5 Best WordPress Related Posts Plugins

Besides writing quality content, Search Engine Optimization is also important in increasing visitor traffic to your website or blog.

Though you may have a large archive of blogs or posts, but visitors hardly find them out.

Then how would you get out from such a situation?

What you can do is to make your posts easily accessible for them so that they may know that you have content that caters to their interests and liking.

For this, you make use of your related posts that are close to the subject or category your visitors are interested in reading.

And you can easily implement this feature in your blog or website by using Related Posts WordPress Plugin. So today we present before you 5 Best WordPress Related Posts Plugins which you can easily install and activate so as to showcase your related posts from your blog archives.

Using Related Posts Plugins, you can place your related posts in all of your blog pages and posts. The related posts can be presented in the form of Thumbnails and even as Texts. You can have them before or after each post. Related Posts WordPress Plugin analyses your site content to automatically find posts that are related to the post which you would publish.

Using them you get an opportunity to increase your Pageviews as visitors get more relevant content on the post itself. If they find the topic useful or interesting, they would click on the related posts immediately. So by using Related Posts Plugin you tend to increase internal links and thereby increase Pageviews and reduce the Bounce Rate as well.

5 Best WordPress Related Posts Plugins listed here under are amongst the most popular WordPress Related Posts Plugins. They are available as free, and are easy to install, easy to use and have been loaded with powerful features too. So go through the Best Related Posts WordPress Plugins and you would definitely find the one suitable for your needs and requirements.

5 WordPress Related Posts Plugins

1. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin is one of the most popular related post plugins. It is easy to use and implement. You can show related post with thumb image or without images. One can display related post on pages, posts, and custom post types related to the current article.  YARPP use a customizable algorithm which checks for post titles, content, tags, categories, and custom taxonomies, to finds related content from across your blog to list most related content.

2. LinkWithin

LinkWithin is a free blog widget that can be used to showcase related content from your site or blog. LinkWithin appears after each post and links related posts from your website. It is minimally styled in design and easily blends with your overall site design. LinkWithin is easy to install and takes a minute to have it on your blog. It retrieves and indexes all the posts on your blog archive and displays posts that are relevant and interesting to the readers.

3. SEO Auto Links & Related Posts

SEO Auto Links & Related Posts is one of the most powerful WordPress Plugin which lets you showcase related content from your website onto your posts and pages. It functions to create automatic internal links to posts that are related to your current post. For this, it uses Meta Keywords and Post Tags. Besides this, it automatically showcases related posts and can even slide out related posts as well. It even Cache all results from related posts, slide outs, thumbnails, auto links to give you a better load time and thus saves server resources as well.

4. Related Posts & Images by Zemanta

The Related Posts & Images by Zemanta WordPress Plugin lets you find related posts and images from your website or blog. You can even choose to add the related posts and images manually. With its point and click interface, you can insert the related posts and images quickly and easily too. The plugin analyzes your posts t search for related posts thereby saving your time and increasing your efficiency.

5. WordPress Related Posts

Using WordPress Related Posts Plugin you can generate a list of related posts together with Thumbnails. You can have the WordPress Related Posts Plugin in the footer of your post content. It is fully customizable and supports different styles and thumbnails. But this is not all as the plugin also provides you with click-through statistics and Pageviews as well.

These are some of the most popular WordPress Related Posts Plugins, but you may be using some other plugins. If so then please share which WordPress related post plugin you are using.

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