Planning Link Building Process

As you would know, today the World Wide Web runs millions of websites over the Internet. As such there is a huge competition among the websites for getting visitors or users to their particular sites. A website’s success largely and most primarily depends upon the number of visitors that surf the websites pages, content or utilize the varied services provided by the site. So the whole game centers on on how to bring the visitors or the users to the sites.

In this context, Search Engines play a pivotal role. If your website (page) appears in the top results shown by a search engine, chances of getting visitors are increased many times more. So the main challenge for the success of a website becomes on how to appear in the top results of a search engine. To achieve this very goal Link Building has a vital and crucial role to play. Search Engines (like Google) give lot of weightage to back link for a particular page in its search algorithm because of that every SEO expert will suggest you to build quality backlinks.

The number of links pointing to a website or a web page helps a lot in determining the real worth of the website (or a webpage). The higher the number of links, the higher a website or a web page is ranked in the search results shown by a search engine. So you need lot of backlinks but there should be a proper strategy and planning for link building. The effort is not only to continuously increase the number of links pointing to a website or webpage but also on the quality and structure of links. Thus pages which have good links get more value and get priority in search results than the pages which do not have such links.

As such proper Link building has all the potential to make your online business successful many times more. So planning link building becomes really very important. But before we take up how you can plan link building, we would like to further enumerate the manifold benefits of link building to you. The first and foremost benefit you would get from link building is that it would help in increasing your web page search engine rankings. Better search engine rankings mean more traffic to your website and hence better chances of boosting the sales too.

Link building also helps to bring direct visits to your site too. People click on the link to arrive at your site directly thus increasing the overall traffic to your site. Another factor here is that quality links helps to increase more quality links. Once you are established as a leader, other sites would automatically want to talk about your site, comment on your products and ultimately link to your site.

An important element of link building is that unlike advertising links usually continue to stay in place and would thus help in bringing traffic to your sites for many more years to come. It also helps in building relationships with the people who have linked to you. It may prove mutually very beneficial in the long run. So link building can be regarded as one of the most productive marketing strategies you can have for making your online business successful.

After having understood how link building can help to increase your online business, it’s time we highlight and discuss the link building process. Here it is important to understand that link building is a continuous process. It is not a day’s job. You have to continuously work to increase link building to your site or page. One thing more, it may also take some time to realize its tangible benefits.

Link Building Strategy

The link building process starts with the creation of a definite strategy for it. Strategy creation invariably consists of setting up of realistic objectives and planning the details of work that you ought to take up in link building. There cannot be one particular strategy for link building. Strategies may vary according to your goals and priorities and depends upon how much time you are willing to devote towards link building.

But following a mix of techniques for link building would always be a better idea and a worthwhile too. You may use social media and social bookmarking, can adopt submission of guest posts for link building and can also request for link building too. Then you should always focus on the creation of quality content for your website or blog. People are always looking for quality material related to their search. And if they find quality in your presentations they would soon patronize your site and would refer and remember you too. This would automatically serve the purpose of link building as quality creation would definitely help to increase traffic of visitors to your site.

Link Building Target

Another important step in link building process is that you should always set specific targets that you can achieve day in and day out. Remember that link building is a continuous process. So you can start by setting up small targets such as “would work to publish two guest posts on external sites every week”. You should always stick to your strategy and work continuously to build links for your pages.

Monitor your Progress

Last but not the least, you should always measure and monitor your progress on link building and its effects. For example, you can check your ranking in search results before starting link building process and again measure the ranking say after one month (for the same key word searches) for your site pages. This would enable you to check how you are progressing with the link building process. Are your efforts giving you the desired results or should you change or alter your action plan for link building. Regular monitoring is thus very crucial in practicing link building process.

So you see that link building is utterly very important if you want to stay ahead of the competition over the internet and want to make your online business a successful one. As we have already discussed, link building helps to improve your SEO, increase traffic to your site, helps in improving direct sales to your site, build upon brand awareness, increase your presence on specific authority sites and also improve your search rankings. Thus planning and implementing link building process can bring very good results for the promotion of your website business.

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