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Advertising is one of the major sources to drive traffic to your website and to promote online business. The more people clicking your website ads means greater percentage of sales and this in turn means a higher revenue for you. So it becomes very important to understand advertising dynamics for websites.

As a publisher or website promoter your ultimate goal is to increase your audience circle and sell display ads over your website. To increase your website earning you have to manage many areas and have to do lot of research. Knowing where advertisers are betting can help you improve your website overall earnings.

In this perspective, publisher display dynamics trends become important too. With the focus to help its partners and clients improve its website earnings Google has released Display Trends Report with the purpose to showcase recent trends in the publisher display business. This report can serve as a benchmark and guide you for planning your digital strategies. The report is based on sources such as DoubleClick for Publishers(DFP), DoubleClick Ad Exchange and also on Google Adsense network. The report is vivid and comprehensive in the sense that it includes display patterns with regard to ad size, verticals, and also geographic trends over recent times. The report takes into account billions of impressions published globally over the internet.

With the help of Google Display Business Trends report you can improve your website earnings by knowing what is hot trend in market and what people like most, which is the popular ad size, what are new marketing areas and much more. By studding this report you will know where you should focus and how you can improve your website earning.

With the objective to present to you a detailed insight of the Google Display Trends Report, we would begin with the discussion on Channel Mix. The Channel Mix consists of direct sales (reserved) and indirect sales (unreserved). Direct sales is related with advertisers whereas indirect sales is through third party channels like networks and exchanges. Here the challenge is to allocate the inventory between these two channels. As a matter of fact reserved ad inventory is sold at a greater price than the unreserved ad inventory.

With reference to Channel Mix, it is important to consider the variation observed in sell-through rates throughout the year. As per the DFP-Americas Publishers analysis, the sell-through rates differ depending upon the time of year and has a seaonal impact. You get to see higher sell-through at the end of the year. The second main observation that came out of the analysis revealed that the publishers world over had sold more of unreserved ads than the reserved ads in the year 2011. There is also a marked increase in the overall impressions between the year 2010 and 2011.

Secondly, we now consider the vertical spread and geographic comparisons for the unreserved publisher inventory. The metrics are derived from DoubleClick Ad Exchange and Google Adsense. The observations show that out of 25 publisher verticals, 15 verticals registered double digit growth with respect to monetized impressions in Ad Exchange and Google Adsense. Entertainment took the top spot in impressions while verticals such as Shopping and Sports registered healthy growth of 37% and 25% respectively during the year 2011.

We now move on and show which countries happen to generate most impressions. The Google Display Trends Report depicts the impression contributions of top most 25 countries on the Google Adsense and Ad Exchange in the year 2011. Publishers from U.S.A. come in first with impression contribution of 24.7%, followed by China at 10.5% and Japan at 5.7%. Countries like Germany, Great Britain, France, Brazil, Spain, Poland and India are also seen among the top contribuors to impressions.

Publishers can aslo increase their website earnings by offering ad sizes that have high demand with the advertisers. The basic purpose is to have a balance between customized ad packages and standardized sizes. You need to be aware which add sizes have grown in popularity with the advertisers. The ad sizes can be choosen based on the targeted audience, the content environment and also the ad sizes preferred by the adverisers to appraoch that audience. Here the base to determine most popular ad sizes is DFP ad serving platform. As per the Google Display Trends Report the top three ad formats include the medium rectangle, leaderboard and skyscraper. Together they comprise about 80% of add impressions and posted impressive growth rates too.

Then the Google Display Trends Report also covers Mobile Web Ad Impressions. Mobile has gained a great importance in the overall add inventory mix. You have certain publisher verticals which have registered a higher growth than others on the mobile web. Shopping has emerged as the top most vertical in the mobile web ad impressions registering a growth of 69%. Food & Drink, People & Society, Reference and Books and literature are some of the other popular verticals with respect to mobile web ad impressions.

Then Video Ads are next most popular medium to increase your website earnings. Video advertising has registered a great popularity in recent times. As per the reports, Publisher video impressions registerd a growth of about 70% in the second half of 2011 with reference to DFP Video platform. About 51% of the videos displayed run from 15 to 30 seconds, followed by 36% of videos running for more than 30 seconds. We also to get to see an increase of 175% in impressions on 640 x 360 ad unit.

Overall the Google Display Trends Report is very comprehensive from the point of view of publishers and website owners. The trends shown here can be taken as a guideline and be implemented in your online marketing strategy to boost your website’s overall earnings.

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