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About Domain Age Checker

Being successful in online business involves gaining crucial knowledge about how to best win customers for your venture. 

However, do you know that it also involves getting familiar with elementary details such as the domain of your URL? 

So, you have to check domain age. You got to know how old a website is. 

Well, you can discover domain age and check how old is a website by using one of our powerful and efficient SEO Tools. 

Yes, it is the Domain Age Checker Tool. It’s completely free and easy to use tool for checking domain age. 

It offers details such as domain age; domain created to date, domain updated date, and domain expiry date. 

The tool can be used for checking the age of “any” domain name on the Internet. It is loaded with vital domain name checking features and turns out to be the most powerful domain age-checking tool. It’s a sophisticated domain name analyzer. 

Best of all, the Domain Age Checker Tool is completely FREE. 

There are no hidden fees and neither any monthly charge. It can be used without any prior registration. 

What is Domain Age? 

Well, the domain name can be understood as the amount of time for which a domain name has existed. It tells you how old a domain name is. 

For instance, if the domain name was registered in 2015, the domain age will be five years by 2020. 

Moreover, a domain name is the URL of a website, just like It is the address by which the Internet users can access your website. 

Is Domain Age Important for SEO? 

Domain Age is regarded as one of the important factors in the search engine rankings of your website. 

So, domain age is important for SEO. 

In fact, domains which are registered more than a year ago can rank better on search engines as compared to the new websites. 

Moreover, Google has officially announced that domain age is a ranking factor on its search engine. 

In fact, aged domains can rank better on search engines as compared to the new ones. 

Plus, Moz also considers domain age when assigning domain authority to a website. For example, a website with a domain age of five years is considered a stable company and can rank higher in SERPs as compared to a website which has domain age of one year. 

Why do you need to check the age of a domain name? 

There are different reasons as to why you should check the age of a domain name. Moreover, you may decide to check: 

  • The age of an existing domain name that you want to buy
  • The age of your competitor’s domain names
  • The age of your domain name

The domain age tells you when the domain was registered. You come to know how old it is now. 

Well, most of the time you know when you had registered your operating domain name. However, there are chances that you had forgotten when you had registered your domain name. 

When you check the age of your competitor’s domain name, you can figure out how long their domain names have existed. So, you come to know what you’ve to compete with. 

When you want to check the age of a domain name that you want to buy, you come to know what you are about to get into. 

So, knowing the domain age allows you to: 

  • Get an idea for the backlink profile of the concerned domain. If a domain has existed for a long while the chances are that it has accumulated some quality backlinks over time. In fact, search engines take into consideration the quantity and quality of backlinks in ranking a website. So, a good backlink profile is a big plus for you. 
  • You come to know how well a domain performs in search engine rankings. In fact, a long-existing domain name can do fairly well in search as domain age is one of Google’s ranking factors. 
  • You come to know how much traffic to expect. With an aged domain name, you can expect a fair amount of traffic. 
  • You have an idea about the domain name’s reputation. You need to build a reputation for a completely new domain name. However, long-existing domain names hold a positive reputation within their market segment. They have an element of trust because they have been there and users already know them. So, when you check domain name, you come to know how long it’s been there
  • You can even find out if there is some negativism attached to the domain name. So, you need to do some underground investigation before buying it.

About Domain Age Checker

Domain Age Checker is a tool that you can use for checking the age of any domain name on the Internet. 

It’s completely FREE and super-easy to use. 

It shows details such as: 

  • Domain Age in years, months, and days
  • Domain Created Date
  • Domain Updated Date
  • Domain Expiry Date

So, it’s not an average domain age checker. Moreover, it’s a sophisticated one. 

It turns out a very useful tool when you are about to buy an existing domain. In fact, you should purchase a domain name which is at least five (5) years old to get the advantage of its backlink profile, reputation, and trust that it holds with the people. 

You can also use the tool for getting information about your competitors.

How to use the Domain Age Checker?  

Here, we illustrate the steps for using the Domain Age Checker Tool. It’s very easy to use. 

Step #1: Get on with the page

Step #2: Enter the URL of the domain in the space provided and as shown with “Enter the URL.” 

Step #3: Click on the button marked with “Get Domain Age.”

That’s it. 

It returns the result instantly. 

So, simply go ahead and check domain age of any website on the Internet. The tool helps you in purchasing a used domain.