5 Best Free Domain Authority Checker

How would you know whether a website is worth getting a link from or just waste of time for your SEO affords?

I am sure you simply don’t want to waste your time on websites which are of low-quality.

Getting one link from the high-quality website is much better than getting 100s of the low-quality link.

You also want to track your website progress for your SEO affords. What one also want to know is your site authority is improving or not.

At times you also need to know the competitiveness of your website regarding rankings on search engine results page.

Well, there is a website metric which is used to determine the domain level and ranking of a website on search engines. This metric is being used by search engines to ascertain the ranking of websites on search engine result page.

It is known as Domain Authority.

In this post, I would be discussing 5 Best Free Domain Authority Checker Tools that will help you to know the domain authority of a website.

Domain Authority is quite a popular term these days.

However, if you still are not aware of this highly important term, here is the simple definition that explains what domain authority is.

Well, Domain Authority is a Web Metric which has been developed by Moz.

It is a score or grade (ranging from 0-100) that estimates or determines the possibility of a website for ranking on Google and other Search Engines.

So, a website with high Domain Authority has the possibility to rank well on Search Engines.

Domain Authority is used to compare one site to another. It can also be used to track the “strength” of your website over time.

Domain Authority is calculated by combining all other link metrics such as the number of total links, linking root domains, MozTrust, MozRank, etc. As much as 40 signals are used in this calculation. It is scored on a 100 point, logarithmic scale.

It means that your website’s Domain Authority score is not fixed. Rather it will often fluctuate. So, it is advised that you should use Domain Authority as a competitive metric against other websites rather than using Domain Authority as a historic measure of your internal SEO efforts.

Specifically speaking, Domain Authority helps to answer the question, “How strong are the page’s links to rank for queries in Google?”

Having said this, it is difficult to influence Domain Authority directly. So, it is difficult to grow your Domain Authority score from 70 to 80. However, by improving your overall SEO, it is possible to influence this metric.

Particularly, you should focus on the link profile of your website and make efforts on getting links from other well-linked and high ranked pages.

So, now let us move on and explore the 5 Best Free Domain Authority Checker Tools that will help you to figure out the domain authority of your website.

5 Best Domain Authority Checker Tools

1. Open Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer is a powerful free tool developed by MOZ. If you are looking for a powerful and versatile SEO Tool, then Open Site Explorer is one of those SEO Tools that you should surely use. It allows you to check the Domain Authority of your website with ease.

With Open Site Explorer, you get detailed information about your website’s link profile. It provides information about inbound links to your page, sub-domain, or root domain. Guest users get only three reports per day. However, if you want to see unlimited reports, then you should sign up for free Moz account.

Access to Moz account will give you unlimited reports together with other amazing metrics. A 30-day free trial is available, but if you are willing to continue using Open Site Explorer, then you need to pay for accessing the Moz Pro Account. Overall, Open Site Explorer is a great tool for checking your website’s Domain Authority, Page Authority, Inbound links, and link metrics.

2. Website Authority Checker

If you are looking for an excellent free tool with which you can easily check the Domain Authority as well as the Page Authority of your website, then Website Authority Checker by SEO Review Tools is one of those SEO Tools that you should surely use. The best part is that it is very easy to use and completely free.

Moreover, Website Authority Checker can be used without any limitations. It allows you to check Domain Authority, Page Authority, and Social Shares altogether. Using the tool, you can come to know your website age, URL age, as well as backlinks your domain and page. It employs Mozscape API for generating the results. You can even export the results in CSV format.

3. Domain-Authority Checker

Domain Authority Checker by Website SEO Checker is one of the fastest and most accurate tools for checking domain authority of a website. It is a free and easy to use tool for checking domain authority.

You just need to enter the list of URLs and click go to fetch all the information relating to the domain authority of a website.

You need not ignore DA of your website as it is an important parameter for measuring website quality. If you want to know the strength of your website, then Domain Authority Checker is one of the best SEO Tools that you can use for getting DA information.

The tool lets you check the age of the domain. You come to know the number of external backlinks pointing to your website. It also provides information about the number of links that are Dofollow and Nofollow as well as the quality and authority of these backlinks.

It even provides information about types of referral domains and reference number of domain links. Moz Spam Score is taken into consideration.

4. Domain-Authority Checker by Small SEO Tools

If you are looking for a powerful tool that allows you to check domain authority of a website quickly then Domain Authority Checker by Small SEO Tools is one of those tools that you can use with ease. It comes as a free and powerful tool that allows you to check domain authority of up to 10 domains at a time.

To put it simply, Domain Authority Checker does exactly what it says. It automatically generates a report that shows the strength of your websites on search engines. It is simple and totally free. The results are portrayed in a simple manner. It lists out the Domain Authority as well as Page Authority details. So, it is a good tool for checking your DA and PA.

5. Bulk DA Checker

If you are looking for a hassle free and easy DA Checker Tool, then the Bulk DA Checker will surely go to fulfill your expectations. It’s a powerful and free DA Checker tool that allows you to check domain authority of as much as 25 domains together in a single go.

So, if you want to check domain authority of more than one website, then this tool will help you to save a lot of time. It is simple to use and requires no user sign up. You just require entering the URLs (one URL per line) and clicking on the “Find DA” button. It also allows you to download the CSV file for your records.

We have listed best free domain authority checker tools. Domain Authority is one such website metric that helps your website to rank well on Search Engines. You can increase your DA by improving the overall SEO of your site. If you liked the post, then don’t forget to share it with your friends on Twitter and Facebook. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

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