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About Backlink Checker

Let’s welcome you to the free backlink checker tool by EarningGuys.   

The tool helps you to monitor your valuable backlinks for free. 

The Backlink Checker Tools offers you a quick overview of your website’s backlink profile. You can check how many backlinks your website has got. 

Moreover, you get to have access to the backlink profile of any website on the web. It lists out top backlinks pointing to your website.

In fact, backlinks remain as a cornerstone as far as SEO is concerned. Moreover, now more than the number of backlinks, it’s about the quality of backlinks you have for your website. 

What are Backlinks? 

Backlinks are hyperlinks on the web that point from one domain to the other. Backlinks are also known as inbound links or incoming links. They point to another domain and act as an external reference to the target page. 

However, hyperlink that point or link to different pages within the same domain is not treated as backlinks. 

It should be noted that only one backlink per referring domain offers the highest impact. The subsequent links from the same domain come up with exponentially lower impact. So, you cannot boost your rankings by getting a hundred different backlinks from the same website. 

The Importance of Backlinks

Backlinks play a vital role in your SEO efforts. 

In fact, other than quality content, backlinks (high-quality backlinks) help to raise the ranking of your domain on SERPs. 

When a website has high-quality backlinks, it is counted as credible and trustworthy and gets priority on the search results. 

Plus, backlinks improve the domain authority of your website over time. 

So, it’s important to build quality backlinks to your website or specific pages within your domain. 

The quality of a backlink is primarily determined by the: 

  • The relevance of the referring domain to the target domain. For example, a link from an apps site to a personal finance blog is counted as irrelevant. 
  • Domain metrics of the referring domain which includes domain authority, page authority, spam score, etc. For example, domain authority is the estimated quality of a domain as a whole. It shows how well the website is considered by the search engines. 

Getting a number of high-quality backlinks will beat your competitors and help you to drive more traffic to your website. 

The need for Backlink Checker Tools

Backlinks are treated as one of the most important parameters for ranking a site on search engines. In fact, Google has incorporated backlinks as a ranking signal. 

There are two types of backlinks: 

  • Dofollow backlinks
  • Nofollow backlinks

Usually, webmasters and bloggers are concerned with creating Dofollow backlinks. With backlink checker tool, you can count how many backlinks you have created for your site. They help you to see all the incoming backlinks to your website. They provide detailed results together with the number of backlinks. 

The Backlink Checker Tool by EarningGuys does not require any sign-up or registration. You can quickly proceed and check the backlinks of your website. It is fast and easy to use. 

Using the Free Backlink Checker Tool

The Backlink Checker is super-easy to use. 

Here, we let you know how to check backlinks to your website using the Backlink Checker Tool: 

Step #1: Check the above section of this page 

Step #2: You need to enter the URL of your website in the box that highlights, “Enter a Domain Name.” 

Note: Place your URL like this: (without HTTP and www)

Step #3: Complete the Image Verification or Captcha

Step #4: Click on the “Submit” button

That’s all. 

The Backlink Checker Tool will show you the number of backlinks for your website. 

How you can Improve the Quality of Backlinks

  • You need to monitor backlinks regularly 
  • Recover broken or lost links
  • Ensure the relevance of your backlinks
  • Increase the number of backlinks from high authority websites
  • You can analyze your competitors’ backlink profile and replicate their results. You can even get backlinks from your competitor’s backlink sources
  • Disavow low-rated backlink sources

However, you must remember to have the right and quality content in place to profit (get results) from your link building efforts. 

Here, we brief you about simple strategies to improve your backlink profile: 

Lost Link Recovery: You have to look at the 404 pages with inbound links. You can use 301 Redirect so that your visitors get referred to the right place. It will help you to recover your lost link value. 

Competitor Backlink Analysis: You need to analyze the link profile of your competitors. It will help you to outperform your competitors’ link profile. You also need to analyze the inbound links that point to top performing pages. 

Relation building: You got to build relations with influencers in your market. They can help to get you in front of your target audience and possibly earn you a valuable link. 

So, once you have content in place, you should focus on building quality backlinks to your domain and important pages. It will help you to get additional referrer traffic and outrank your competitors. 

Backlink Checker comes out as a very helpful tool for analyzing the backlink profile of your website or any website for that matter. It is a highly trusted and one of the fastest backlink checker tools out there.