What is important Quality Content or Marketing?

You will find suggestion from many successful blogger that focus on writing quality content. Yes it is true but what if you don’t get visitors for your content.

Your quality content is of no use without any reader. Readers decide quality of your content but if your post is not getting visitors, question arise whether to focus on marketing or creating quality content? I will say focus on both.

You may have found many successful blog some time they have average post but still they get lot of Re-Tweet, Diggs and lot of comments. They get good response even on average content because they are already successful they get lot of visitors to their blog so don’t need to focus much on content marketing.

Bloggers have to do lot of work like managing their blog, writing content, promoting their blog, search engine optimization, monetizing their blog and lots of other job. Most of the new bloggers focus on monetizing their blog and SEO. This takes lot of time and they forget to write regularly and promote that post.

Many bloggers write for search engine, this can bring lot of visitors but they are not good in writing quality content thus they do not get good success as they should be. It is not easy to get good search engine ranking and it’s not give instant result.

If you ask me I will say focus on two things, one write quality content and second work hard on promoting that post. It can be like content marketing.

It is not important to write 2-3 post per day, only 2-3 post in a week can be sufficient. Just focus on quality of your content. To write good post choose your post topic, research on that topic, start writing, after completing your post have a revision and if you are satisfy with your content you are done just publish that post.

Now you have published you post it’s time to Market your post. There are various ways of promoting your post. I am just giving you the idea it is not about how to be successful on them.

1. Submit your post to Social Bookmarking sites like Digg, Reddit etc.
2. Tell your friends about your post.
3. Use forums to promote your post.
4. Use paid promotion methods like Google AdWords etc.
5. Find Social Bookmarking site focused on your post niche like Designbump.com for designing related news.

This post is not about how to get most Dugg or top search engine ranking this is about how you can get most from your blog post.

To make your blog successful you need to focus on both topics writing quality content and promoting your blog. You have make balance between writing and promoting your first focus should be on creating good content.

What you think about this topic share your opinion by making comment below.

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