OptinSkin Review an Opt-in Form Plugin

Building mailing list is important for most of the website owners to increase their website traffic and increase sales, but building mailing list is not so easy. You have to place opt-in forms on your website so visitors can subscribe to your mailing list.

As I have already written lot about why website owners or affiliate marketer should build mailing list therefore I am not going to tell same story again. If you are interested in why and how you should build mailing list please refer to my previous articles.

Why Affiliate Marketer Should Build Mailing List?
Planning Link Building Process

To increase mailing subscribers you did not just need to place opt-in forms on your website, but at the same time they should be attractive. Eye catching opt-in forms attract visitor’s attention and they may opt in your mailing list.

Another important thing is that by placing only one opt-in form will not work you may need to place two, three or more opt-in forms on same page because visitors to your website can easily miss single form. Including this you, also need to split-test forms to know which form is performing best so that you can create form according it.

I had created a list post on Opt-in Form WordPress Plugins where I have listed several opt-in form plugins and I believe all of them are great plugins, but among those plugins I am using OptinSkin WordPress plugin.

What is OptinSkin?

As name suggests OptinSkin is opt-in form building WordPress plugin. As it is WordPress plugin it only works on self hosted WordPress blog. OptinSkin is easy to install and easy to create and place opt-in forms on your blog.

You can create as many as optin forms as you like and it supports plenty of Email marketing services like AWeber, MailChimp, GetResponce etc., and as well as Google Feedburner so that you can increase email feed subscribers.

Using OptinSkin you can place opt-in forms on your blog sidebar, after the post or any other blog location using short code. Some of the OptinSkin features:

  • Split-Test Option to test best converting form design
  • Comes with built in 18 Designs
  • Grab attention to your forms with ‘Fade’ effect
  • Impressions count when Form is seen
  • OptinSkin offers custom design building
  • You can place opt-in forms anywhere on blog with one click
  • Works with almost all email marketing services

What I like about OptinSkin

I am not going to tell you feature of OptinSkin, but the features I love and regularly use on OptinSkin plugin.

Multiple forms for split testing: OptinSkin offers to build unlimited forms and you can test them with split testing to choose best converting form. I create different forms for split testing which I rotate with other form placed in sidebar or any other location.

If any form is not performing well I modify it with different design or modify its colors, fonts, heading text etc. Modifying any form is also easy and you can easily build a new form or modify any old form. OptinSkin gives plenty of modification options like Skin design, Form background colors, Font colors, size and font style, button colors and font, Forms heading, form width, where I want to place form, email service provider code placement and many more which are easy to use.

Form Placements: You did not just create different form for split testing, but you can create different forms for different placements. OptinSkin offers different form placements like you can place form in sidebar using widget, you can place form at bottom or top of the post, below the first paragraph or you can choose after how many paragraph to show opt-in form.

If it’s not enough there is one more way to show your opt-in form and that is Popup. OptinSkin offers popup option too. You can even set to show Popup after user has scrolled dash number of pixels.

You can also exclude post and categories on which you don’t want to show opt-in forms.

Fade and Stick to Top: These are another great options I love about this plugin. You need visitor’s attention and these effects can surely grab visitor’s attention to opt-in form. You can set when opt-in form will fade. Stick to top was the feature I was looking and I got it with this plugin else I had to purchase a separate plugin for this.

Stick to top feature will stick the opt-in form when visitor scroll the page. It will stick itself on its place and will continuously show even visitor scroll the page. This is great way to continuously show opt-in form to visitors. I have implemented this feature on by sidebar opt-in form at the end so when visitors scroll the page it will still show the form.

Build your own form: This is a feature which many web designers will love. If you know how to create a unique opt-in form which can match your blog theme then you will love this feature. You can paste your own opt-in form design and create a unique opt-in form which can be tracked and split tested.

Not just Opt-in Form: OptinSkin not just offer to create optin forms, but you can use its built-in skin for social promotion. These skins offer Social buttons for sharing your content on social sites in one click. You can use social sharing skin at the top or bottom of the post or anywhere on your blog in few clicks.

Pricing: Pricing is biggest factor before buying any plugin. We analyze do pricing justify with the features I am getting. Features you are getting with OptinSkin are of very high value, but you can buy OptinSkin for just $47 with unlimited site license which you own. You also get 60 days moneyback guarantee.

There are many more features I love about this plugin which are very useful and easy to implement. Knowing which form is converting and making changes in form design in few clicks are the features everyone wants and I love these features of OptinSkin. I am using OptinSkin on some of my blog and found improved opt-in rates. OptinSkin is in my must have plugin list.

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