Google Should Remove BackLink Algorithm

Let me begin by asking you an important question that relates to your presence on the World Wide Web.

As a webmaster, what you would do to improve your search engine rankings?

Overwhelmingly, your answer to the above question would be to build Backlinks.

Well, as a matter of fact, currently backlinks play an important part in your website’s search engine rankings.

The more the number of backlinks for your site, the higher is the search engine ranking you get for your website or webpage.

In the Google Algorithm world, BackLink Algorithm is a key constituent in the overall structure of Algorithms that determines ranking for a website in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). As much as 40% weightage is given to BackLink Algorithms. Recently The Moz Blog featured an article titled, “2013 Search Engine Rankings Factors” which reiterated this very fact that links are still an important part in Google’s Algorithm (as much as 40%). So, if you want to rank your website high in the SERP, then you invariably require building backlinks for your webpage or website.

Having said this, there are numerous factors that contribute to a website ranking, but all are second to BackLink building. However good your content might be still you need to build backlinks for it, and then only it can be ranked high in the SERPs.

This underlines the importance of BackLink Building.

However, if you ask my opinion about Backlinks, I rather contradict the importance of backlinks so much so that I personally feel that Google Should Remove BackLink Algorithm.

Initially you may think that my stance regarding BackLink Algorithm is a little awkward and strange.

You may say, what’s wrong in Google prioritizing BackLink Algorithm. Backlinks is an integral part of the World Wide Web. Well, I am not denying this. Rather my opinion is that Google should stop giving priority to backlinks and should remove BackLink Algorithm. I have a strong reasoning behind this that I will put before you. Numerous problems arise only because Google has given importance to BackLink Algorithm and there are numerous benefits of removing BackLink Algorithm.

I will highlight these problems one by one and go on to show you the benefits of removing BackLink Algorithm.


Webmasters Main Focus is on Link Building

As a webmaster, your main focus area should be how to make your website more valuable for your visitors. Your prime focus should be to present quality content to your website visitors. Rather than doing this, the focus shifts on building backlinks. Efforts and money are put on building backlinks. Webmasters adopt various forms of link building such as guest blogging, content marketing initiatives, resource page link building, digital PR, and as well as paid linking. Thousands of dollars are being spent each month just to do link building. Webmasters are taking up link building just because they do not want to be left behind in the race for high search engine rankings. They know that their success depends on link building.

However, link building should not have been an essential part of blogging. Actually link building does not add any value to your post. It just increases the number of points from which visitors can reach out to your blog post. In my opinion a blog post should be ranked high because of its content, the value it delivers to its readers and not because it has more backlinks than other blogs.

Google Penalty

There is another downside to link building. If you take up aggressive link building, that is going on to build too many back links in a short span of time; Google can penalize your website. This penalty can be in the form of Manual penalty, and it can also be in the form of Algorithmic penalty.

Google has come out with updates such as Panda and Penguin Updates which accesses your website for backlinks and penalizes if it finds any aggressive link building for your site. In both the scenarios, it results in harming your website rankings in the SERPs.
There is also one more perspective to this. Sometimes it happens that your competitors may create spam links to your site. These spam links are recognized by Google, and it penalizes your website. Google Penalty severely hits your website ranking.

Link Building Costs

Link Building does not happen automatically. It requires your time, effort and of course money. Moreover, link building is not a cost effective technique of improving your website rankings in the SERPs. In fact, you have to put thousands of dollars each month in order to keep on building backlinks for your site.

According to a survey, nearly 39% of organizations spend between $5 – 50k+ per month on link building initiatives.
So you see that link building is a costly affair. If backlinks were not given much priority by Google, the money that is put on creating backlinks would have been employed in improving your websites in more than one way. You would have quality content for your site, more enhanced and user friendly websites, and would have implemented many other techniques for improving your online business.

Extra Time to manage Backlinks

Building backlinks is not a onetime process. Rather it is an ongoing affair and involves a whole lot of activity. For example, you have to check on an ongoing basis that there are no spam links pointing at your website and have to disallow such links. All these activities consume a lot of time, which otherwise you would have utilized in improving your website and its content.

Webmasters have started given “no follow” backlinks

Many times, Webmasters genuinely require giving links to other sites. However, now they have started marking the links as “no follow” because they fear that Google may penalize their website(s) for linking to other sites. Google has penalized such websites, which give links to other sites because it considers this as link exchange or link selling. Websites which should have gotten “do follow” links are getting “no follow” links instead. This is perhaps one of the biggest problems which come with link building.

Benefits of Removing Backlinks Algorithm

Focus on Quality Content

Once the BackLink algorithm is removed, you need not put your efforts, time and money on building and managing backlinks. You are then free to devote your time on the creation of quality content for your site as then your website rankings would be determined, not on the number and quality of backlinks but on the quality of content.

Level Playing Field

There is a great disadvantage to fresh bloggers as their site is ranked low on the search engine results page when BackLink Algorithm is applied. They virtually start with no backlinks when they launch their blog or site. On the Removal of BackLink Algorithm, the new and authoritative sites would come on a level field as no importance would be given to the number of backlinks. They would be ranked on the quality of content they give out to their readers.

Web will be improved

Users want websites which deliver quality content, and that is what they will get when no importance is given to backlinks. Websites will be ranked according to the content they provide rather than on the number of backlinks. This will improve the web drastically.
At present, there are many webmasters who just focus on creating backlinks in order to improve their ranking in the search results. They create spam links and even buy backlinks. Guest-posts is written just to get backlinks. This does not help the users in any way because they want quality content and are not concerned with how many backlinks a website has got.

So, when the search results are displayed according to the quality of content they provide, users will be benefited, and Web will be improved tremendously.

SEO Industry will be destroyed

Another effect of removing BackLink Algorithm will be that the SEO Industry will be destroyed. Today major proportion of work of SEO Industry goes in creating backlinks. When the BackLink algorithm is removed, no webmaster will need to create backlinks and hence no work will be forwarded to SEO Industry.

No worry about Google Penalty

As already pointed out, Google penalizes websites for creating aggressive backlinks. It even penalizes websites which create spam links or go on to buy backlinks. Google Panda and Penguin updates are sheer examples whereby Google had devalued many websites and dropped their rankings in the search engine results page. With no BackLink Algorithm, there will be no Google Penalty of any sort. Webmasters will not fear that their website rankings will be affected by Google Algorithms or Updates. They will concentrate on delivering quality content to their users.


So you see that there are various drawbacks of creating backlinks and consequently numerous benefits of removing BackLink Algorithm. As a matter of fact, Backlinks should not be criteria in determining the ranking of a website. I have listed down the problems arising due to the importance given to backlinks creation and have also enumerated the benefits of removing backlink algorithm. I have illustrated my point of view which is crystal clear, and that is Google should remove BackLink Algorithm.

What’s your take on this?

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