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Motivation is one of the most basic and vital ingredient for success. This may seem to you quite a classical idea but in reality this is very true. Blogging is one such profession where you regularly require staying motivated or rather self-motivated. Though you may start a blog or even a network of blogs but the real challenge is to continue writing for your blog(s). Most of the bloggers just cannot find enough motivation to continue blogging and give it up and stop writing within months, weeks or even days.

So you require to be really motivated to keep the momentum going in writing and thus be successful in keeping your blog alive, fresh and current. You really must possess true passion for writing for the topics or categories that you have selected for your blogs. It is important for you to remember that blogging is a long-term plan and often can become a lonely and frustrating business too.

So if you are expecting quick and heavy gains in the early phase of blogging then my sincere advice would be to drop this idea completely. Blogging requires a sincere and continous effort and surely pays off if you continue writing for your blogs. Thus it becomes all the more important in blogging to stick with the basic tasks of blogging and then you are bound to gain success. So all-in-all, you have to stay motivated to continue blogging for your grand success.

But before we put forth to you some of the valuable tips and methods to keep yourself motivated for blogging, it is important to understand that why at all we lose motivation or are not able to continuing working on the project that we had so eagerly started. There are three main reasons for it.

First is, Lack of Direction – if you don’t know what to do, then how long can you remain motivated to do it? Second is, Lack of Focus – if you don’t know what you want out of doing a specific task, then how long can you do it? And the third factor is, Lack of Confidence – if you don’t believe that you can succeed, then you have already lost the race. There is no point in trying it out.

These factors also play a vital part in shaping your success and building the overall Blogging Motivation. If you have Direction and are filled with purpose to achieve a set target for yourself, you would surely stay motivated until unless that goal is fulfilled. Being Focused would motivate you to learn and continue your work. And Confidence would enable you to become the ultimate winner and be successful in your endeavor.

Here are some important tips and methods that will surely help you to keep your Blogging Motivation alive.

1. Love to Read: Yes, Reading is an important technique to keep your Blogging Motivation Alive! Not only read the content related to the topics that you write on your blog, but try to read every such thing that you like, is interesting, knowledgeable, related to your life and profession as well. Reading will give you the urge and confidence of writing.

2. Develop the Habit of Writing: There is no shortcut to success and no alternative to writing. So develop the golden habit of writing and make it a point that you have to write daily without fail. And don’t make excuses, just sit down to write. Believe me you would definitely come out with topics, subjects and ideas for writing for your blog(s).

3. Know your Blogging Goals and Write them Down: This is another important tip for you to keep up your Blogging Motivation. You must know your Blogging goals and objectives. What you desire to achieve by Blogging. All must be clear to you and importantly you must then pen them down. This helps to be more focused and develops a sense of motivation in you. You can and should frequently see your goals for blogging. It will be a source of encouragement for you.

4. Set a specific time for Writing: Yes, each person undergoes through favorable biological rhythms that he or she can take advantage of. Know when you are most comfortable in writing during the day. Say for instance, may be morning time is more suitable for you than any other period during the day. You have to come out with your own favorable hours of writing. Then just utilize that time for writing. It helps very much.

5. Promote your Blog Posts: Make a point to promote your blog posts. Use Social Media for that. You should not only promote the new posts but the old ones too which you think need more of exposure and promotion. More and more people knowing about your blog posts would instill in you a feeling of motivation for more writing.

6. Develop Relationship with other Bloggers: Developing strong relations with other bloggers certainly helps in taking your blogging career to a new level. Other bloggers can even become your guest writers. They can comment on your blogs, can give their feedback on blog design and writing, can even share your blog on Twitter, Google+, etc. They serve as effective people to encourage and motivate you positively. All this can promote your blog in a big way.

7. Opt for Blog Series and Regulars: It has been seen that most of the bloggers who go out of motivation to blog do so because of shortage of relevant content. They actually run short of content and don’t know what to write. One easy way to come out of this mode is to opt for blog series and regulars. This is a very competent method to maintain your blog current and active. You can choose such a topic for which you can write a series of posts. You can opt for writing periodical product reviews, write weekly or monthly round up posts, write periodic tutorials, showcase video tutorials, come up with inspirational lists or even go for an interview series. This would enable your readers to know what to expect from your blog(s).

8. Take a Blog Vacation: This may sound a little awkward and a rather unusual technique. But actually it can turn out be very supporting and helping to keep your Blogging Motivation alive and kicking. Going on a short vacation really helps. It recharges you and fills you with a feeling of freshness. You come back to take on blogging with full eagerness, zest and refreshed commitment. But before you go on to take blogging vacation do have some blog posts ready with you so that you can publish them according to your schedule. This would fulfill your commitments to the readers who always look forward for something new and interesting from your blogs.

9. Experiment with your Blogs: Continuous writing about the same set of topics might leave you sick and it may finally result into your running out of blogging motivation. So loosen up a bit and diversify a little with such posts that you usually do not blog for. Try with some new topics which interest you. You can also go for video posts, photo based inspirations. If you are niche specific, you must find different ways to write about the industry, products, services for which you blog. This will create a positive outlook among your readers and they will come to know many new things from your blog.

10. Dig into your Blog Archives: You can any time put this technique into practice. Whenever you feel uninspired to write for your blogs dig into your blog archives. You would invariably come up with new ideas for topics which you can easily write. Your older blog posts would help you in identifying the areas for which you can further explore and for which you can definitely write for. A new idea helps to create another so look and explore your blog archives. You would surely come up with excellent ideas for creating great posts.

So you see there are numerous ways by which you can refuel your Blogging Motivation. Take Blogging sincerely but never bet overburdened by it. Enjoy Blogging. Your readers are eagerly waiting for your new blog posts. So remember to keep your Blogging Motivation Alive! It will take you miles in your blogging career.

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