8 Best YouTube Alternatives

YouTube is the web standard for sharing videos. It provides one of the best platforms for uploading videos on the Internet. It’s a place where all viral sensations take place. If you find yourself good at creating awesome videos, then YouTube can be “the place” to earn money online.

However, YouTube is not the only place where you can host your videos and earn money online. There are other platforms as well which are as good (and sometimes much better) as YouTube.

So, if you are looking for good and viable YouTube alternatives, here is a post that can help you much.

Today, we share with you 8 Best YouTube Alternatives to make money by sharing videos online.

These are high-quality video platforms studded with competitive features and specialized markets. We have picked out eight most popular and best video sharing platforms and given a brief account of what it is, and why you should be using them.

Since videos can get viral anytime, these video sharing websites let you make money online. They can be a source of passive income stream for you. You just have to create awesome videos and upload them up on these video revenue sharing websites.

How Do Video Sharing Sites Work?

The video-sharing g sites use the simple model of revenue sharing or PPV. They provide a place wherein you can host your videos, and in return, they run advertisements on it. The revenue generated by running advertisements is shared with the video publisher.

They also employ the PPV model wherein they pay you depending upon how many views your video generates. So, if you can create unique and engaging videos, you are well on your way to making money with video sharing websites.

Features to look for in a Video Sharing Website

There are currently more than 50 video sharing websites on the Internet, and their number is continuously growing. Most of these websites come with free membership options. We have scoured the web and have listed the best video sharing websites. Below we list out the features that are present in these best YouTube Alternatives.


The best video hosting websites are an invaluable source for good content. It is the most precise reason which makes them the best. They have a large library of good content. The content is regulated and does not include copyrighted, pornographic, racist or violent movies that are contrary to decency or endanger youth.

Producer Features

The best video share sites come with resources to help those who produce and post videos. They offer video creation tools and educational resources. They provide the ability to add a description. You can also make the video as public or private.

Audience Features

The best video sharing websites make searching and viewing videos enjoyable. They include a search box, and allow you to search by category. They are empowered with features that enhance video viewing experience, such as user-submitted video ratings, a short description of the content, screenshot previews of the videos, and other items.

Help & Support

The best video sharing sites provide first-class support via user guides, user forum, FAQs, and customer help through email or phone.

Ease of use

The best video hosting sites are easy to navigate and feature organized categories and a search box. The videos go on to load and play quickly without any buffering delays.

So, now let’s explore the 8 Best YouTube Alternatives where online money-making by sharing videos is really easy and fun.

8 Top YouTube Alternatives

1. Vimeo

Vimeo is one of the best YouTube Alternatives. It is regarded as the classiest video hosting website on the entire Internet. It is literally the word ‘video’ with ‘me.’ Vimeo was launched in 2004. Vimeo focuses more on quality rather than quantity. It was created by creative individuals and filmmakers who wanted to share their “creative work.”

Vimeo features a user-friendly and attractive home page. Even the casual-passers are attracted by its layout. Everything is well categorized and can be easily found using its “Explore” tab which is only a click away.

Vimeo mainly showcases classy short films, experimental music videos, snapshots of interesting people’s interesting lives, etc. It gives a 500MB upload limit per week, although this can be raised to 2GB through upgrading.

2. DailyMotion

If you want to name a website that’s more YouTube-esque, then it would definitely be DailyMotion. It has the same looking layout and video categories on YouTube. DailyMotion is a French-owned site and was founded in 2005. It caps uploads at 150MB and offers video uploads of about 20 minutes in length. It’s quite popular in Europe, Asia, and Asia.

It fiercely competes with YouTube having a global Alexa rank of 92. DailyMotion offers professional quality clips and goes on to promote the best of the videos in their featured columns. The HD uploads are available for pro users. It gives much importance to the quality of videos, and you can get more coverage for your videos only when you hit the mark regarding quality.

3. Metacafe

Metacafe is another very good YouTube alternative. It specializes in short-length original videos. It is largely known as a great community-based video sharing website. It doesn’t feature full-length television episodes or movies. On the contrary, the average video length on Metacafe is just over 90 seconds.

