Videos SEO with Yoast Video SEO WordPress Plugin

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important tasks if you want to improve your website’s rankings on search engines and gain a large number of visitors for your site or web page.

As a matter of fact, search engines are a vital resource to gain visitor traffic to your site.

As such being a webmaster and blogger, you simply cannot ignore this powerful medium at all.

Moreover, if you are a video blogger or usually embed videos in your site or blog, then too ignoring the search engines as a traffic generation medium can prove detrimental for you. The users simply fail to recognize and identify that you are showcasing videos in your site or are running a video blog. If there is no SEO effort on your part, your rankings take a hit on the SERPs. All this has a severe effect on the visitors count and CTR (Click through Rate).

Although WordPress Platform is a powerful platform and supports SEO tasks; however using WordPress Plugins you can further streamline many of the SEO tasks.

In this context, using WordPress SEO Plugin for Video becomes indispensable if you want to optimize your videos in order to gain search engine traffic.

One such powerful Video SEO Plugin for WordPress comes in the form of Yoast Video SEO for WordPress.

So, if you want to make sure that your videos are ranked high in search results on all major search engines (like Google), you invariably have to use a Video Plugin for WordPress.

And Yoast Video SEO for WordPress comes as one of the best WordPress Plugins for optimizing your video sites or blogs for enhanced search engine visibility.

Moreover, by using Yoast Video SEO Plugin for WordPress you can showcase video results for your Video Blog or Website in the SERPs and thereby have a better chance to gain more attention of the searchers, improve your video blog rankings on SERPs, and ultimately succeed in getting more visitors.

Videos SEO with Yoast Video SEO WordPress Plugin
Yoast Video SEO Plugin for WordPress
successfully achieves all these results for your video blog or for embedded videos in your website. Yoast Video SEO for WordPress can be used by start-up websites or blogs and can also be used by medium and large enterprises, as well. Moreover, Yoast Video SEO for WordPress is not costly at all. For just $69, you can have it on your website.
If you are thinking that, like many other Plugins, Yoast Video SEO for WordPress is also a complex Plugin then I am happy to tell you that this video plugin is absolutely simple to set up and is also easy to use. Moreover, it delivers as promised. So, you ultimately end up easily doing Video SEO for your WordPress website or blog with Yoast Video SEO for WordPress.

What does Yoast Video SEO for WordPress Plugin do?

If you are still confused about Yoast Video SEO for WordPress, just wait a second. Hereunder, I will quickly brief you about it in depth so that you are absolutely clear what all Yoast Video SEO for WordPress can do for you.

First things first. Using Yoast Video SEO for WordPress ensures that your embedded videos are displayed as videos in a thumbnail image on SERPs. The snippets are shown along with the video thumbnail. So, your video blogs get an opportunity to rank better in search results and easily attract attention of your potential visitors or searchers. You invariably end up having a high click through rate for your search results. It is a “must-have” plugin for a video blogger and is very useful video plugin for the ones who showcase few videos on their website.

Talking with a technical tone, the Yoast Video SEO for WordPress creates a video sitemap for your website automatically. So, each of your video post gets indexed. Moreover, your RSS Feeds get the much needed MediaRSS enhancements. Moreover, this Video SEO Plugin supports all types of well known video platforms like YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Blip, etc. You can also add Facebook OpenGraph tags on video posts. Using Yoast Video SEO for WordPress, you will soon find your video posts ranking high in search results and end up getting high click through rate. Using the Yoast Video SEO for WordPress Plugin you can easily maximize visitors to your video site or blog.

Yoast Video SEO WordPress Plugin
How to Use Yoast Video SEO for WordPress Plugin?

Firstly, you need to purchase the Yoast Video SEO for WordPress Plugin for getting started with it. It comes at a minimum investment of $69. Getting started is absolutely easy. You get a setup guide, usage instructions, as well as FAQ.
[Note: However, you also need to install the WordPress SEO by Yoast Plugin so that this module (Yoast Video SEO for WordPress) can function properly.]

You then need to install and activate the plugin which is again very easy to do.

Once the activation is done, the SEO menu will showcase a new menu item as “Video SEO”. Here, you have to enter the license key which you got when you purchased the plugin. When you enter and save the license key, you will be shown new option, which will allow you to add video sitemap. Here, you have to select the post types which you want to include in XML Video Sitemap, press the Re-Index Videos button and save your settings. Rest of the work is automatically done by the plugin. However, you need to embed your videos and go onto add Meta descriptions, titles, tags and categories. Finally, when you edit your video posts, you will see a snippet preview including thumbnail video image. That’s all.

Final Thoughts

So, you see that the Yoast Video SEO for WordPress Plugin has been loaded with lots of fantastic features, which make it one of the best Video Plugin for your WordPress site or blog. Moreover, it is a “must-have” plugin for video bloggers who want high rankings for their website on SERPs as well as high click through rate. Thus if you have a video blog or usually embed videos in your site or blog, you should consider using Yoast Video SEO for WordPress – WordPress Plugin.

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