install on your web server.

Prosper 202 let you add multiple traffic sources, multiple affiliate campaign, landing pages, etc. Prosper 202 helps you to track conversions, monitor which traffic source is converting and which keywords are performing well. On prosper 202 you can add any type of traffic source like pay per click, pay per view or CPM ads. It shows beautiful reports which can help you to get an easy view of your campaign performance.

2. CPV Lab

CPV Lab is a paid affiliate tracking software. Its name CPV doest means it only supports CPV/PPV traffic. It can track any traffic source and any type of conversion. Adding campaigns, landing pages, traffic source etc are very easy in CPV Lab. The main feature of CPV Lab is copying campaigns and easy split testing. CPV Lab offers easy optimization like if any keyword or campaign is not performing as per your criteria it will highlight that keyword and campaign.

CPV Lab also offers to track Email campaigns and you don’t need any other software to track email campaign. CPV Lab also supports mobile campaigns. CPV Lab is self-hosted tracking software which cost onetime fee of $297. After one year, you can get regular update and support for $147 per year.

3. Voluum

If you are advanced affiliate marketer then Voluum is for you. Voluum is hosted solution means you don’t need any hosting or software installation. Voluum is all in one affiliate tracking solution it can track web and mobile, mobile app tracking and much more. With easy to use dashboard, great reporting, live conversion tracking makes Voluum a great solution.
With Voluum affiliate can easily split test landing pages and offers. Affiliate can manually update cost per click. Voluum comes at subscription option means you have to pay a fix monthly fee for using Voluum.

4. iMobiTrax

iMobiTrax is another self-hosted affiliate conversion tracking software with monthly subscription fee. iMobiTrax is a great solution for heavy traffic affiliates. With iMobiTrax, your data is safe and secure with you as it is installed on your own server.

iMobiTrax features fast redirect speed, set up campaigns with Landing Page, Direct Link, Path Split Testing, you can setup multiple posts click redirection rules and much more. iMobiTrax cost about $179 per month, but it recovers it cost by fast speed, click fraud, great reporting and much more.

5. Thrive

If you are a big affiliate and have a lot of traffic then Thrive can be for you. Thrive comes as hosted and self-hosted affiliate tracking software. Thrive, tracks web and mobile campaigns. With Thrive, you can track about any type of funnel.

Thrive is powerful self-hosted tracking solution means all your tracking data is with you. For more advanced affiliate with a lot of traffic they can use Thrive’s managed cloud solution for this, you don’t need your own hosting. Thrive is optimized for faster redirects on mobile devices, you can view multi-variable drill-down report; you can view day parting reports, and much more.

Thrive is subscription based services means you have to pay fix monthly fee for using Thrive.

6. Bevo Media

Bevo is a hosted affiliate tracker software which let you track about any conversion funnel which include keywords, landing page conversions, Geographic conversions, day parting and much more. You can start for free with Bevo and for all features you have to pay monthly subscription fee.

With Bevo, you can track ads, keywords, landing pages, IPs, traffic sources, mobile settings, custom variables and more! One can track about any traffic source with Bevo like Google Adwords, Bing, Facebook, PlentyOfFish, TrafficVance, 7Search, LeadImpact, 50onRed, Email etc.

Bevo allows easily rotate your landing pages and offers. You can integrate your affiliate networks directly with the Bevo Tracking interface.

Hope you liked this list of CPA affiliate tracking software. Please do share which affiliate tracking software you are using.

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