MaxBlogPress Stripe Ad Pro Review

You may have heard and used notification bar or header bar or stripe whatever you name it. Notification bar is placed at the top or bottom of the page and generally are sticky. This is an excellent way to grab attention of website visitors.

I have used some notification bar plugin and services like Hello Bar, Foobar and Header Bar Domination every plugin or service have their own features and benefits. Today I am going to review MaxBlogPress Stripe Ad Pro, and there is a free version of MaxBlogPress Stripe Ad, honestly speaking I have not used the free version.

I am one of the lucky person who have got to experience MaxBlogPress Stripe Ad Pro before release. I am using this WordPress plugin from few days and have gotten an excellent opportunity to review this notification bar plugin.

MaxBlogPress Stripe Ad Pro WordPress plugin is quite similar to other offerings. As each product has some good and bad things and this applies for MaxBlogPress Stripe Ad Pro too.

What is MaxBlogPress Stripe Ad Pro?

If you are not aware what notification bar does then here is an example:

This plugin will put a notification bar at the top of your blog on which you can display a custom message with the link. Notification bar attracts your blog visitor’s attention and makes them read your message and click link on that bar.

If you have a special story to share, want to subscribe visitors to your newsletter or want to promote your or affiliate product you can list them on the notification bar. This is a sticky bar so if a visitor scrolls the page notification bar will remain visible. This helps to improve your conversion for desire job and creates a direct attention with visitors.

Pros of MaxBlogPress Stripe Ad Pro

Unlimited Stripe Ads: You can create unlimited stripe ads and rotate them according to their weight. If you want to display multiple messages or split test of stripe bars, you can create multiple stripe ads which will keep rotating.

Customizable: MaxBlogPress Stripe Ad Pro is fully customizable you can change the background color, Font styles, Font color etc which is extremely helpful and must have a feature for a notification bar.

Stripe Ad Analytics: This feature shows how many times a stripe ad is displayed and how many clicks those notification bar has got. It shows stats date wise which is a terrific way to track when your stripe ad gets most of the clicks.

Link Clocking: If you are promoting an affiliate product from stripe ads then you don’t want to show affiliate link and here MaxBlogPress Stripe Ad Pro cute link and Cloak title features helps you to hide affiliate link and make your link look professional.

Schedule Stripe Ad: This is a powerful feature of MaxBlogPress Stripe Ad Pro which helps to schedule stripe ads. You have control when to display stripe ad to visitors and when to hide the notification bar.

MaxBlogPress Stripe Ad Pro comes with many more features like Stripe Ads placement, Rotate multiple stripe ads, split testing, display button or text link, display close or Stub Button etc and I also liked it light weight.

Cons of MaxBlogPress Stripe Ad Pro

  • As I have used some similar products and services MaxBlogPress Stripe Ad Pro don’t have some features like:
  • No option to put custom code, which is useful for text ads, opt-in form etc.
  • No option of adding social button. This feature can help to improve social visibility.
  • No Twitter or RSS feed integration option.

Overall MaxBlogPress Stripe Ad Pro is an excellent notification bar WordPress plugin. Some missing features are not that important compared to price for example Hello Bar, (Hello Bar is not a WordPress Plugin) which cost $4.95 per month for 100 clicks to $49.95 per month for 7,500 clicks, which is most expensive notification bar. With MaxBlogPress Stripe Ad Pro, you have to make onetime payment and can use on all your WordPress based sites, and you don’t have to pay for clicks like Hello Bar.

If you are looking for suitable notification bar with all essential features at low cost, then MaxBlogPress Stripe Ad Pro can be the best choice.

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