10 Best WordPress SEO Plugins

WordPress is one of the most preferred blogging platform and Content Management System (CMS) for bloggers all around the world. Millions of businesses today use WordPress to build their website or blog and even recommend it for others. The reasons are obvious, WordPress has user friendly interface, is extremely easy to use and customize and most important is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly.

Moreover you get to have WordPress SEO Plugins which makes the varied SEO tasks easy for you to perform. There are plenty of WordPress plug-in available which can help you optimize your blog to make it more search engine friendly.

As you would be aware of on-page optimization is an important element of search engine optimization. Though WordPress in itself is quite capable of performing search engine optimization tasks but using WordPress SEO Plugins would further ease out the various essential and required SEO Tasks. They help to perform technical optimizations that would lead search engines to rank your blog or website up in the search results so that you get more traffic of visitors.

To make SEO job easy we searched for some Best WordPress SEO Plugins that would help you to stream line SEO tasks and thus provide you an edge over your competitors. Presently I am personally using some of these plugin on my blog and believe me some are so great that you can’t blog without them.

Must Have SEO WordPress Plugins

1. Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin

Having Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin helps you to write high quality content and focus on optimizing your website in more than one ways. It provides you with a snippet preview so that you can see beforehand how your post or page is viewed in the search results.
It gives Page Analysis such as it checks for images in the post, Meta titles and description, sub-headings, post length, etc. With this Plugin you can also control which pages you want to show in the search results by doing no-index. It also provides one of the most advanced XML Sitemaps, have RSS optimization, and can also use its built-in Breadcrumbs functionality.

2. HeadSpace2 SEO Plugin

Using HeadSpace2 SEO Plugin you can control your website’s meta-data aspects thereby enhancing the overall SEO potential of your website. It lets you to configure meta-data for posts, pages, categories, author pages, 404 page, etc. You can also define keywords, tags, page titles, site name, noindex and nofollow meta tags, etc. With HeadSpace2 SEO Plugin you can add Google Analytics, Google Webmaster, Apture, Mint statistic, etc. You can also perform other functions such as Disable Widgets, Disable visual editing, etc. This Plugin can work along with other SEO Plugins like All-in-one SEO Plugin.

3. All in one SEO Plugin

One of the most popular Plugin, All in one SEO Plugin helps to automatically optimize your WordPress Website or Blog for better search engine results. Some of its salient features include automatic generation of META tags, avoids duplication problem (duplicate content) seen on WordPress blogs. It improves on the Page Navigation Links and supports Google Analytics as well. It is the lone Plugin to support SEO Integration with e-Commerce WordPress sites. Using it you can set any META keyword or description. It supports custom post types and is compatible with lots of other Plugins such as Auto Meta, Ultimate Tag Warrior.

4. Google XML Sitemaps

Using Google XML Sitemaps Plugin you can index your blog in a better way which helps the search engines to find and retrieve the complete structure of your website. It generates XML sitemap. With sitemap in place, the crawlers of search engines easily retrieve the WebPages of your site. It supports custom URLs, and different types of pages generated by WordPress.

5. Broken Link Checker SEO Plugin

This Plugin reviews your post, content, comments for any broken links and also for missing images and notifies you if any such links are found through the Dashboard or even by email. Further it displays the broken links in a diferent way and also prevents the search engines from following such broken links. It lets you edit the links right from the Plugins page. You can search the links by anchor texts or even by URL.

6. SEO Smart Links

SEO Smart Links Plugin is highly useful if you are interested to get automatic SEO benefits. It additionally provides custom keywords lists, no follow, etc. With SEO Smart Links you can link keywords, phrases in your posts, comments with other corresponding pages, posts, tags, categories, etc on your website or blog. You can set no follow attribute and can open links in new window. Further you can have your own keywords and link matching URLs to it.

7. W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache helps to improve your sites performance and overall user experience by caching. It improves the server performance by caching numerous aspects of your website. Using W3 Total Cache you can drastically reduce the download time of your website. It is also recommended by prominent web hosts like HostGatar, WP Engine and numerous others as well.

8. Easy WP SEO Plugin

Easy WP SEO Plugin is one of the most popular and advanced on-page optimization SEO Plugin available in the market. With it you can make your content on-page optimized so that you get more search engine attention and appear at the top of the search results.
Using Easy WP SEO Plugin is advantageous as it provides you with accurate keyword density calculation and happens to analyze the whole HTML document rather than just the post content. So the Search Engine Crawlers get to see each and every element on your web page thereby you have better on-page optimization. Some of its other features include automatic keyword decoration, automatic addition of no-follow to the external links, optimizes more than 20 on-page factors, optimizes content for multiple keywords, etc.
It is also compatible with most of the popular WordPress Themes such as Thesis, Headway, Catalyst Theme, Elegant Themes, etc.

9. SEO Rank Reporter

With SEO Rank Reporter Plugin you can keep a track on the Google rankings every third day. It reports the data in an easy to read graphical format. It also furnishes emails notifying you on the major rank changes. You need to add keywords to SEO Rank Reporter and it will track any changes to your website’s rankings. You get to view the fluctuations in the visitor traffic based on the changes in the website’s rankings. It lets you see historical graph of your website rankings and can compare your website’s rankings with that of the competitor’s websites. You can know the keywords which are responsible for driving traffic to your website and can add them to SEO Rank Reporter.

10. SEO Content Control

SEO Content Control Plugin can be used to improve a site’s overall quality. It identifies and cleans various types of weak content. It keeps tracks which posts have very little content and shows up where meta description is missing. Using SEO Content Control you can easily remove poor content from your website or blog. So in a nutshell, with SEO Content Control you can better optimize your website to get more search traffic.

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