Move SEO Data from Theme/Plugin to Other using SEO Data Transporter

WordPress is one of the most popular and powerful blogging platform in the world. WordPress platform provides a Content Management System (CMS) par excellence.

In fact, WordPress provides the facility to set up theme and plugins of your choice so that you get to have visually appealing, feature-rich, enhanced and search engine friendly website or blog.

In short, you want your WordPress site to be search engine optimized to be able to drive traffic of visitors to your site. This very need leads you to use various themes and SEO Plugins.

Well, you can use any WordPress theme or SEO Plugin of your choice, but just have to be careful about the SEO Data. While changing from one theme to another or changing from one SEO plugin to another, you can lose the SEO Meta Data that you had entered for your previous posts.

You can lose title tags, Meta keywords or even Meta descriptions. This makes it really difficult to change from one theme to another or use a new plugin. It is simply annoying and frustrating to know that you have to re-enter all the SEO data or settings on all of your previous posts.

Here, the good thing is that you can avoid such a situation.

What you need is a plugin that will safeguard all your SEO data and settings when you switch between themes or change plugins.

The awesome free SEO Data Transporter WordPress Plugin effectively protects all your SEO Data so that you can switch themes or change plugins without any problem.

Using SEO Data Transporter you can transfer the SEO settings / data from one WordPress plugin or theme to other very easily. You just need to install and activate SEO Data Transporter plugin. Then from the Tools > SEO Data Transport page you have to select the platform from which you want to move and also the platform which you wish to move. Clicking on the “Convert: button will make this happen. It also provides “Analyze” button with which you can find what all records are compatible.

SEO Data Transporter Plugin supports a number of plugins and themes.

Plugins Supported: Add Meta Tags, Greg’s High Performance SEO, Meta SEO Pack, Headspace2, Platinum SEO, SEO Ultimate, All in One SEO, WordPress SEO.

Themes Supported: Genesis, Frugal, Hybrid, Headway, Catalyst, Builder, Thesis, WooFramework

Using SEO Data Transporter you can easily protect SEO data and settings for all your previous posts. This plugin will help you to change any theme or SEO plugin without any worry.

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