Is this site down? Website Downtime Checking Tools

Website downtime causes loss of business, traffic and site rankings on major search engines like Google, Bing, etc. Actually, it has two aspects. One when you want to confirm that your website is down or not and other when you want to check the performance of your website.

In this article, I have covered both these aspects and have shown you the tools which help you track the website downtime of any website as well as downtime of your website.

In case, you have to track the performance of your website the tools that I have selected use latest and advanced techniques and algorithms to detect downtime of as much as one minute time interval. These tools also submit vivid reports by doing an analysis of your website. So you need not be worried about the status of your websites.

The website can be down because of your web hosting server, DNS problem or overload on your web server. Without know when your website is down, you may not correct website downtime problem on time. So knowing when your website gets down at the right time can help your business.

The first section we have listed the tools which check downtime for any website and the second list contains a list of tools for checking the list of your own websites downtime. So take a close look at these options and I am sure you would find a suitable tool for checking website downtime.

Check Downtime for any Website

1. Down For Everyone or Just Me

The website “Down For Everyone or Just Me” is a fabulous medium to check whether a site is down or not. If you think this website’s URL is too long for you every time you go and check for a website downtime, then let me tell you that you can you use their short URL in the form of IsUp.me.
Down For Everyone or Just Me for is a text based website which informs about downtime status of a website. You are simply required to enter the domain name of the website whose downtime you want to check and then click the hyper-linked “or just me.” Once this is done, you get the answer in a very easy to use format. It is a minimal website yet it performs its work with full grace.

2. Is It Down Right Now

Is it down Right Now is another fabulous online service to check whether a site is down or not. On the homepage, you get its checker tool to check the status of your favorite website it is up or not. It also lists down the status of some of the top websites.
For Example you get to know the Facebook: facebook.com is up. Checked 1 min ago. Its test tool is easy to use where you have to enter the URL of the site which you want to test for downtime and then click on the “click” button. It also has a short URL as www. iidrn.com. It provides useful inform such as response time when it was down last time and also day-by-day response time graph.

3. CurrentlyDown

CurrentlyDown instantly allows you to check whether a website is down at the moment or not. Its let you know if it’s not loading for you or everyone. So you get the Status check immediately. You just have to enter the domain name and click on the check button. Plus: it also does websites monitoring whose data is presented in easy to understand charts. You also get to view the outage reports.

Monitor Your Website Downtime

1. Pingdom

Pingdom is a paid service for monitoring your site uptime and performance. However, it does offer a very basic free account. You can monitor your own website status of uptime alerts through Email, SMS, and push alerts via iPhone.

2. StatusCake

StatusCake comes with free as well as paid service for checking your website’s uptime. In Free Plan, you get a 5-minute interval check for unlimited websites. That’s not all you also get detailed monthly reports at the end of each month. However, alerts are not sent during outrages. For Paid Plans, StatusCake offers as much as three options such Basic, Superior, and Business. Some of the key features you get in its Paid Plans include services such as SMS alerts, real browser testing, 30 seconds monitoring interval, content matching checks, as well as several other valuable add-on features.

3. UptimeRobot

UptimeRobot is another great service to monitor the uptime of your sites. With UptimeRobot, you have your sites checked in every 5 minutes for uptime. Alert methods include Email, SMS, RSS, Twitter, etc. A thorough check is performed and if still issues persist, they are notified immediately.

4. Service Uptime

Service Uptime provides free as well as paid plans for site monitoring for uptime. It’s paid plans are Standard, Advanced, Professional, and Custom. For paid services Service Uptime checks uptime from 10 different locations with monitoring, intervals starting from 1 minute and various other features.

5. Site 24×7

Site 24×7.com is offers one of the powerful tools for website monitoring with respect of uptime. Its free service is basic and offers monitoring of one website every hour. It method of alerts includes Email in case any disaster strikes. It offers several other webmaster checking tools for website uptime check, web page load time analysis and various DNS/IP search tools.

Hope you liked this list of Website Downtime or Website Uptime Checker tools. Which uptime monitoring service you use?

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