What is Pay Per Download and How to Earn from It?

Most of the e-entrepreneurs presume that making money online invariably involves doing an initial investment.

However, the truth is quite different.

In fact, online marketing has taken giant leaps forward and has evolved in a big way offering tremendous earning potential for e-entrepreneurs.

You will be delighted to know that there is an online marketing technique that offers huge scope for online earning. Moreover, you don’t require making any kind of investment get started. In fact, it is one of the quickest and the easiest method for online earning. It is absolutely free and does not require any previous online marketing knowledge. You do not even need to sharpen your programming skills.

Yes, I am referring to Pay per Download (PPD) Marketing.

PPD Marketing is a simple and easy technique of making money online in which you do not have to make any sort of investment in order to start your online marketing adventure. With successful PPD Marketing, you end up creating a steady stream of passive and automated income resource for yourself. PPD Marketing offers you an excellent opportunity to make money online by monetizing your downloadable digital products such as files, applications, e-books, software, manuals, stock photos, PDF files, and almost anything else.

What is Pay Per Download?

Simply speaking, Pay per Download is when your digital products are downloaded by unique visitors through PPD Networks. In PPD Marketing, instead of hosting your digital products (for download) on your servers, you use an intermediate channel known as PPD Network where you host your digital products and offer them free to visitors. The arrangement is such that you get paid whenever your file is downloaded. You do not have to spend any penny. Instead, you are rewarded (you earn online) when a visitor downloads your file or some other digital product.

Pay Per Download or PPD Marketing offers you the opportunity of highly-targeted product listings for the entire range of your digital products. That’s not all as you are provided with ample amount of promotional opportunities. Besides the title, you can also display sponsored tag in your product listings on PPD Networks. You need to sign for a PPD Network, and adhere to their specific set of terms and conditions to be able to run free download campaigns.

How PPD Works?

As already illustrated, you require first signing up for a Pay Per Download or PPD Network and require uploading the files which you want to offer to your visitors as a free download.

When a user visits a landing page, he is directed to the webpage of PPD Network from where he is able to download the file. The visitor then clicks on the “Download” button and is presented with a survey form. He is required to fill the survey form before the download can start. Once a completed survey is submitted, the download is then automatically activated. When the download process is complete, the visitor can access the downloaded file. Through the PPD Marketing, you can expect to earn anywhere from $1 – $10 per download depending upon the quality of information provided. Having said that, there are some PPD Networks which do not make it mandatory to fill out a survey before initiating the download process. In such a scenario, the typical earnings are of the order of $0.02 per download.

Why Pay Per Download?

Actually Pay per Download comes as one of the most effective online marketing techniques for making money online. In fact, PPD offers one of the easiest and quickest ways of earning online. Moreover, it can be started for free without making any investment. Then there is another advantage linked to PPD Marketing. Actually, it is much easy to get accepted in PPD Networks when compared to CPA Networks. Most of the PPD Networks accept (new) members automatically.

Then Pay Per Download Marketing is simple to handle and execute. You just need to upload your files to PPD Network and then share links for downloading files. Then, earning potential is huge in PPD Marketing. Every time your file gets downloaded, you stand to earn anywhere from $0.25 to $10. There are some networks which even offer payouts as much as $20 for a single download.

Some Valuable Considerations Regarding PPD Marketing

With regards to PPD Marketing, you need to understand the rules and guidelines associated with PPD Networks. You need to be aware of the type of content or digital product you can upload on PPD Networks. For example, you just cannot upload movies or adult content. So, before signing up for any PPD Network, first go through the terms and conditions.
If you face any problem, you should get assistance from their support team and make things crystal clear before starting your PPD campaign.

Once you have selected a Pay Per Download Network and go onto upload your content and get the links up which you want people to download, you have to make sure that people visit these links and fill the survey to unlock the download and ultimately download the content or digital product on offer. In fact, this constitutes one of the most important challenges in the context of PPD Marketing. As a matter of fact, visitors can even complete different offers so as to unlock other available downloads.

So, you see that Pay Per Download or PPD Marketing has a lot of potential as far as online earnings are concerned. If you have any useful content to offer to your visitors, you can consider PPD Marketing for promoting your digital products and making a lucrative earning online. In fact, Pay Per Download Marketing is simple, quick, and easy way to monetize your online offers or campaigns. Your visitors get to download useful content or digital product (that they are looking for), and you happen to make online earnings in the process. Moreover, it is absolutely free to start and requires no investment at all.

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