Mystery Blogging for Success

For traffic generation you will find lot of suggestions from keyword research to competitor analyses to link building but after doing all those things sometimes we don’t get success as we expect. So what is that magical formulas which can bring your blog post to top of search result or everyone starts talking about our blog post?

When you don’t know what will make your blog or website popular and you keep on writing, this is what I will say mystery blogging.

If you are blogging from little long time then you may have found some of your blog posts are getting popular on search engine or you are getting visitors from other blog or social networks.

You may have never done any SEO (Search engine optimization) or keyword research or never promoted that post on social media even after that post is becoming popular.

Have you ever wondered why? What great thing you have done for that post?

Sometimes answer may be I don’t know what extra I have done for that post. So what is the mystery behind these popular posts?
The fact is there is no mystery it is just about sharing useful information. Blogging is not about writing just for search engine or writing after keyword research. Blogging is much more what you know and what you want to write.

When you write from your heart and serious about sharing your knowledge you should not think about search engine optimization (SEO) or writing just to bring traffic to your blog. You should just continue on your writing.

How to Write Appealing Content?

When you write for passion you may not get many visitors for your blog in the beginning but when you write with honesty people will start appreciating you and you will start getting visitors to your blog.

You will find that you are getting visitors from search engine even though you have not done any SEO, you have not targeted a particular keyword but you are getting lot of visitors from search.

This is just because you focused on your core niche and shared useful information. Visitors of your blog started sharing your blog post. Your articles may start getting lot of backlinks from other blogs and website which can give a boost to your search traffic.
All this is seen by lot of bloggers when they have not focused on SEO but their blog post got a massive traffic just because they shared very useful information.

This is what you can call mystery blogging. You can become successful blogger with your passion not because of search engine optimization and promoting your blog.

You may don’t know which blog post will become popular and you should not think about becoming popular. You must focus on writing and sharing useful information which people will love or what people want to know.

You write continuously with useful information for months but nothing may happen but a time will come when your blog will start becoming popular and you may not know what mystery is behind your popularity but this is your talent which makes you popular not SEO or promotion.

Blogging Motivation

So focus on quality writing not for search engine.

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