It’s Not About Me

Everyone wants to be popular and they want that everyone should talk about them. It is true to everyone of use. If not then he have to think about himself. This world is build around the word “ME” if we haven’t think about ourselves then maybe we won’t be what we are.

The question is to be successful do we just think about ourselves? The answers can be different by different people. My answer would be don’t think about yourselves if you want to be successful. Why I have put this question? To be successful in real life or as a blogger you have to stop thinking about yourself start thinking about others. It doesn’t matter in which field you want to be successful matter is you want to be successful.

Why I should not talk about Me? Think you are chatting with some people and one of them is just talking about himself. I am this, I have done this, I bought this, I like this and so on. Will you be interested in this type of people? I think you don’t like this type of people. Same can be applies to you if you are also this type of person.

Start thinking about other this will feel you happy and will make you popular. Think same as above you are chatting with others and now you are talking about others. You appreciate others work and thought they will be interested in you because you are talking about them not yourself. This will make them proud and they will start felling great about you as you are appreciating them.

Why think about others?

This same applies for blogging if you just write about yourself you will not get many visitors. People will not come to read just about you they need something which can benefit them.

What should I write about? You need to write what your visitors want not what you want. Yes you will write what you know and what expertise you have. But when you write what you know don’t try to force your opinion you can explain you visitors what you think about a topic and what your visitors think on that topic.

As a successful blogger people ask many questions about you. This is the time when you can speak about yourself but at this time you still need to take care about what you are telling about yourself. Be careful when you write about you self people should not take you as egoist.

Now I will talk about myself. This is what I feel I can be wrong but this suggestion will not make you lose anything but it will give you something. Please reply what you think about this post.

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