How to Make Your Website or Blog Visible to Search Engine?

If anyone has to search anything over Internet they use search engine websites and every webmaster have desire that there website should show on top for related keyword.

For new blogger or website owner they have first question how to make their website visible to search engine. If your website is not listed on search engine then you can’t expect any traffic from search engine.

Here are few steps to make your website visible to search engine and get some good search engine traffic quickly. Before beginning I just want to say that don’t think of submitting your website to every search engine. Just focus on top three search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing these three search engine will bring most of search engine traffic so don’t waste your time on other search engines.


This post is not about search engine optimization it is useful for new websites to make their website list on search engine.

Submit Your Website URL

This is very first step to tell search engines that I am too having a website and add my website to your database. You just need to submit your website URL and your website will be added in few days.

1. Google
2. Yahoo
3. Bing

Submitting your website is not enough search engine need to crawl all your web pages so that it know all about your website and you get most from search engine. Next step is creating a XML sitemap file.

Creating XML Sitemap File

Sitemap is list of pages of a website which is used by website visitor or Search Engine (XML file). Google introduced Google Sitemaps which contain Websites page URL in a given format. Now other search engine also use same sitemap file to crawl pages. You need to create a sitemap file and submit them to search engine. If you don’t know how to create sitemap then here are some resources which will help you to create Sitemap.

Online Sitemap Generator – Online sitemap generator can help you creating XML sitemap file. You just need to submit your website URL and some other details and sitemap generator will read your website and create XML sitemap file and you can download that file.

2. SitemapDoc

WordPress Plugin – If you are WordPress user then it is very easy to create regular sitemap automatically. Google XML Sitemaps is best WordPress plugin which can generate XML sitemap file. You just need to install this plugin and check your sitemap URL setting and some other setting and it will start generating sitemap. This plugin will automatically re-generate sitemap whenever a new page is created.

Submitting Sitemap File and Using Webmaster Tools

About all big search engine site are came up with Webmaster tools. This helps webmasters to submit their website and sitemaps to search engine. Not just that webmasters can see how their website is doing on that search engine and can check mistakes on their site for search engine optimization.

Google, Yahoo and Bing all these have webmaster tools you have to just create account on these sites and add your websites. You have to validate that site you are submitting is yours. You just have to download simple HTML authentication file and upload it on your web space and validate your website.


After validation you can submit sitemap XML file you have created this will help search engine to crawl your website. Here is URL for webmaster tools.

1. Google
2. Yahoo
3. Bing

These steps will help you index your website quickly on search engine. This will help you to start getting search engine visitors even for very new websites or blog.

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