Which Type of Blog Posts Should You Write?

Are you getting low search engine traffic to your blog?

Are you experiencing “Writer’s Block”?

Are you not getting enough blog post ideas?

Are you not coming up with regular content for your blog?

Then it’s time to rethink on your blogging strategy.

Well, it’s a well established fact that to be successful in the blogging world, you should be regularly coming out with quality, unique, and interesting content for your readers. Quality content are the life blood for your blog.

However, it is not always easy to deliver quality content on a regular basis.

For this, you have to follow a well thought out and researched strategy. In this context, the greatest challenge comes in the form of selecting which type of blog posts you should be writing. Here, there are two important points you need to consider. Firstly, you have to gauge your writing comfort, and secondly you also have to cater to the interests of your readers. You just cannot write content that you are not comfortable writing, and there is no point in writing content that is of no value or interest for your readers.

So if you are one of those who are experiencing a stuck-up feeling as far as your blogging career goes and are not getting any on clue what blog posts you should be writing, then just check-out our following post. Here under we have enumerated a well devised strategy that you can follow so as to determine which blog posts you should write. When you have clarity on which blog post types you should write and have ascertained which blog post types give you large volume of traffic, you can rest assured that your blogging career is set for a new high and remarkable growth.

Let us see the techniques which can help you to ascertain which type of blog posts you should write.

Choose from the list which type of blog post you can write

As a matter of fact, there are not one but numerous types of blog posts. The blog post list is long and varied. It includes posts such as large list posts, long niche posts, resource posts, product reviews, multimedia posts, blog post roundup, Infographics, How to Post, Research Posts and many other types of blog posts, as well. In one of our earlier posts, we have listed down the various types of blog posts. The post is titled as, “20 Types of Blog Posts for Creating Successful Blog”. You can go through this post as it renders valuable information on a blog post types.

However, you simply cannot write each and every blog post types. You have your interests, skill-set and comfort level which determines which blog post type you should write. So as an initial step, you need to choose from the blog post list which type of blog post you can write. This gives you a wide range of blog post type that you can write for, and you will not face a problem in choosing which blog post type you can write.

Write different types of blog posts

There is no set formula to determine which blog posts will be popular with your readers. The only way to get through this is to begin writing different types of blog posts. The key determinants here should be your interest, comfort level, skill set and the area of expertise. Blog posts diversification is the key if you really want to make your presence felt in the blogging world. So select different types of blog posts and start developing content for it. Here, it does not matter what type of blog posts you have selected as long as you dish out unique, valuable, interesting and quality content for your readers. You can write on a large list posts, product review, multimedia posts, how to post, serialized articles, Infographics, or any other type of blog post.

Check Comments – which type of Blog post are getting most comments

Once you begin rolling out different types of blog posts for your readers, it becomes easy for you to determine which blog posts are getting great response from your readers. One method to ascertain which blog post types you should be writing is to check on the comments that you are getting for your blog posts. You have to see which blog post types are getting most comments. This way you can ascertain which blog posts are getting liked by your readers. Blog post types which get most comments signify that they are hugely popular with your readers.

Further up, you can concentrate your efforts on creating content for such blog types. Now suppose, for example, multimedia posts are getting no comments, and how-to-post is generating hundred comments, which go on to show that how-to-posts are being liked and read by your readers more than multimedia posts. So you can put your efforts on creating how-to-post rather than creating multimedia posts.

Check your blog traffic data – which post is getting most views

Other than checking out comments strength for your blog post types there is yet another way to ascertain which of your blog posts types are giving you most readerships. For this, you can check out your blog traffic data so as to know which of your posts are getting most views. Actually this is one of the best ways to know which of your posts are most popular with your readers.

This way you can come to know what your visitors are expecting from your blog, and what their areas of interest are. So if, for example, list posts are most visited blog post types then you should put your efforts on creating varied types of list posts for your blog. There are many free as well as paid tools, which help you to analyze blog traffic data. Google Analytics is one such a useful tool which can help you to check your blog traffic data.

Which blog post type is comfortable for you?

The level of comfort you have in writing a blog post type is an important determinant in your success, in the blogging world. Actually, if you are comfortable in writing a particular blog post type means that you will deliver a truly remarkable and quality content for your readers. You will easily write out your content. You would be interested in research on the topics and come out with great content.

Your interest and motivation level will be maintained which gets reflected in your work. You come out with valuable, unique and quality content for your readers. This is exactly what your readers are expecting from you. So choosing such blog post types in which you are comfortable is highly beneficial for you. There is a high probability that you would be ranked high in the search results and so would be successful in generating large volume of traffic for your blog.

Experiment New Ideas

You should not be hesitant in experimenting new ideas. There are numerous examples where new, unique and original blog post ideas have garnered tremendous success over the internet. So if you have any new ideas that you think can be valuable to your readers then you should surely transform them into blog posts. Your readers will see you as an authority in your subject or topic and will be keen to visit your blog. They will look forward to your blogs in anticipation of something new and unique. So experiment new ideas and you will be likely to benefit from it.

So if you have the dilemma over which blog posts you should write then you can very well follow the strategy listed above. Writing quality content is the key to success in the blogging world and that can only happen when you know which blog posts you should write. We have listed some key aspects that will guide you on which blog posts should you write.

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