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About Mozrank Checker

The MozRank Checker Tool allows you to check Moz Rank for any URL or Domain quickly. So, you can track search engine rankings for different pages and keywords. It’s a free online tool and very easy to use.      

What is Moz Rank? 

Moz Rank is regarded as one of the most popular and dependable metrics for checking the authority of a domain or web page. 

It is used as a point of reference to optimize for search engines. It measures the value of a web page for search engines. Moz Rank is measured in numerical value from 0.00 (no value) to 9.99 (high value) depending on backlinks to a page and linking websites quality. 

It has been developed by Moz, the company which excels in search engine optimization tools. 

So, websites having many high-quality backlinks (which link your page) give a high value of Moz Rank. 

Knowing Moz Rank will give you an idea of how different search engines (including Google) rank your websites. 

Higher the Moz Rank of a domain or web page, higher the chance that a search engine will go to rank it in a higher position on the SERPs. 

So, by knowing Moz Rank, you can improve your page rankings. 

How can you improve your Moz Rank?

You can improve and get good Moz Rank by using the link exchanges scheme with an authority page or domain. So, you must link your web pages to a popular page or website. It will help you in getting higher rankings in search engines. 

You should look for popular websites that are related to your web page content and exchange web links with them. However, you must stay away from link farms because search engines like Google can detect such links and penalize your website. 

You can also comment on blogs that are related to your website content. You should write your web page link when posting your comment. 

Once you have implemented these initiatives, you should again check your Moz Rank using our MozRank Checker Tool to see if these changes have helped to improve your Moz Rank. 

How to use the MozRank Checker Tool?

The MozRank Checker is a free and easy to use the online tool by EarningGuys. You need to enter the URL in the space provided. You have to complete the image verification or Captcha and click on the “Submit” button. The tool will generate the result instantly. 

Using this MozRank Checker Tool, you can have an idea about the authority and significance of your website on the Internet. The higher your Moz Rank score, higher your chances to rank in the SERPs.