Is Affiliate Marketing Working Now?

Affiliate marketing is the biggest source for online earners. Affiliate marketing have made rich to many web marketers. Many web marketers have and are making much more than $10,000 per month with a single affiliate program.

Will affiliate marketing success continue in this current resection time? Many affiliate marketers are seeing their earning falling down but there are many who says they have not found any problem. I don’t know is this topic for debate or is there any real problem.

Affiliate marketers earn by various way from pay per lead to pay per sale. Every web marketer is specialized in their own space PPL or PPS. Small affiliates have earned most with pay per lead.

In this slowdown most affiliate’s earnings are down in pay per sale programs. Affiliate marketers earn with PPS when someone buy a product. PPS make some great money as for every sale pays from 5% to 20% or more. At current time many people’s jobs are lost and many are not in better position to spend lot of money on buying this have made affiliate sales much less then past.

On other hand many affiliate marketers are still earning big bucks with pay per lead program where there prospect have nothing to buy. When you don’t have to spend anything on particular task you take part in those program because of this affiliate marketers focusing on PPL are still making good money.

Lot of affiliates are facing problem from 4when Google AdWords stopped third party URLs on their ads this stopped many affiliates earning who were making good money with their autopilot program. Where they generate good income after setting up there affiliate ads on Google AdWords.

Good affiliate marketers found many other ways of promoting there affiliate product and started earning with affiliate program for other countries.

Few days back I was reading somewhere that internet users are got down in this slow down. If it’s true then affiliate marketers are going to face some problems.

On other hand I found many affiliate marketers earnings are increased in past few months which is a great news. Two different views are making me confuse is slowdown is impacting affiliate marketing or it is still in good shape.
If you are also an affiliate then please shares in which situation you are good or bad. Is affiliate marketing still working for you?

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