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About My IP Address

Here, we present to you a very useful tool for checking your IP address.  

It’s called - My IP Address

In fact, your IP Address is one of the most significant aspects of your online lifestyle. 

Why so? 

Well, without an IP address, you will not be able to check your emails, see the social media updates, or watch videos online. 

Moreover, without an IP address, Google and other websites would not be able to send the information you request over the Internet. 

It’s called “address” because it’s the place where websites send the requested information to your computer. 

So, it’s important to know your IP address. That’s why we have come up with this tool - My IP Address. 

What is an IP Address? 

IP means “Internet Protocol.” 

Protocol here refers to all the guidelines and connectivity regulations that govern computer networks. 

It’s a unique set of numbers that links all your internet activities. It’s a string of unique numeric identifiers separated by periods. It is carried by every device in a network. 

It includes every single computer or any other device that is part of the TCP/IP based network. 

Moreover, no network of computers exists without an IP Address. 

Once you’re online, you get an IP address which is automatically assigned by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). 

It is assigned to your computer. 

What’s the importance of an IP Address?

An IP address is used for two main reasons: 

  • It is used for providing the location of devices on a network
  • They are unique identifiers and enable computers to send and receive information in a given network. So, computers on different networks can connect and share out information. 

This brings out the overwhelming importance of IP addresses. 

Types and Versions of IP Addresses

There are two versions of IP Addresses: 

  • Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4)
  • Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6)

IPv4 is a 32-bit number and was the first to be designed. It has been classified from class A to class E. 

IPv6 is a 128-bit IP address that was initiated to take off the load from IPv4. 

There are two types of IP addresses: 

  • Private
    • Public

Private IP addresses are static and reusable. They are used as a permanent Internet address for your corporate or local area network. 

It typically begins with “10.”, “172.16”, and “192.168.”

However, Public IP addresses are dynamic in nature. They change often and are temporary IP addresses. 

Such IP addresses are assigned to a computer each time when they are connected to the World Wide Web. 

It is the IP address used by your computer to communicate across the Internet for sending and receiving requests. 

However, a Public IP address is unique in itself universally. 

About My IP Address Tool

My IP Address is a robust tool for checking the IP address of your computer at any time. 

It’s a tool that offers you the following information along with the IP address: 

  • A map showing where the IP address is located
  • It displays information about the IP host and IP location such as the hostname, region, city, country code, longitude, and latitude. 

You don’t require doing anything special to start using it. 

You simply have to visit this page

Once you are on this page, the tool automatically pulls out all the above information and displays before you immediately.