Metacafe has a large viewership and attracts over forty million unique viewers per month. It does not entertain unwanted or garbage videos. Metacafe is functioning since 2003. It is based in Tel Aviv, Israel. To profit from Metacafe, you need to check out their originals, exclusives, and partner channels. It is cut short version of YouTube.

4. Break

There’s much reason for including Break in this list of YouTube Alternatives. Break has gone on to become one of the best video sharing websites by committing itself to specific kinds of videos.

Most of the videos on Break are humorous; including bloopers and blunders caught on camera, or scripted clips created by users. So, if you want a good laugh, Break is the place you should be glued to.

However, Break also showcases videos related to sports, entertainment, and the military. Break largely focuses on male demographic and draws millions of viewers from all across the globe of which most are men.

Break has a vast video library as there are a lot of people submitting videos to Break. Also, you will find far less number of duplicates on Break than most other video hosting websites. It makes the site cleaner, and you get good recommendation when you go for searching a video.

Its interface is much functional as other sites such as YouTube and Metacafe. Break provides a number of viewing options. You come to know how much time is elapsed in a video and how much is left. It also offers many keystroke shortcuts for common actions such as play, pause, fast forward, etc. It provides a user rating system as well.

Break offers different ways of uploading content. It offers the upload option on the site. You can also email your video to Break, or can even upload your video directly from your mobile.

However, you must be a member for uploading content. With Break, you can even upload picture albums in addition to your videos. You get paid by getting your video on the Break’s home page. It is extremely easy to use and accepts most major video formats. The video files must be less than 60MB.

5. Veoh

Veoh is a great YouTube Alternative particularly for uploading and viewing large videos online. So, if you want to upload longer videos, Veoh is the place to be. It puts no limit on the size of the uploaded video. You have the entire freedom for uploading and sharing large videos online on Veoh.

At Veoh, you can find full-length movies and great short movies alike. Moreover, Veoh makes it easy and quick for you to view and upload large videos online. Veoh is definitely the platform for long-form videos.

6. Twitch

Twitch offers one of the largest social video platform and community for video game culture. There are more than 10 million visitors who come to Twitch each day to watch and talk about video games, music, creative arts, and beyond gaming topics, with over 2 million streamers. There are many content creators who are making a living on Twitch.

Twitch has proved a great platform for influencing video game purchase decisions. It’s more than a spectator experience enabling creators and their audiences to interact in real-time related to gaming, pop culture, and life, in general. You will find every game and game genre on Twitch. It’s fun to be on Twitch over a shared loved of games and creative projects.

7. Flickr

Besides being a photo-sharing website, Flickr also features sharing of videos online. Flickr is owned by Yahoo and is pretty established with out-of-the-box features. Flickr keeps its videos interesting with 90 seconds upload limit. They call it “long photos.” Flickr allows free users to upload two 90 second videos per month.

However, paid subscribers to get unlimited uploads for $25. So, Flickr is for those creative guys who want to experiment with short videos in 90 seconds. Flickr video is still evolving, and you would surely see much improvement in coming days.

8. Photobucket

Just like Flickr, Photobucket is mainly known for its repository of images, and pictures. However, Photobucket also hosts an impressive collection of user-generated videos. Moreover, the best part is that Photobucket does not have the 90 second limit on the uploaded videos. Photobucket is a premier destination for sharing, linking, uploading, and downloading of photos, videos, and graphics.

It is best for hosting images and videos for free. Photobucket records a daily upload of more than four million images and videos from the web and connected digital devices. Photobucket was founded in 2003 and was later acquired by Fox Interactive Media in 2007. It is being widely used both personal as well as business purposes.

So that’s all from us in this presentation of Best YouTube Alternatives. So, which of these YouTube Alternatives have impressed you the most? Do you happen to know any other YouTube alternative? Do let us know your take in the comments below. If you found the post helpful, don’t forget to like and share the post with your friends and colleagues.

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