10 Best Recurring Affiliate Programs

If you are confused about how to make money online, then I would say you should consider marketing recurring affiliate programs.

Here, we go on to show Best Recurring Affiliate Programs which will help you to generate recurring income for yourself.

These are the best recurring revenue business options which can give you income for a year or even for a lifetime depending upon whether your referred user stays with the company.

You must be aware of affiliate marketing. In affiliate marketing, you get paid when somebody buys a product or service using your affiliate link, and the commission is quite high.

Recurring Affiliate Programs (which are sometimes also known as recurring referral programs) have a slight twist in it. When you market affiliate programs, you get paid only once when your referred user buys the product or service using your affiliate link.

However, in Recurring Affiliate Programs, you get recurring income.

Let me explain it to you.

Suppose you are marketing Recurring Affiliate Program for a hosting service. When one of your referred users buys out the hosting service, you get the affiliate commission.

However, things do not end here with Recurring Affiliate Programs. When your referred user decides to stick with the company and pays for the hosting service in the next year, you again earn commission on the amount paid by the referred user who has taken the hosting service.

So, in Recurring Affiliate Program your commission continues till the referred user sticks with the company.

The same scenario is exhibited when a referred user buys out an email marketing software or SEO Software under a recurring affiliate program.

Likewise, when you refer a publisher to an online advertising network, and he starts earning by displaying ads on his website, you go on to earn a commission.

It continues till the time publisher is attached to the advertising network. However, the commission you earn varies from company to company depending upon their marketing policies.

For example, if the publisher earns $20 in the first month and percentage of commission payable is 10%, you would earn $2. If the publisher earns $50 in the second month, you will earn $5 commission.

Likewise, if the publisher earns $100 in the third month, your commission would reach $10. The best part is that the commission trickles in for you as long as the publisher is attached with the company and makes money. And you have to refer a user to the company only once.

So, your referred user can either buy a product or service or can earn by joining an advertising network, in either case, you earn a recurring commission in a recurring affiliate program.

However, the quality of the products needs to be good as nobody would like to stick with a product or brand which is not of good quality. The companies which have trust in the quality of their products or service offer recurring commission.

Now, let us see the best affiliate programs which offer recurring commission. These Recurring Affiliate Programs can prove a gold mine for you. So, just stay with us.

10 Best Recurring Affiliate Programs

1. Aweber

Aweber offers one of the best email marketing tools. The signup is free, and it offers 30% lifetime recurring commission per referral. All plans provide unlimited emails and start at $9.

They offer 30 days free trial which is compelling enough for users to give it a shot. It allows you to send follow-up emails, RSS to emails, and so on. Payment is made through Check, and the minimum threshold for payout is $50.

2. GetResponse

GetResponse offers one of the most reputed and popular email marketing tools. It is one of the top competitors to Aweber. When it comes to the recurring commission in the affiliate program, they have the edge over Aweber.

They go on to offer as much as 33% lifetime commission for referring a user to their email marketing tools. They come with a 30-day free trial offer which is good enough for driving users to take up their email marketing tools. Payment methods include Paypal and Cheque with a minimum payout of $50.


SEMRUSH is one of the most popular keyword research and SEO tools. They have one of the most lucrative offers of 40% recurring commission. BeRush is their official Affiliate Program.

By joining their affiliate program, you would get an opportunity to promote one of the world’s greatest competitive intelligence services. The best thing is that they offer as much as 40% recurring (monthly) commission. So, simply place one of their banners or widgets on your blog, or recommend SEMRUSH to your clients or followers to make a handsome monthly profit.

Payment Mode: Paypal

4. Shopify Affiliate Program

Shopify is one of the leading e-commerce software. It allows you to sell online and offline. Using Shopify, you can have fully functional e-commerce sites or just shopping cart to your existing website. It supports as much as 70 payment gateways and is SEO optimized.

Shopify offers 20% of each bill from your referred merchants.

5. Propeller Ads

Propeller Ads is another very popular advertising network especially known for pop-under ads. It offers one of the best eCPM rates in the industry. It provides pop-under ads, pop-ups, pre-rolls, post-rolls, and overlay ads. It delivers 100% inventory monetization, detailed real-time statistics, and 24/7 qualified support.

Propeller Ads offer up to 5% recurring referral commission for referring publishers to their advertiser network. Payment options include bank wire, Payoneer, MasterCard, Webmoney, etc.

6. PopAds

PopAds is one of the most popular Pop-Under ad networks. It offers one of the most lucrative Recurring Affiliate Programs whereby you get an opportunity to refer publishers and advertisers to its advertising network. Its services are fast, efficient and secure.

Minimum Payment: $5
Payment Method: Paypal
Payment Frequency: Request, Automatic

7. Max Bounty

Max Bounty is one of the most popular CPA Network for affiliate marketing programs. It connects the trusted and skilled affiliate marketers with vetted, high paying advertisers. The network offers various commission types such as CPS, CPA, and CPL.

It has a minimum payout of $100, and its Recurring Affiliate Program offers 5% referral commission for 12 months.

8. ExoClick

ExoClick is one of the most popular web and mobile ad networks. It functions as a pay per click platform and provides services for advertisers and publishers.

By joining ExoClick Recurring Affiliate Program, you get an opportunity to have 5% referral bonus for a lifetime.

9. Chitika Referral Program

Chitika is the best alternatives to Google Adsense. By joining Chitika Referral Program, you get an opportunity to earn revenue by referring publishers to its professional publisher network.

For referring publishers, you must have a Chitika Publisher Account. When you refer a publisher to the Chitika Professional Publisher Network, you can earn 10% of their revenue for ten months, starting from the date you refer them.

10. Raven Internet Marketing Tools

Raven is popular online SEO tool. Affiliate commissions are pretty high when you promote Raven Tools. You get 50% of the first month’s payment. Plus, you get a 10% recurring commission for a lifetime of that sale’s account.

On its Pro account, you get $9.90/mo recurring revenue. Its Agency account gives you $24.50/mo recurring revenue. It comes with 180 days return policy which gives you an advantage on conversions and earnings.

We hope that the presentation on Best Recurring Affiliate Programs proves highly useful to you. Do share your comments with us.

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