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About Alexa Rank Checker

Here, we show you one of the best SEO Tools in the form of Alexa Rank Checker by EarningGuys.   

You can check the Alex Rank of your website using this free online Alexa Rank Checker. 

It is the best way for simultaneously collecting Alexa Rank, incoming links, and the popularity of your website.

 So, you come to know where you stand against your competitors in the business. Once you have the results and go on to analyze your website, you can formulate strategies on improving your website and increasing its traffic. The tool also proves very helpful in fixing SEO related problems. 

What is Alexa Traffic Ranking? 

Alexa Internet Inc. comes as a subsidiary of 

It is a company which is based in California, USA. Alexa is dedicated to offering commercial web traffic data. 

It offers a free toolbar (web tool in the browser) with which the internet users can quickly access the web traffic data of a website. Millions of users go on to use the Alexa toolbar to know the popularity of a website as well as its competitors. 

Alexa Traffic Ranking shows you how many visitors have viewed your web page. It shows you how popular your website is over the Internet and its competitors. It is based on a 3-month period taking traffic data from its toolbars. The tool is available for free on a website. It offers periodic reviews of popular websites. 

What is the method used for checking Alexa Rankings? 

Alexa will rank your website based on all the information it collects from the Alexa Toolbar. Moreover, the Alexa Toolbar is available for all Internet users on Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Firefox. It is also available through the Alexa Internet site. However, one needs to install the Alexa toolbar for having these statistics. Now, we take another important question: 

Is Alexa Ranking reliable? 

Well, the reliability with Alexa Rankings is dependent on the number of users of the toolbar. However, Alexa never discloses the exact number and origin of users of its toolbar to the public. 

So, the rankings have a connection with the number of visitors using the Alexa toolbar which is identified with the number of websites visit. 

About Alexa Rank Checker

Alexa Rank Checker comes as a free online tool that is used for SEO purposes. It gives website owners and bloggers an exact idea about the position of their website on the Alexa ranking system. 

The tool allows you to check the Alexa rank of a website (URL) in just one click. It is the fastest and the easiest way to know the status of your website, its popularity, and incoming links with respect to the Alexa ranking system. 

You come to know your site traffic, domain usage, and other useful information so that you can attract more visitors to your site. 

We recommend you to use Alexa Rank Checker daily for checking the status of your website. You just need to paste the URL in the space provided and click on the “Submit” button. 

The utility of Alexa Rank Checker

The Alexa Rank Checker helps you to know the status of your website with respect to the Alexa Ranking System. The numbers of visits to your website are verified and are made available by Alexa. So, you can trust and rely on Alexa Rank Checker. 

The information offered can come handy in optimizing your website. The tool allows you to compare and compete with other websites easily. 

Moreover, you can track the performance of your website on a daily basis. You can then take evasive action and improve the performance of your website. It is based on the number of visitors to your website. This information is based on the Alexa Toolbar that is used by different users all over the world. 

So, if you got to know your Alexa Rankings (based on the number of visitors to your website), then you can use the Alexa Rank Checker. Plus, you can even track the performance of your competitor’s website using this free online Alexa Rank Checker. 

Moreover, the tool delivers fast and reliable results. It is very easy to use. 

It offers information that proves useful in increasing traffic to your website and optimizing your website. 

How to use Alexa Rank Checker? 

Alexa Rank Checker is super-easy to use. It is fast, efficient, and reliable. We recommend that you should try it yourself. 

Here, we list out the steps that you should follow to use our Alexa Rank Checker: 

Step #1: Check this Alexa Rank Checker page 

Step #2: Enter the URL for which you want to know the Alexa Rank in the box (space) provided stating, “Enter a URL.” 

Step #3: Complete the Image Verification or Captcha

Step #4: Click on the “Submit” button. 

The tool will dish out Global Rank, Regional Rank, Popularity, Backlinks, and Search Engine Traffic Information.