Link Building Through Social Media

The relevance of social media is often debated when it comes to link building. It is because most of us think that social back-links don’t count as they are no-followed. Some people don’t think Link Building through Social Media as worthy as other ways of link building.

However, if you dive a little deeper, the truth that is revealed is quite contradictory to the above statement.

As a matter of fact, social media has become the new marketing buzzword.

Sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, have become so prominent that more and more companies are competing to get a piece of the action on these sites. They feature in the top 20 most visited websites in the world. They have a domain authority of 99 to 100. Nofollow or not, social backlinks to your websites have a potential of getting tons of traffic.

Moreover, search engines like Google are giving importance and respect to social shares and behaviors of real people on social media sites.

The reality is that social media is the future of online marketing. It’s only a matter of time when social signals begin to play a much bigger part in organic rankings.

So, Social Media and SEO cannot be separated.

You will witness that more and more social factors being incorporated into the ranking algorithms. If you are looking to race ahead of your competitors, you simply cannot ignore and let go social media marketing or link building through social media.

Regardless of what may happen in the future, here I put down my ideas on why I believe social media is an important medium for SEO purpose and of course, link building.

Social Media and Link Building

It is traditionally believed that SEO is all about creating quality content and building links, whereas social incorporates engaging with people and building relationships.

However, those who do not see a relationship between SEO and Social Media, tend to forget one important factor. It is a fact that social media shares can also lead to a huge number of natural links being built, as well.

Let me illustrate it to you.

A Social share allows people to see your content, talk about it, and snowball it into many, much more. And these are the people, who may not have seen your content in the SERPs. They like your content and begin to share it across to their friends and social circle. It helps to create a buzz within the social community.

So, a single social share has the potential to bring in lots of interested users to your site. You may be lagging in the SERPs, but it does not matter as far as the targeted traffic is concerned. You are getting visitors just because your post has become viral on social media sites.

This is what social link building does. It gives you prominence in SERPs and helps to bring in large number of traffic to your website or blog.

So, a social share is as potent as link building.

Plus, it is simple. You just have to put your content on social media sites. Visitors start coming thick and fast.

Let’s take another example to show how social media can be instrumental in link building.

Suppose, you have shared a piece of content on Twitter.

It garners more than 1000 retweets.

Will Google give your content a prominence in SERPs?

Simply No.

However, it may happen that because of all these shares an influential blogger or an editor or a journalist notices your content and decides to feature it on their website.

Now, does this influence Google?

Certainly, Yes.

It is just because of social shares that you have managed to get the attention of top bloggers, editors, and journalists. You have got the all important backlinks because your content created a buzz on social sites and it was noticed by bloggers and editors who linked to it on their site.

When your content starts to create a social buzz, it is naturally spotted by bloggers, editors, and journalists. More than search engines, the eyeballs are focused on what’s happening on social media sites. So, the biggest SEO benefit of social shares is the increase in the number of indirect links which help in improving rankings.

You may not get a link for every share, but still, you are getting brand mentions which are important for brand awareness. It is an excellent linking opportunity though it may take weeks or even months to get one.

Plus, search engines frequently crawl social media sites. So if you share content on social media sites, the new links and pages are indexed quickly by the search bots.

Many social sites have high domain authority and ranking potential. When you list your pages – including profiles – on these sites, they are ranked for targeted keywords. It goes on to create multiple search listings for a brand.

So, if you are active on social media, you are preparing to get ahead on SERPs.

Social signals are increasing playing an important part in SEO rankings. Social media allows you to put your content or brand directly in front of potential customers.

You simply have to generate quality content and put in on social media sites. Do remember to interact with your social following. When you connect with your audience, they feel involved and go on to share your content on a regular basis.

So, Social Media is all about driving real traffic to your website and not just about improving rankings in the hope of getting the link. Moreover, the traffic that you get from social media sites is high quality. You get visitors that are interested in your brand and will eventually turn into customers.

Link Building with Facebook

It is the most popular social network. For link building with Facebook, you need to add your website link on your About Tab. You have to mark this field as public so that everyone can see it. When you post on your Facebook wall, do add your website URL. Your followers who visit your profile will see your website link in your latest update.

It is always a good idea to create a separate page for your business/brand, website, etc. so that people can follow your blog or business on Facebook. Always share the latest post, product, and useful info on your Facebook page. This will help you to spread your content on Facebook.

Link Building with Twitter

Twitter provides a website field on your Twitter profile. However, you can also have a link in your bio, thereby getting an opportunity to share your link twice. So, you get a chance to share two different links to your website.

The link that you had added in your bio will show up in other places on Twitter. When you share photos or videos on Twitter, do include a link to your website, blog post or your product. When your post is retweeted, the link is available for everyone to click.

Link Building with Google+

Google+ profiles and pages get a lot of viewership. On the About Tab for your profile, it provides a space where you can write an introduction about yourself or your business. Here, you can place your website link. The best part is that it is a followed link.

The Google+ profiles have a link section where you can enter links related to your business. If you have a Google+ Community, then you can add website links to your community’s basic information. Together with a short description, the links show up at the top of your community.

Link Building with Pinterest and Instagram

The Pinterest profile enables you to add one website link. So, don’t forget to add your website link. Likewise, you can also add a link to your Instagram profile. You should use icons to draw people’s attention to it. The trend is to tell people to click on your profile link for knowing more about your Instagram photo.

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Wrapping it Up

So, we see that link building through social media is certainly possible and rewarding. Nofollow or not, but social media certainly provides real and targeted traffic to your website. It helps to create brand awareness about your products and services. It would be a grave mistake not to use Social media as part of your link building strategy.

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