Importance of Landing Pages

Well, the success of any online marketing technique is determined by the increase in your visitor’s traffic.

You not only want an increase of traffic to your site but further would like to convert that traffic into leads and then into actual sales or get the visitor’s perform other specific tasks on your website that you desire.

Ultimately you want your online business to flourish. You want to profit from your whole effort.

To make this possible, you can follow SEO tasks, run email marketing campaigns, do pay-per-click ad promotion, or run banner ads.

Doing all these stuffs is required and essential, but still you can miss on your ultimate goal.

The visitors may come to your website but leave without subscribing to your newsletter, filling out form, downloading your content, or even without buying out your products. So it doesn’t serve your purpose.

To give yourself an advantage and make you’re online marketing efforts a true success, you require using a well designed landing pages. Use of landing pages on your website can very well increase your online marketing ROI.

But before understanding the importance of landing pages, it is also important to know what exactly we mean by a landing page.
A landing page is a website page that is specifically designed to capture a visitor’s information using a lead form. It is a specific web page where visitors’ traffic is sent in order to generate a desired action from them or to get some specific result. You can have more than one landing pages for your website, each catering to a specific online marketing campaign.

Having landing pages on your website, you greatly enhance the chances of converting your website traffic into leads and thus can also greatly increase your online sales.

We will be illustrating the reasons why a well designed landing page can be so successful in achieving your online marketing goals. Here in lies the importance of having landing pages on your websites.

The importance of a landing pages arises from the very fact that whatever online marketing efforts you have made should ultimately result in converting your visitors into leads or into actual sales. The stream of visitors that you are getting due to online advertising campaigns should not leave your website without performing the “call to action” that you desire.

This “call to action” may vary according to your business goals, but a landing page clearly highlights it and your visitors are then able to perform the action that you want. It may be subscribing to your weekly newsletter, going for a free e-book or some other offer. It may also be related to buying products or services you offer.

A well designed landing page clearly illustrates your offer to the visitors and makes the process of receiving the offer thoroughly simple and easy. So a landing page tells the offer(s) to the visitors and makes it possible for them to receive that offer. Your visitors are clear what they have to do in order to receive the offer(s).

Let us take an example to explain this further to you.

Suppose you are running a PPC Ad Campaign for the keyword “Online Marketing Techniques”. You are getting a stream of interested visitors who search and click to come to your website. Instead of directing visitors to your website page, you choose a landing page.

When the visitors click on your PPC Ad Campaign for “Online Marketing Techniques”, they come to your landing page. Here, you provide them with the offer details and the method by which they can subscribe the offer. You can provide them with the opt-in form where they enter their email details so as to receive the offer. You can also offer them different plans and pricing, together with their advantages. So your visitors get what they are looking for and that too in an easy and effective manner.

Thus, you see that a landing pages talks about the offers you have for your visitors together with the method to receive them. Your visitors do not lose their interest, and you get to convert them into leads or even into actual buyers.

Here, to augment the effectiveness of your landing pages you can follow certain methods. You need to have an attractive and concise title, together with description of the offer so as to bring out the value and usefulness of your offer to the visitors.

Use of social sharing links removing distractions and navigation links and focusing the visitors on subscribing for your offer should be the points around which you should design your landing page. You can even come out with different landing pages and test and compare their effectiveness in converting visitors into leads.

So, effective and efficient use of landing pages can greatly increase the conversion rate of your visitors into leads. Having realized the importance of Landing Pages for your website you can too use this element to popularize and increase your online business.

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