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Welcome to EarningGuy’s Domain into the IP converter tool.  

It’s a simple and easy to use tool for converting any domain address into its corresponding IP.   

You just need to type the complete URL in the box and press the “Submit” button. The tool exhibits the complete domain IP address details instantly. 

The tool serves the following details: 

  • IP address of the domain
  • The country where the server is located
  • The ISP details

Usually, webmasters use the Command Prompt to get the IP address of a domain name. However, the process is a little bit complicated. 

Herein, the domain into IP converter tool comes handy. 

The domain into IP converting process becomes super easy with the help of this tool. You just need to paste the domain name, and the tool fetches the relevant IP details for you. 

It displays the accurate information in the blink of an eye. 

The results are shown in a tabular format offering details such as the IP address, ISP details, as well as the country of the server. 

What is an IP address? 

An IP or Internet Protocol can be understood as a unique addressing system that is used to identify all machines using the Internet. 

So, when anybody connects to the Internet using any device such as mobile, tablet, laptop, or computer, they are identified by an IP address. 

In fact, IP is that unique addressing system which is used for operating and managing the Internet. 

An IP address has four sets of numbers. Each set contains one to three numbers. 

A single dot ‘.’ is used to separate each set of numbers. The numbers can range anywhere from 0 to 255. 

An example of a typical IP address takes the form as shown below:

An IP address is a unique key that goes on to empower a user to send and receive data from other websites. So, an IP address ensures that we reach the correct website. 

The first set of IP addresses were installed in 1983 and are known as the IPV4. However, they are fast running out. For addressing future domain demands, the IPV6 system has been launched. 

Now, both of these versions are in use. In fact, an IP address differentiates one domain from the other. Each domain is provided with a unique IP address. 

How to get Domain to IP? 

There are several ways of finding the IP address of a website. For example, you can use the ‘ping’ command to find an IP address. 

However, the EarningGuys Domain to IP tool comes handy for such occasions. It is fast, simple, and easy-to-use. 

You need to enter the complete domain name of your website and press the ‘Submit’ button. The tool shows you the domain name, IP Address, Country, and ISP. 


Domain to IP converter is a very useful tool. You come to know the exact IP address of the domain as well as where the domain is hosted from. 

If your competitor is getting a better response than yours, the reason could be that they might be using an excellent web hosting service provider. In that case, you can decide to shift from your current web hosting service provider to another.