Different Ways of Creating Landing Pages

Landing pages are critically important for any webmaster or e-entrepreneur.

Landing pages are the single biggest factor responsible for converting visitors into leads or paying customers.

It is the webpage that a visitor lands on after clicking on an online search result or by clicking on an advertisement link.

You can make your home page as your landing page or can even make any other webpage on your website as a landing page.

The important thing that you should be concerned with is the fact that your landing page should be thoroughly optimized so that visitors get converted into leads and leads are eventually converted into a sale.

Your marketing efforts should be focused on creating compelling and optimized landing pages so that you are successful in converting most of your traffic of visitors into quality leads. The very purpose of a landing page content is to motivate visitors into filling out a form by detailing them benefits of your products or services, or putting some calls to action. All-in-all, you should be successful in creating an optimized landing page having all the necessary ingredients of a powerful landing page.

For this, you need to be aware of the different ways of creating a landing page.

Here under I have enumerated different ways of creating landing pages. All the techniques shown below are competent enough of creating compelling and optimized landing pages.

How to Create Landing Page

Create Landing Page Using HTML Templates

If you are not a tech savvy person, creating a compelling and powerful landing page can be a tough ask for you as it requires coding and designing a landing page. However, there is an effective option before you in the form of predesigned HTML Landing Page Templates. Using HTML Landing Page Templates are an excellent choice for webmasters and business owners who do not want to get into the technical details of designing an effective and efficient landing page.

Your landing page should be perfect in every sense, and html landing page (templates) offers every element that you need to have in a landing page. They are elegant in designs, and you can simply focus on selling your products or services. Actually there is a landing page template for every business need. They offer different styles, colors, patterns, and layout variations. They are full of impressive features including a fully responsive design. For example, at Themeforest you get to have numerous amazing HTML Landing Page Templates.

With readymade HTML Templates, you just have to update the content and product images, and you are done. So creating a landing page through HTML templates can be an easy task.

Creating Landing Page using CMS

As it actually goes, start-ups and small businesses are not able to spend lots of dollars on designing landing pages. So what feasible option do they have with them for creating an awesome landing page? Well, as a viable option you can use CMS like WordPress or Joomla for creating landing pages. Using CMS you can create targeted landing pages for your visitors. You can actually create distinct landing pages for each of your product or services. Plus: your landing pages are ranked high in search results. Another advantage of using CMS for creating a landing page is the fact that you can update your website as often as you want.

There are plenty of free and paid CMS software available with a lot of great features. WordPress and Joomla are one of the most popular CMS Software (WordPress is blogging software, but can be used as CMS) on which one can create stunning landing pages.

Creating Landing Pages using CMS Plugins

There’s another way for creating landing pages that is by using CMS Plugins. There are various CMS Plugins available using which you can instantly and easily create your landing pages. Some of the most popular and highly used CMS Plugins for creating landing pages include Premise and InstaBuilder Plugins. They can be easily integrated in the WordPress environment and are highly efficient in creating optimized landing Pages.

With CMS plugins one can create a landing page as per their needs like creating product landing page, Squeeze page, offer page, giveaway page etc in minutes.

By Using Online Services

When you want to build powerful landing pages, and have the resources with you then a viable solution comes in the form of using online services. Prominent examples of online services for creating landing pages include Unbounce.com and Hubspot.com among many others. These online services are actually self hosted solutions.

There are various benefits of using online services.

Firstly, they provide numerous templates so that you can build a landing page according to your requirements. The templates are highly flexible and can be customized easily to complement your brand and campaign. Further you can publish the landing pages and can even perform split testing to determine which of your landing pages are generating maximum leads for you. They also provide tools to optimize the landing pages.

That’s not all as these online services go on to track and manage the leads for you. The biggest advantage of using these online services is the fact that you don’t have to be a technical expert in designing and coding. All the tasks of creating landing pages are executed by a mere click of a button. So by using Online Services you can easily create powerful and high converting landing pages.

By Hiring a Web Designer

Apart from the above mentioned ways of creating landing pages, there is yet another feasible method of creating high converting landing pages. When you are not well versed in designing and coding you always have the option of hiring the services of a web designer. As you are aware of your campaign needs, you can easily enumerate your requirements for a landing page to the web designer (that you hire). Before approving a landing page design, you can look and analyze the different designs of a landing page put forward by your web designer. Then you always have the freedom to split test the landing pages so as to ascertain which landing page is generating high response from the visitors. You should hire an experienced web designer which has ample experience in designing landing pages. Such web designers can easily understand your requirements and come out with a high converting landing page design.


So you see that there are actually different ways of creating compelling and powerful landing pages. You also get to know that is not necessary to have technical knowledge of designing and coding in order to design high converting landing pages. You always have the option of hiring a web designer to do the job for you else you can even use online services for designing and publishing landing pages. As landing pages are crucial for converting your website visitors into leads, you should devote ample time and resources in designing an optimized landing page for your brand and campaign.

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