Free Traffic or Paid Traffic for your Website

Monetizing your website is perhaps one of the key goals for any online business promoter.

If you have an online business or running a blog, then I am pretty sure that you must be looking for a viable and feasible internet marketing strategy so as to boost up traffic of visitors to your site and increase your sales.

So the most important thing for you is how you will ensure a huge and regular flow of traffic of visitors to your site.
Well, you have more than one ways at your disposal to achieve this.

You can base your online marketing strategy on Free Traffic or can go for having Paid Traffic for your website or blog.

But before you adopt any or both of these methods to gain visitors to your site; you need to know the pros and cons of these two traffic generation methods. Having a sound knowledge of the advantages and disadvantages of each of these methods, you would be able to channelize your resources in a much better way.

Whether it is your time, efforts or money; you would then use them to gain far better results in promoting and popularizing your online business and would be able to generate bigger profits too.

Free Traffic

As the name suggests, Free Traffic of visitors are those which you receive on your website or blog without having to spend a single penny. Users type keywords in the search engine and click on the search results to visit your website. It depends on your website rankings in the search results displayed by the search engine.

So if, the user types in the keywords, “DVD Ripper Software” in the search engine text field and your website is selling one and is ranked high in the search results, visitors might click to come to your website. This is how it works. It is simple and effective, and moreover you need not spend any money to gain visitors to your website. Your earnings might be low, but they are without any expense on your part.

But getting Free Traffic is not as simple and easy as it looks. If your website is not an authority website, and your site is ranked low in the search results shown by search engine, then it is quite possible that the number of visitors you receive as Free Traffic might be quite below your expectation.

Then you need to put a lot of efforts on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You need to target specific keywords, write quality content, develop your website, build backlinks and promote your site through social networking channels.

All this is a time taking process, and it can take months before you get the desired results. Moreover, SEO is a continuous and ongoing process. It is not a one-time affair. SEO requires dedicated efforts on your parts. Again, if you are not an expert in SEO, you would need to hire the services of an SEO Expert, and that may turn out to be costly.

So you should develop Free Traffic channel as a potential traffic generation resource for your website. You need to put your full efforts and be a little bit patient.

Paid Traffic

As the name suggests, for every visitor you receive on your site, you incur a cost. Paid Traffic comes at a cost. For example in the Pay per Click (PPC) model, you choose a specific keyword, build an ad and display it on the right side of the search results shown by the search engine like Google. You can even go for displaying banner ads on popular sites or can adopt Cost per impression (CPM) model to gain traffic to your site. All these methods involve cost.

The main advantage of Paid Traffic is that it is independent of SEO efforts and so you can expect quick results. You do not have to worry about website ranking and time consuming and continuous link building process.

With paid traffic, you can start getting visitors from very first day. No time taking process like free search traffic.

The Ads get displayed at strategic locations and attract the users’ attention. People click on the ads to come to your website. They read content, browse your site, and buy products or services.

Paid Traffic though involves cost, but it is efficient as it saves your time and efforts for SEO tasks. You can gain visitors even without being an authority website.

Paid Traffic is only benefited when your total earnings exceed your total expenditure. For example, you are spending $1,000 per month on paid traffic, and your total earning is $1,500, but your net earnings will be $500 (1500-1000) it is low but still profitable and you start earning from the very first month. But if your earnings are less than your spending on paid traffic, your business can convert into loss making business.

Thus, you see that both Free Traffic, as well as Paid Traffic, can be effective in bringing traffic of visitors to your site. A right mix of both these methods will perfectly solve your problem of getting a regular flow of visitors to your site. But if you are not comfortable in incurring expenses, then Free Traffic will certainly help you a lot in getting visitors to your site, but it is time taking process.

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