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About Email Privacy Checker

The Email Privacy Checker Tool by EarningGuys allows you to check whether your email address is protected and secured from the email scraping tools online. It’s a completely free online tool and very easy to use.    

There’s no login or registration needed on your part. You simply have to enter the URL in the text box and click on the “Submit” button. The Email Privacy Checker tool processes your request and shows the result instantly. 

Web scraping is a method used by web scrapers, hackers or spammers out there to extract data on a massive scale including email address/addresses. You need to ensure that your valuable email information won’t be a target of these web scraping techniques and tools. Here comes the role of Email Privacy Checker. It checks whether your email address/addresses are protected from any email scraping tools online. 

You should know that email is one of the most valuable information for any web scraper out there. It allows them to gain leads for their business. It’s a “gold mine” for black hat SEO people. They can harvest your email information without your consent or knowledge. 

However, with the Email Privacy Checker, you can have peace of mind. The tool helps you to know whether your email address is protected from web scrapers out there or not. It protects website owners from email privacy issues. It’s a web-based tool that requires no login or installation. It returns the results in an instant. 

The tool goes on to check for all the incoming as well as outgoing emails on your site and checks for bugs in your mail folder. You simply need to type in the URL and press “Submit” button. If there is no email privacy issue on your website, the tool will display the status as good (“No Email Found”) with a ‘tick’ mark. 

We recommend that you should use the “Contact Us” page on your website so that your email is hidden and not viewable for harvesting by web scrapers or spammers with the use of web scrapping tools and techniques.