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Improving your website or blog for better search engine optimization is first priority for almost every webmaster as most of the traffic to their website is depended on search engine. And to gain good ranking on search engines your website should be best optimized for particular keyword.

To be on top for search results you have to do lot of things and the main thing you should do is on-page optimization. Website owners and bloggers mostly focus on-page optimization only on the new page or post they have created but they forget to optimize whole website which is also very important for SEO.

What you should check on your website for better SEO:

  • Title and Description for every page including category pages.
  • Page Title and Description length.
  • Check for broken link.
  • Check links with unnecessary redirects.
  • H1 Tags on Pages and much more.
  • Image with ALT attribute etc

Most of the search engines don’t tell you about search engine optimization but time to time they suggest what webmaster should do and that is what search engine wants.

Finding what we are doing wrong on our website for search engine optimization is little difficult but Microsoft Free SEO Toolkit can solve your problem by suggesting best SEO practice you should do for your website.

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Microsoft Free SEO Toolkit

Microsoft Free SEO Toolkit is free SEO tool which analyze your website and shows SEO errors on your website with recommendation to optimize your website for better SEO. It search for common SEO errors on your website and solving those problems can boost your search ranking.

What exactly Microsoft Free SEO Toolkit does

Microsoft Free SEO Toolkit runs on your computer and you can analyze any website right from your computer. It analyzes your website for SEO violations, page content, website performance and links on your website.

After website analyses it shows a full detailed report about your website. You can check SEO violations report which will guide you what is wrong on your webpage or website. Reports show different violations in different categories or pages. The violation report contains information like

  • Broken Hyperlink
  • Missing Description
  • Long or short Title
  • Long or short description
  • Link Text etc.

By studying this information you can correct your website or blog not just for SEO error but many other common errors which you should avoid on your website.

Violations: This tab on Microsoft Free SEO Toolkit will tell you all violations found on your website. You can check violations by category, violations levels, and page with most violations etc. By this way you can remove most common error first then other less important error later this will help you to bring down your violations count on your website. Like most common problem is most of the blogger don’t give proper description for categories and solving this problem can easily fix lot of errors at once.

Slow Pages:
Microsoft Free SEO Toolkit also helps to find slow pages on your website with time taken. As you may know Google and other search engine loves fast site and this feature will help you find slow pages on your website and you can fix the slow speed error and can gain good search ranking.

You will find many more options on Microsoft Free SEO Toolkit which are very useful to solve errors on your blog.

Microsoft Free SEO Toolkit is the best free SEO software I have found so far. This helps me to understand how search engines are seeing my website and helps me to fix SEO and other errors on my website.

You can download Microsoft Free SEO Toolkit free with Web Platform Installer and it supports Windows Vista, 7 and Windows Server OS. You must have installed IIS (Internet Information Server) on your PC to run Microsoft Free SEO Toolkit.

After installation you can use this tool from IIS manager which can be found in Control Panel -> Administrator Tools.

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