Why Affiliate Marketer Should Build Mailing List?

As I always say affiliate marketing is a great way of making money online but the problem is that it is not easy. To become a successful affiliate you need to do lots of efforts and experiments. One of the important thing is to build a mailing list.

To become a successful affiliate marketer you should start building a mailing list from the very first day. With the help of mailing list you can repeat sales as you can suggest many more products to your subscribers.

If you are new to internet marketing and don’t know about mailing list here is a quick recap about the mailing list.

What is Mailing List

A mailing list is a collection of name, email address, address and/or other information about individuals. To build mailing list we request visitors to our website to join our mailing list and leave there Name and Email address. After subscribing to the mailing list we regularly send email with useful information to our subscribers.

By sending emails to our mailing list subscribers we can suggest them some affiliate products and if they buy that product we generate commissions.

To build mailing list you need to insert email opt-in form on your website from where you can capture subscriber’s data.

Benefit of Building Mailing List for Affiliates

The main purpose of affiliates is to generate sales and commissions which can be only possible when we send visitors to vendor website through our affiliate link. When visitors buy some something from the vendor’s website we earn commissions.

But the problem is generating regular traffic to our website which is quite difficult. By generating mailing list we can regularly send emails to our subscribers and they can come to our website or we can send them directly to the vendor’s website.

By this way we can get traffic from same list again and again. Sending emails do not cost so it is very cost effective method.

Why To Build A Mailing List?

How much money you can make with your mailing list?

There in no straight answer for this question. It all depends on your list how many subscribers you have in your list, the niche in which your subscribers are interested in and the format of email which you send to your visitors (Email topic, email content etc.).

For example say you have 10,000 members in your mailing list and you send email to everyone but only 50% of them opened your email. Only 5000 of them read your mail and only 10% of them visited your or vendor’s website using your affiliate link. Now you are left with 500 visitors and only 1% of these visitors bought that product or service which you are promoting. So you got 5 sales and if you are earning $20 per sale so at the end of the day you earned $100.

I have taken very low data but if you get better email opening rates and conversion rates you can earn much better than this and it also depends on how much you are earning per sale.

This earning is of one email you have sent if you send 4 emails every month your earnings can be much higher.

Sending e-mails do not cost and can give good returns that’s why building a mailing list is important.

So you can see potential of email marketing which is great and is very important to build a mailing list for affiliate marketers. Email marketing is one of the major earning ways for affiliate marketers. If you are avoiding building mailing list you need to think about it and start building mailing list as soon as possible.

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