What Google Expect From Your Website

As every website owners want to see their website on top of the search engine results but as you may know search engine like Google have lot of search algorithms which decides how your website will rank on search results.

Google don’t tell much about their algorithms but only gives some hints what you should do and what you should not. According to that hints you can learn how you should manage your website to get good ranking on search engine.

Google expectations from your website is not different then visitors to your website. What your visitors expect from your website? They expect quality content, useful information, easy to navigate website, fast website and well formatted (less clutter). So you should take care of these things while building your website.

Quality Content

As your website visitors loves quality content Google also gives preference to website who writes great content. Google may rank them better on search results because of their quality content.

SEO for your Website

Google itself encourage webmasters to do some search engine optimization for your website. This helps Google to understand your website and you can rank better on search results.

SEO Mistakes

Most of the times we don’t think about SEO mistakes we can do. Knowing what right things we should do for SEO can help us to get most from our SEO affords. Don’t just think about search engine focus on your visitor’s value. Sometimes we make mistakes building our website because we don’t understand SEO well. Improving this type of mistakes can help better SEO results.

Website Speed Does Matter

Your website speed also plays an important role in search ranking. If your website runs fast your visitors will love your website and Google too. With some changes you can speed up your website. Lot of popular shopping and other website have found that after improving their website speed they are getting much better conversions. Google may give your website preference on search results because speed of your website. So try to improve your website load time.

Don’t Do Black Hat SEO

Google or any other search engine hates black hat SEO techniques. If you creating massive low quality link or not showing right content to search engine or any other black hat techniques to rank your website on search result believe me Google can caught you anytime. Google is regularly improving its search quality and introducing new algorithms like Panda and Penguin updates which are to stop web spam and black hat SEO.

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