Is your Old Post is Gold?

After Google Panda update every blogger started finding their low quality content and start removing it to recover from Panda update. But how many of them have found their golden post.

If you have written lots of articles on your blog say 300, 600 or even 1000+ and you are blogging from long time then sometimes it is difficult to remember on which topics or how you have written previous post. The only ways is to review those posts one by one.

Google Panda update has given opportunity to remove your low quality post but also a reason to find your quality article. If some of your posts are not getting any search traffic than it does not mean you have written bad article. Maybe that article is great but not getting any search traffic because of bad search engine optimization, no proper keyword focused or any other reason. Finding this type of post can be your real gems.

Just removing old posts which are not getting any traffic will not improve your blog search ranking. Improving your old post is much better idea.

Old is Gold

As it is said Old is Gold same can be applied for your blog post too. You have written lot of quality article but because of some reason it is not accessible by your blog visitors. Finding those quality posts can give your blog a boost.

Question can be how you can benefit from your old articles. The answer is simple people find for best solutions and if your article is giving them a good solution then why you’re old post will not become your golden post.

It is not important to write regularly for your blog, providing good solution is important and your old post can save lot of your time as they already provide quality solution and you don’t have to write article on similar topic again and again.

How to bring your old post in front?

If you want to bring your old quality post in front of your visitors you have to do few things which will improve your blog quality and your visitors trust on your blog.

Find quality post in your blog which you think can gives good value to your visitors. Create a list of such articles. Note don’t list the article which are less than six month old because they can still get search engine position.

Check how much traffic that articles are getting from search engine or referral traffic. (You can use Google Analytics, or SEMRush to find traffic for that post.)

If no Traffic from Search Engine

If those posts are not getting any traffic or very less traffic from search engine then you have to relook at that post for on-page optimization. Note the focus point of that article and do some keyword research for which you can easily rank on search engine. Don’t just go with high competitive keywords try to find long tail keywords which are easy to compete but yes they will send less traffic. It is better to get some traffic as compared to no traffic.

Time to Change Old Article

Now you know the articles and have done some keyword research to optimize it for better search engine ranking. Now give freshness to that article and make them as new article.

As you have already done some research now implement changes in your post.

After reading that post you may find that you should makes some changes in writing style or want to add some more points in that post which will give more value to your visitors.

Have you given proper headings and article is well formatted? If not then make changes with keyword you have researched for that article which will help you optimize that article for search engine.

If you have not added any images in your old post now it will be great to add some images to your post which will give fresh look and SEO value to your article.

After making changes don’t just update that post, republish that post with current date so that it can be shown on your blogs first page as new article. This will help you to gain reader for that post from your regular readers.

Now you have republished your old post its time to spread that post in social media which will help people to know about that post and will give some SEO value.

Sometimes our old posts are Gold but because of some reasons they don’t get value as they deserve but leaving quality article as it is not a good idea. You can find lots of your articles which can be republished after some changes which will give your visitors great value and will help your blog to gain popularity because Old is Gold.

This post was last modified on October 1, 2018 6:33 pm